Ian Choi
[Translated by Google] It's very late to receive a green card last November thanks to the nest and leave a review of how grateful I am. We proceeded with the pilot immigration program new pathway essential occupation group in May last year. I think there was a bit of confusion because it was the first program, but the nest encouraged us to do all the documents and upfront physical examinations, so we were very nervous because it was a first-come, first-served application. But you kept contacting us until late the previous day, got our last approval, and even emailing us before the portal. Anyway, thanks to the clean work, I received my green card well.
Thank you ^^
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J Kim
If you need professional help, you can't go wrong with CanNest. Justin was amazingly helpful throughout my PR journey. He made the whole process as easy and organized as possible for me, so I could focus on other things in life.

Immigration processes can be a headache. Do it right with a professional like Justin.
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Jonggyu Kim
On April 1st, I finally got an ecopr and became a permanent resident.
If you're reading this review, you want to get permanent residence and citizenship
If you're thinking about finding a professional immigration officer you can trust for him,
I strongly recommend nest immigration.
Thank you for your meticulous and meticulous work, Justice Justin and Chae-min.
Personally, challenging permanent residency requires a lot of time and effort and a lot of risk in terms of opportunity costs if it fails, so I was very strict and asked questions, writing down notepad as I thought about all the cases.
In response, Nest Immigration provided detailed answers and solutions to all questions and proceeded with my permanent residency work step by step.
It was a systematic and professional-looking work progress that was very contrasted with the lukewarm work progress that I couldn't tell what was going on with other immigration companies before.
While writing today's review, I counted the emails I had exchanged with nest immigrants, and a total of 195 emails were exchanged.
Lastly, thank you again for the hard work of nest immigration.
I hope the business of Nest Immigration Consulting will prosper.
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Curie Park
Here it is!! Highly recommended!! My family and I have entrusted our permanent residency to many immigration consulting firms to receive Canadian permanent residency since 2014, but failed every time. After hearing the information that they are doing well in the local area, I visited and followed the instructions carefully, and finally got my permanent residency approval today. We had a lot of problems, but thank you for taking care of us like we did for the past few years. I am happy that the day has come to leave a review. Thank you very much.
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Sunhong Moon
[Translated by Google] After applying for permanent residency in April 21, I finally received eCOPR today in March 22!
I can't wait for the PR card to come Haha

In my case, I tried to proceed with permanent residency through a third party inside the company, but I was a little anxious because it was not explained too hard and kind. Then I found out about nest immigration and applied for counseling.
I really don't have any knowledge about permanent residency or visa, so I asked everything I was curious about from the beginning. Justice Justin explained all the questions neatly and kindly.

My colleagues and friends around me said that I was having a hard time because of the stress and unkindness I experienced while receiving immigration consultants, but I was able to leave a request to the nest immigration and ask questions and get a quick answer. Thanks to my quick and accurate answer, I was able to wait for permanent residency comfortably because I focused on my main job and didn't get stressed about permanent residency.

In particular, even when there was a problem due to a mistake at the immigration office during the process of permanent residency, the lawyer explained the current situation and countermeasures one by one, so I think I could trust nest immigration more.

I'm very anxious about permanent residency and visa because I don't have professional knowledge, and I have many concerns about what to do if I ruin it by my own fault. I was also very anxious and worried, but I was able to trust and leave it to you thanks to Justice Justin, the nest immigration.

Thank you again, Justice Justin!
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[Translated by Google] From working holiday to LMIA to PR, I was happy to be able to proceed easily without any major difficulties. It took a long time to get a green card due to an unexpected delay during this PR, and I was so grateful that you answered me at late hours and weekends even though I had to ask you questions every time. I've encountered a lot of people around me who are having a hard time meeting the migrant construction, and I think I was somewhat free from the stress of immigration because I met the migrant construction well. I highly recommend nest immigrants who understand the difficulty of immigrating to unfamiliar lands and think about it from the perspective of clients
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Daniel Lee
[Translated by Google] I applied for a visa several times at the nest and extended it, but Jenny always took care of me carefully, so I got a visa without any problems. If you send me any questions, whether it's an email or Kakao Talk, you answer me kindly and Jenny was so nice that I could trust you.
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Awesome Andy
[Translated by Google]
My name is Andy and I am immigrating from Vancouver Island.
Today I finally uploaded a PR card photo.
I lacked a lot, I didn't know much, and I was even lazy, so I was slow in preparing documents and a lot of foolishness. Nevertheless, Justin waited for me from start to finish, explained step by step, and did it, so I think I did it without anxiety and with a comfortable mind.
In the meantime, whenever I had a lot of questions, he explained in so much detail, kindly, and in an easy-to-understand manner. When I contacted you after completing the final stage of my permanent residency, I felt that you were so sincere in your voice as happy as your own work. Many immigrants who have received permanent residency or are in the process of going through it,
There are many things to consider when deciding on immigration consulting. This is my third time trying to immigrate, and I have experienced various situations and also experienced various consulting companies.
Just like those who were prepared for the nest immigration consulting, they responded professionally to all situations and questions, and they gave me a cool scratch on my questions, which made me feel at ease. Thank you so much!!
I'm going to get married soon, but I'm going to ask Justin first to proceed with the permanent residency of the person who will be my wife, without having to do two quests.
Personally, I don't think there is any better place than nest migration.
Many immigrants will feel nervous and anxious during the visa process.
Thank you once again for helping to make the process more comfortable and sincere! Prosper and stay healthy!!!
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diana rios
Great immigration consultants fast and efficient service, highly recommended! Got my LMIA and PR pretty fast.
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Sophie Park
I applied for Permanent Residency under Tr to Pr pathway. When I applied, it was a completely a new pathway and I had no idea where to start. I talked to several immigration consulting agencies but CanadaNest is the most knowledgeable and helpful. While processing PR application, Justin kindly helped me a lot. He responds very quickly and takes every cases very seriously. Finally, I got a PR approval today!! I am grateful to CanadaNest :) I highly recommend this agency for sure.
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