Marina Sasaki
I got my PR through CanNest and I had a great experience with them. I’ve asked many questions and Justin always answered very quickly and in detail. He’s very reliable. I highly recommend CanNest!
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Rafael Romero
Hello, I'm Rafael and I'm Cuban, I recommend Justin and his CanNest team, very professional, patient and dedicated, sure of themselves and the work they do, recommended with absolute sincerity, believe me if they tell you that you will come to Canada , take it for sure, thanks to them my wife and I are here
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Merlyn Pérez-Galdós Armas
Very good company, very efficient and professional Justin was advising us at all times with great patience and professionalism, answering any questions at any time and was aware of the entire process from my husband's work permit to my open work permit. Thank you very much for everything and we will continue to require his services for future procedures
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Amy B
[Translated by Google] In August 2021, he entered the country on a two-year study abroad, but decided to acquire permanent residency in three months and visited a total of five agents for counseling. The acquisition of WORK PERMIT through LMIA was a priority, so I focused on it, and after detailed consultations with Jenny of the nest, I felt that the way and process of the nest were the most reasonable. The fact that we had to sign a contract and pay a down payment so that we could get introduced to the job site and have an interview with the nest first and then take time to think about it helped us a lot when we had to make a decision that was never easy.

For us, who had a couple of important conditions in deciding the job to proceed with LMIA, the nest connected the business that met it and the boss, and it was relatively easy to get a WORK PERMIT. I started working immediately after obtaining a visa, and as soon as I started work, I received an INVITATION 9 days after I started work, and I am currently waiting for NOMINEE. I'm expecting NOMINEE to come out soon.

Immigration, especially for families like us who initially planned to study abroad, was a very big decision and challenge that changed the whole course of life. Our couple's ability to handle this challenge, especially Jenny, Justice Justin's guide and progress, and the promise that we have made to check and continue to get green cards, has helped us with the worries, concerns, and anxieties of immigration.

Until the day of permanent residency, fighting with the nest!
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[Translated by Google] Please prepare thoroughly, answer questions quickly anytime, and have a lot of know-how, so I got a lot of help
Kindness is basic and I highly recommend it to those who are preparing to immigrate to Canada^^
I thought it would take a long time to approve permanent residency, but I think it was all thanks to nest immigration that got approved earlier than I thought.
Thank you
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Manuja Saju
It was a great experience with CanNest. The service levels are quick and special thanks to Justin and Jace for the quick responses throughout . Great Job. We will recommend CanNest to our friends.
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Steve Lee
[Translated by Google] Thanks to the Cannest staff and Justice Shim, I was able to obtain permanent residency approval accurately and quickly. Thank you so much for answering all the questions kindly and quickly during the procedure, and thank you so much to the staff who carefully checked the necessary documents!
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I got a lot of support from Jace.
I really appreciate his help. Whenever I had some questions, he answered as soon as possible. I’m gonna ask to apply for PR as well.
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jeehyun kim
[Translated by Google] I finally got an eCOPR. I started with Lmia at Nest Immigration, but I think I was able to get permanent residency faster than expected due to the meticulous and careful progress of the documents. Thank you so much to Justice Justin and the nest immigration team for always answering so many questions kindly and quickly :)
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muzi gao
Justin has been help me since i came to Vancouver, very response and super efficient,strongly recommend
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