Doojae Kim
Starting in March 2021 with EEBC, I received my Permanent Resident Card in mid-October.
I was lucky enough to go through permanent residency with Justin Shim.
As an expert, he guided us to the correct information. All we had to do was believe and wait.
In addition, they always responded quickly and accurately to our questions and provided updates on the situation.
Justin Shim, who always ends with a “thank you”, “thank you for making the PR card work well.”
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In the past, while working through three different immigration consulting companies, I got to know Justin Lawyer through the introduction of a new employer while I was spending money as much as I could, struggling physically and mentally. After I made contracts with other agencies, I always felt like being sorry for even asking questions, and they answered in a short form, not solving my questions. So I had to wait like a criminal even after requesting immigration procedures, but while proceeding through CanNest, they responded quickly and accurately to even the smallest questions, so I was able to achieve permanent residency without any anxiety. Strongly recommend!!
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HoJoo Lee
Got PR for myself and 4 dependents. It only took 6 months after I applied! Honestly, I'm the first one among my international friends who got PR because of CanNest's support.
Justin has a lot of experience in this business, so he knows what to prepare in any case. He always provides clear guidance and responds promptly to any change or advancement in the application process. Other staffs are also very friendly and helpful.
If you need an assurance of getting PR, then I recommend CanNest for sure.
Thank you for your support, CanNest ;)
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Everything from LMIA to permanent residency was carried out through CanNest immigration, and thanks to the help of Director Jenny and Attorney Justin, I was able to complete this process without any problems. I was tired of waiting for a long time because of the corona virus, so I kept contacting them, but thanks for always responding kindly and quickly to the same questions. If you are looking for an agency because of a visa or permanent residency, I highly recommend CanNest immigration!
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jiyeon hawng
I applied visa through several agencies, but CanNest was the best.
CanNest was so good because they had clear information, kindness, and, above all, the thought of being with you. I'm thinking of getting my parents' visa at CanNest as well.
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Highly recommend CanNest.
I just got my PR within 7month since I applied.
All the staffs are very kind, professional, knowledgable and responsible.
Always get responds in few minutes every time I send emails.
Thanks for Justin, Bella and all.
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No doubt, I highly recommend CanNest Immigration!!
I talked to lots of different immigration agents but I trusted Justin for a hundred percent. He was my agent and he’s very knowledgeable and professional. More that his response was very quick with specific details no matter what time. If you're looking for an immigration agency, you should go with Justin and CanNest. They're the BEST.
Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.
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I finally got my permanent residency through Justin!
It took a total of 1 year and 8 months, starting with LMIA!
For 1 year and 8 months, they have always provided friendly, quick and reliable answers to questions.
Thank you so much for doing it, and I think it went well in CanNest Immigration Consulting.
I really recommend CanNest immigration! thank you ^^
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Dedi Budiman
I am from Indonesia.
Thank you for justin! For look after my conditions properly.
My feeling is over the moon and definitely recommend this place!
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Yubeen Kim
I got my permanent residency just in 2 years after i got here in Canada!
Justin was always very helpful and super kind.
If you thinking to get pr, definitely go with this agency. Very reasonable price and accurate information all the times. Really awesome experience here. I can't thank you enough.
Thank you again for everything!
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