Jihun Oh
[Translated by Google]
Trust and recommend!!!

I recently received a permanent residence permit through Nest Immigration (TR to PR).
The green card process was done by CEO Justin, and I was really impressed.

In fact, paying a considerable amount of money and entrusting the work to the immigration corporation is not to ask for professionalism and accuracy to prepare documents, progress, and respond quickly in case of an unexpected situation?!
I am sure that if there is anyone who is thinking about relocation work because the representative did so well in this area!!!
I would like to tell you to be with the nest.

Representative, thank you again. ^^
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Miho Akita
Highly recommend CanNest Immigration!
I obtained my PR with CanNest Immigration this week and my experience with Justin was very smooth.
He always answered my questions promptly and accurately.
Thank you so much for your excellent service!
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eunhee kim
[Translated by Google]
Thanks to Justine's kind help, I was able to safely end my husband's invitation to Canada. There were many difficult things in the process, but each time he helped me with a lot of experience. It was very helpful for you to reply without delay whenever I had any questions. I think it was a good thing that I hired this company. Oliver BC CANADA
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Jn Yu
[Translated by Google]
I always recommended Nest Immigration Consulting to my acquaintances who are in the process of permanent residency or work permit.
From the time I got my student visa 3 years ago, I worked with Nest, and then went through the work permit and received my current permanent residency. Mr. Sim always kindly answered my questions and answered my questions right away, even if it was trivial. Because he has a lot of experience and related knowledge, he is a reliable immigration company because his answers to questions are always accurate.
It seems that the long and difficult period of obtaining permanent residency went smoothly with Nest Immigration Consulting. Mr. Shim works very passionately. If I had any questions, I sent a lot of e-mails and asked questions, and every time he answered even on weekends or at night, so I was able to solve my problems and worries right away. I'm sorry to the attorney that I sent an email at any time :) Thank you for getting your green card without any problems.
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[Translated by Google]
EE conducted Tech PNP, PR
After receiving the PNP, I put in the PR documents and was approved in 6 months.
Currently the portal is waiting for eCOPR after photo upload.

Justin always responded kindly and quickly to every question.
Work is fast and accurate
highly recommend!
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Jongsoo Eo
I and my wife did PR process with Justin. It was really great experience with him. He is always very kind, passionate and professional. He replied immediately to every inquiry even after the working hour. I and my my wife really appreciate his efforts and detailed support. I strongly recommend him to others!
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Shelly Yang
I’m so happy to have Justin from CanNest to help me for my LMIA work permit and immigration paperwork. Justin is a very nice, patient and professional person who can help me with my paperwork and answer lots of questions. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He can find out more information and he’s very passionate about his job. I’m working with him for two years, and I really appreciate and grateful to him for his efforts to get me permanent residence. It is a very nice experience with Justin. He is the best
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[Translated by Google] Today we finally got PR approval. Attorney Jenny, I would like to say thank you very much. It seems that Jenny's voice, who called me with more joy than me, still lingers in my ears. If it's long, I think it's a big strength of nest that they cheered for me and worried with me even though it was difficult for a long time. At least for my family, is there a better immigration consulting company than this!! I am sure that all those who are proceeding with immigration through the nest will have good results if they believe and follow until the end.
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Soo P
[Translated by Google] I would like to thank Attorney Justin Shim and the members of the Nest Immigration Team.
Acquisition of permanent residency was a process with many twists and turns for me, but they warmly sympathized with me in happy and sad times, to the point of wondering when I slept due to the quick replies all day and night, and professionally covered my paperwork mistakes. I was lucky enough to receive an approval letter. Thanks to the meticulous handling of the work, trust grew as time passed, and I am so grateful that things have worked out smoothly so far.
We hope that many people who are thinking of immigrating to Canada can find Justin and save valuable time and money on the way to making their goals come true.
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SoYeon Kim
I got interested in getting a Canadian PR as I wish to explore my job opportunities in Canada. From the beginning, Mr. Shim and all staff have supported me with patience and kind explanations. After I submitted my first documents, there were days that I couldn't wait for the final notice of approval and I was very close to give this up as I missed my family. Mr. Shim and these staff made me comfort, and they were confident to get this done. Today, I just got the approval notice from the Gov. and I am so happy to hear it. Some would say that getting a PR would be related with your own qualification; and I wish to add one another that it is all about what team you are working with for this and how confidence they are and how well the empathy is shared during the process.
It is my proud to share my own experience about this company, CanNest Immigration; you are in good hands and have your trust on them. They can do it WITH YOU.
Thank you for your sincere works and supports on me!!
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