I'm really glad I could rely on Justin for my PR application. Justin provided me with precise advice for my PR application. Thanks to Justin, there were no major issues, and the application process went smoothly. I tend to worry and ask a lot of detailed questions, but Justin promptly and kindly provided me with the answers I needed. If anyone is struggling to choose a consultant, I highly recommend CanNest.
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Justin was so excellent at answering every question and at odd hours too! I have never met such a professional and friendly person to help me out with such a stressful process before. I highly recommend CanNest Immigration Consulting for their help and their outstanding staff - especially Justin Shim who went above and beyond in his work and help. Every email was quickly responded to and I really felt taken care of. Thank you so much for your help! I will highly recommend you guys to everyone who asks me about this too!
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The whole PR processing with Cannest was excellent! I was 100% satisfied with their service from the consultant by Jenny to processing by Justin. Justin always answered kindly any questions even after their business hours. If you are looking for agency for your PR or any permits, this is the right place!
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리장Lee Jang
[Translated by Google]
really different
Consulting is different from other consulting firms.
Representative Justin Shim knows a lot of information
Counseling was also clearly received.

The staff was also very kind.
see you again
thank you
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Ting Nell
Many thanks to Cannest Immigration for helping me successfully get PR approval.
They are a great team, everyone is very efficient and considerate of applicants.
I'm so glad to have their help and support!
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Sangjoon Bae
[Translated by Google]
I am very satisfied with all my Canadian immigration matters with Nest Immigration, from my first consultation in 2019, to my Warhol, to my permanent residency. I tried to start with Nestle Immigration from my first arrival in Canada, but it was not easy due to the characteristics of LMIA, and I think that if I had started with Nestle Immigration at that time, I would have avoided the difficulties. I think that the growth of Nestle Immigration from a small office at that time to now is all the credit of the employees who work sincerely. In my case, I was deported from the border due to very immature and irresponsible handling of my case by K&K Immigration and a Canadian lawyer (Linda Mark), and my first green card invitation was also rejected. I am so happy that I was able to successfully obtain my green card and permanent residency after a very difficult time. I don't know all the immigration corporations and other professional lawyers, but I dare say that you are the best immigration service professional in Vancouver. I was really impressed that you always responded with quick and accurate answers, especially when it came to time-sensitive matters, and even answered outside of business hours. Thank you again to all the nests for handling the whole process so meticulously and quickly, and may you prosper!
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Dom Y
Justin's service and professionalism from CanNest was great from start to finish. Our family member's application process was smooth, easy to understand and hassle-free thanks to Justin and his CanNest team. I would highly recommend using his service for Immigration application consultation and processing!
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Justin helped my application in PR a lot. Thanks to his effort and encouragement my husband and I could submit and get approved smoothly. I highly recommend cannest immigration if you're looking for an immigration consultant. He's sincere and hard worker.
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Kafle Bharat
Hi my name is kafle bharat and came from nepal through canNest Immigration consultant.cannest family and justin sim sir is very kind and quick response. i think he is very responsible person and dutyfull.iam really very happy with his work and responsibilities .thank you
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I left a review when I came in with a work permit through Nest three years ago. As a Common Row sponsor, I received a green card safely this time and updated the review!

After applying, the delay was very long, so I kept asking the immigration office, thinking about and suggesting this and that way, and receiving a lot of requests for additional documents.

From the beginning, I never lost contact or delayed in responding to my inquiries as I started and finished my visa through Nest. Attorney Justin and Chief Jenny continued to do well, so I was able to trust and entrust it. thank you!!!!!!


He is very kind and gives good answers to our questions. I was able to submit all the requested documents when I received my visa because he thoroughly informed me of the details I needed to prepare and inspected them. Thanks to Nest Immigration, I am very grateful that I prepared well and came in without any difficulty in obtaining a visa. I strongly recommend Nest Immigration to anyone preparing to get a visa!!
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