Kitae Kim
Here is 5Stars immigration agency in Canada.
I’ve got a PR from Home Support Worker Program through the 둥지(CanNest) immigration office. Immigrating Canada made me really exhausted but they gave me great solution regarding all my inquiries. I’m really appreciate and happy working with them.
Thx all.
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Jaehwa Choi
[Translated by Google] I've never left a review on any website in my life, but just 10 days before leaving for Canada, I left my first review on CanNest.
After returning to Korea in early 2021 after living as an expatriate in Canada, I was interested in immigration to Canada, so I was able to access various quick and accurate information through nest immigration. However, since the immigration programs applicable to each individual were so diverse, I really wanted to consult with an expert. Just in time, there was an opportunity to attend a counseling session hosted by Justice Justin in Seoul in early 2022 for the first time after COVID-19. I was vaguely thinking about living in Canada if I had a chance, but after counseling, I was able to organize my thoughts. I would like to thank Attorney Justin for always giving clear and accurate answers to my questions.
I was able to quickly find a Canadian company that supported me with LMIA, and I needed a precise and fast process to join the company quickly, but I couldn't help but be impressed by Ha Chae-min of Nest Immigration's meticulousness and quick reply every time. . That's why I had to leave a review like this. In the end, I received my approved LMIA letter exactly on the date I expected, without any problems.
In fact, I had experience in working permit in Canada, so I was worried about going through it alone, but going through nest immigration was a choice without regret.
Thank you so much to Attorney Justin and Ha Chae-min.
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Kiko J
[Translated by Google] Najin-nim, Justin-nim, and Jenny-nim, thank you! ^^ Thanks to you, I am a person who received a work permit well and is working in Korea. I signed a contract in mid-July and got a work permit OPR 4 months later. Thank you for very accurately explaining the parts that can be confusing in preparing the documents and always looking at the documents meticulously with quick answers.
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Kim Joanna
[Translated by Google] Najin! Thank you for caring and helping me until I get a work permit while resuming lmia! I was very worried because it was going on again, but thanks to the quick response and interest in the work, I think I received the second lmia well!
Thank you and have a happy end of the year!
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Elia Wong
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[Translated by Google] Not long ago, I applied for a new student visa at Nest Immigration. You're so meticulous. Thanks to you, it came out in two days. Everyone is so kind and takes care of visa work like their own. Whether you're new to studying in Canada or already, I seriously recommend nest immigration. Visa is one of the things that bothers us the most from our perspective as foreigners, but I'm so thankful that the stress on that part disappears
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Maria Ritchie Semblante
Me and my husband will be forever grateful to CanNest Immigration. Justin was a very professional, kind, patient and very quick in answering all our queries regarding Work Permit for Canada. From the start guidance was always there and the feeling of assurance that they will do their very best to get the WP approved. We’ve been trying to apply with so many agencies here in UAE but we just wasted so much money and effort (after payment cannot contact anymore the agency). Jin was also there to help all the requirements needed and very keen of every details. Finally we received the good news and Thanks to CanNest. It's been our dream to be in Canada and finally it's possible because of CanNest.Highly recommended team! THE BEST!!!!
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Ministove Kim
[Translated by Google] I received mixed matching through the nest and work permit through LMIA. Thankfully, I started a new life in Canada with the pleasure of connecting you to such a good job.
I was in a tight time because of my child's school, but it was great that you understood my position and proceeded quickly so that there was no problem. Above all, I was touched by your deep sympathy and effort to solve it quickly whenever I was in trouble. In my case, I still get counseling whenever I have difficulties, but I think I'm a reliable friend because you always kindly counsel me.
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Eunjoo Pyun
[Translated by Google] My nephew said he was coming to Canada to study abroad, so I asked the nest to proceed, but I got a student visa quickly due to the manager's accurate and quick handling. I think there is no place like a nest not only for immigration but also for studying abroad. Thank you.
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June Jung
I went through the PR process (CEC and BC PNP) with CanNest. Thankfully, It took all together only 6months from the first visit to the office to getting the PR card. Justin and the staffs were always very quick to respond to all my questions. I can say I’m glad that I chose CanNest and will be back for citizenship in the future.
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