I worked with Justin, who was the immigration consultant in the Cannest.
I'm waiting for the last step, my permanent resident card :)
Thanks to the meticulous work process, permanent residency was carried out easily.
Thank you very much.

In particular, he thoroughly informed and inspected the details that need to be prepared from start to finish, so that we could complete the document without any errors and proceed quickly.
I am so happy because it is accurate and quick!

I sincerely recommend nest immigration.
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rina yamashita
I finally got my PR with support from Justin and CanNest. Justin is very professional, reliable, trustworthy and always gets work done fast. Whenever I had any questions, he answered me right away so I had no worries. I’m truly grateful for his support and happy that I finally got PR even during this pandemic.
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I received my PR card a week ago through CanNest! Justin worked on my EE CEC processing.
I was never unhappy with the processing because he always responded quickly and shared with me updated processing. It took 180 days to approve, despite having requested additional documents twice.
Thank you very much!!
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Benefit Song
I received my PR approval through CanNest.
Justin and all of staff worked very professionally so I've got my PR card with no issue.
They checked all of my documents in detail and the process went smoothly.
They also always responed kindly and quickly.
I've already recommended CanNest to my friends, and of course I highly recommend you CanNest!

Thank you again to Justin and all of the staff in CanNest!
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m t
If you need some help for your immigration, I highly recommend CanNest! Justin is super efficient and he made me feel ease as I was pretty nervous about my immigration process.
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Rajat Soni
I got my PR with the help of CanNest immigration. They were very professional, and supportive with every step of the process. I truly appreciate Justin for his incredible support and his responsiveness to my emails. I would recommend CanNest to everyone!! Thank you!
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Minc K
I got my PR card through CanNest!!
Justin and Mia worked on my LMIA and EECEC approval. They checked all of my documents thoroughly. Whenever I didn't know about my process, they always gave me detailed information. They also shared with me every updated process.
My previous agent didn't do this so I had an issue with this. I liked all of the processing how cannest did and I finally got my PR card. Thank you so much CanNest! I am so lucky to have Justin and Mia. If you are looking for a reliable agency, highly recommend them!
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Laura Lee
Thank you SO much for helping my PR application process! I got PR approval last week! I remember that Justin called me in the morning as soon as he got the news and congratulated me!
He was so helpful and supported me A-Z without any delaying. I would highly recommend this agency for immigration consulting without hesitation! Thank you again!
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Youngin Goh
I recommend Justin, the immigration consultant.
It's been a while since I received my permanent residence, but I'm leaving a review now.
I contacted him often because I am meticulous and need to know everything from one to ten, but he was always nice to have a quick answer without any blockage. Thanks to this, I was able to get my green card in a short period of time. Thank you for giving me a candle as a gift when helping with the Pr card reception :)
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'Study Abroad, Parents, Malaysia, Quebec, Vancouver.." I didn't know anything other than this title. Thus I was spending so much time on inquiring information to lots of agency online. One day, I attended the Study Abroad Fair at COEX and I met Mr. Shim there.

Honestly, I didn't feel CANNEST is the right agency for me at the first time^^ Since they don't have a branch or an office in Korea and I wasn't happy with waiting for a long line there.

However, I had very nice consultation with him. Satisfied with this, I messaged him in December of last year. Now I am all ready to go to Canada. It was delayed more than I expected because of Covid, but I am satisfied with everything other than this. It was so nice to have following up all the detail processing.

Despite of the time difference between Canada and Korea, they always answered me quickly. Also, they treated me like a family, not a customer. If you are looking for a reliable agency, highly recommend them!

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