Jooyoung Josh Kim
First, I have to admit that I tend to shop around a lot when choosing professionals.
And among all the people that I've met, Jenny and Justin were the most up to date and knowledgeable in this field.They performed an in-depth analysis of my situation, and built custom tailored solutions to tackle down my problems efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Cannest for any immigration related cases."
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Joon Kim
Anyone who has undertaken the tedious process of immigration will acknowledge that the waiting alone can be a disheartening endeavour, marked by a feeling of helplessness from such a drawn out and seemingly opaque immigration proceedings. Throughout my wife’s spousal sponsorship application, Jenny and Justin have been our true advocate, tirelessly working on our behalf on both ends to streamline the immigration process and to keep my wife and I informed every step of the way. As of last week, a great weight is lifted off our shoulders upon approval of our application and we owe it all to Jenny and Justin. Our gratitude extends not only to the outcome of the application, but to the unwavering support they have given us during the wait. We were never kept in dark for the entire processes of the application and it truly made a difference.

To Jenny and Justin, we thank you for obliging all our late night phone calls and for the unfailing friendship you have shown us during the past year.
To anyone reading this, my wife, Sulah and I recommend CanNest Immigration Consulting wholeheartedly without an ounce of reservation. The success of our application and the manner in which it succeeded should bear testament to the characters of Jenny and Justin as well as to the exceptional service they provide."
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