Joonho Jung
The first time I had consultation with Jenny, I got my green card two days ago through Express Entry with Justin Shim through BCPNP. It took about a year.
I just applied for a permanent resident card yesterday and only waited for the card.

When I asked for something I was curious about, I always kindly explained one by one, so there was nothing unpleasant or burdensome, and the answers came very quickly and it seemed to be nice to respond. Thanks to this, I wasn't wasting any time in the process, except that Covid-19 slowed the Biometrics by about three months.

If you don't know where to do, we recommend nest immigration.
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One of my friends recommend me and I had a great experience with CanNest Immigration. Justin was professional and super helpful. I asked lots of questions, he responded quickly and kept me updated with my application status. Highly recommend!
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MJ Kang
I've been with CanNest agency from LMIA to PR.
Especially I'm so grateful to Justin for managing my PR paperworks.
Whenever I had a question, he always gave me a clear, fast answer.
So that is the reason that during PR processing, i didn't get nervous or blues.
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Han C.
Hi everyone who search immigration agent, I’m a one of the customer of CanNest, I’d like to share this professional company to you!

Before I met CanNest, I had several experiences of immigration agencies, the CanNest made me realized that the whole process of the Immigration could be that clearly and easy to understand which is awesome! They won’t play “tricky” game with you, also they are really professional and very patient to explain how it works to you, apart from they respond very quickly so if you have any questions about immigration please write a letter to them now!

Once again, I highly recommend this immigration company for everyone who needs!
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Joohwan Jang
I really recommend it!
I had a consultation today, and I had several consultations, but she was very kind and gave me a good direction on which direction to go!
I've all relieved my worries now!
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Bradley Yeo
Immigration advisor of CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting 둥지이민컨설팅(캐나다), Justin Shim, is a careful and responsible person who can support your immigration process to achieve your goal in Canada! He is one of the best Immigration advisor among the Korean and Canadian communities. You can expect to have quality service with his dedicated professional work. When I was struggling with a vicious employer during the processing time, he reassured me of the company's monopolization. I sincerely appreciate his time and effort in all of the applications he is in charge of. I would definitely choose him again as my immigration advisor if I had to start this long journey again. Thank you!
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Chloe Kim
I did the green card proceeding to Justin. I had two weeks left on my visa, and a former immigration consultant didn't work very well (it takes two months before I even applied for it), so I was really in a hurry looking for another company that could do it the fastest, and I found cannest. He really kindly informs me of the parts that need to be revised, and he finished my documents in 3-5 days. I got a lot of stress because my visa was very short, but please process it very quickly, and visa approval is usually 1 It took a year, but I was informed that the request for approval was received in 9 months without any problem. Please keep informed of the progress by e-mail and phone calls, and I will recommend all my friends here!! Be sure to do it here. You are so good and good people!!!!
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I've got work permit visa through Cannest.
I would like to recommend Cannest if you have troubles receiving work permit or visa. They will provide you with a professional and responsive service from a consulting to processes required.
Especially, Justin showed me the clear and perfect performance under difficult circumstances of Covid-19.
I really appreciate his professionalism and kindness.
Thanks to Cannest!
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I worked with Justin, who was the immigration consultant in the Cannest.
I'm waiting for the last step, my permanent resident card :)
Thanks to the meticulous work process, permanent residency was carried out easily.
Thank you very much.

In particular, he thoroughly informed and inspected the details that need to be prepared from start to finish, so that we could complete the document without any errors and proceed quickly.
I am so happy because it is accurate and quick!

I sincerely recommend nest immigration.
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rina yamashita
I finally got my PR with support from Justin and CanNest. Justin is very professional, reliable, trustworthy and always gets work done fast. Whenever I had any questions, he answered me right away so I had no worries. I’m truly grateful for his support and happy that I finally got PR even during this pandemic.
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