I prepared in April last year and finally got my Visa. I was honestly stressed out while I waited. I was restless alone because everyone told me differently. Mia must have been stressed because of me. I'm so sorry. Those who prepare through the nest or those who want to be fine here are not there. Don't listen to the puppets here and there, go to the nest. Mia was very thankful and sorry for the quick update, the first contact, and the quick answer. Permanent Residency Progress I believe in nest !!
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sp k
In September, I was recommended by my friend and Mia Consultant explained me in detail how to get a work permit. I was told that I had to search the immigration company by myself to find a good one. and here was the best immigration company that I have ever visited. It took about two and a half months to get a work permit. If you have any questions, then let them know by email and they will update you all situations. When my boss told me that she was a good consultant, I was proud to think that I had made the right choice. Luckily I'm working well in Canada, and I'll be sure to ask CanNest for help when I get a green card one year later. Please do well at that time!
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jaekyu Han
When I first came to Canada, I was introduced to a very strange shop elsewhere, and it was very hard for me to get a new visa and start again here. I met Mia and Jenny here and they contacted me often. I started my new job again after 1 year in Canada. Thank you!
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Bora Moon
I haven't left a review anywhere. I thought I should leave it here. Last summer. I visited the office after making a reservation, and Jenny was so kind to consult and explained the plan that suited me so well. So I went through the paperwork and now I am good at school in Canada. In the process of preparing the documents, I had so many questions and so many things that I didn't know.
I'm sorry to ask a lot, but I don't know how thankful they were so kind. Thanks to them, I came and have been enjoying my life ~ If you are considering immigration to Canada, I highly recommend that you proceed here !!!! Jenny Mia If you see this article, please know that I thank you a lot ^^
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min seong cho
I and my gf now we are processing immigration through Jenny. She is lovely, kind and good listener but also professional. They calmly listen our situation, suggest correct way, know what they are doing, detail and clear.
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James W
Personally, I recommend you is that I am sure you can get a successful immigration with CanNest
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Kanghee Han
Since I knew nesting immigrants, I received kind consultation from Korea and gave the best consulting. First of all, Jenny and Mia, thank you very much.

If I contact them at any time, they responded promptly, I was happy that you gave information as a professional.

Even though I am in Canada, I still communicate with Nest Immigrants, and they keep providing me with tips and advice!
If you are thinking of coming to Canada, be sure to knock on the door to Cannest Immigration!
Strongly recommend ^^
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Ziro Lee
First of all, I'm so grateful to Mia Park. In order to proceed with the PGWP visa, I visited Nest Immigration and consulted well. I often called and emailed a lot, but every time I thanked you for taking care of me carefully, receiving a complete call request, and explaining it in detail. And if they contact me every time I get in touch with you, I'm very confident that you can get a detailed explanation and advice. And immigration consulting. Thank you so much for not only receiving a PGWP but also for how to prepare for it in the future. Thank you so much that I can trust you in the future and have confidence that you can get my future visa with confidence in the near future.
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h an
They are more than AWESOME!
Even though I contact and bother them a lot, they are always kind and try to give me clear answers that feel me better all the times.
I got the PR in 6 months with all of their care. Thank you so much Justin Shim.
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Please be nice to me ~~ Please find Mia. LMIA Work permit came out quickly. Good Good Green Card is also in progress ~~ It's the best
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