Bill Gatth
The immigration process was carried out by using other relocation agencies, but because of the rough explanation and progress, a lot of time wasted and money was wasted. I got to know the nest immigrant through the introduction of a friend and received help. Thanks to the professional service of the nest team, I got a PR card very easily. If you are looking for professional advice, quick answers, kindness, and continuous updates, I highly recommend nesting immigration.
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Juhan Kim
This time, with the help of the judge, I was able to complete the permanent residency procedure safely about a year and a half after arriving in Canada. There is a reason why many people recommend it, so if you are a Ginga private house, please visit once and get a consultation.
Prior to the permanent residency procedure, he was kindly and promptly consulted on visa issues. Above all, when I first visited, he placed the NOC job table and carefully calculated my score and gave me advice on future strategy development. Unlike other immigration agencies, who tend to shy away from immigrants who have just arrived in Canada, I think that advice based on accurate facts, regulations, and abundance of cases has been a facilitator to obtaining a green card quickly.
I only visited several places, but there wasn't one place that took a strategic approach based on the client's career and basic status. Companies that said they couldn't consult anymore because they were busy and time passed than expected, and companies that said they could come back after receiving a perfect score in English are still in my memory. Honestly, we desperately hope that those below that level will be quickly removed from the market.
I was deeply impressed by the clear and well-organized business flow that is flawless, from the creation of a perfect customized strategy and a neat finish, while responding kindly. If there is anyone in the vicinity who wishes to proceed with visa procedures or permanent residency, I highly recommend the nest relocation project. Don't waste time wasting money while wandering elsewhere, and make the best choice at once. I wish everyone who reads this article a successful settlement and immigration.
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Stella Choi
++The green card came out on June 19th :)) When the corona broke out in the middle When I always asked the same thing because I was anxious... Thank you so kindly for answering me and I'm sorry Thank you so much for staying with me safely and surely And informed us only the correct information, so we settled safely without any confusion. Thank you JUSTIN ㅠㅠ If you ask me to recommend a relocation company, I will say Cannest without hesitation! Thank you so much!
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Anna Galak
My immigration case was not an easy one since I've lived in multiple countries and needed to gather documents from all of them for Canadian PR. Cannest (Justin) was super professional and super supportive each step of the way. Always replying within hours, navigating through complex situations and updating on slightest changes of the application status.
Very transparent, honest and attentive service.
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캐나다 알렉스
Last week, I received my green card with EEBC.

It was a tricky case of preparing a green card with a co-op visa (I have no Canadian experience, and I have a short visa), but I was able to proceed with my green card as you told me at the first consultation. There was no delay as you carefully informed us of what you need to prepare for each step, including state approval, visa extension, physical examination, and criminal records. In addition, if I asked about the progress or inquiries by e-mail, I was able to respond really quickly and relieve my impatience. Looking at the mail box, the e-mails exchanged and received while preparing for a green card are tremendous. Thank you for helping me immigrate.
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seohui park

Five years after coming to Canada, I finally got approval for permanent residence!!
I wouldn't have been able to get my green card without Jenny, the lawyer of Cannest. I would like to say thank you so much.
When I first came to Canada with a working holiday visa, I didn't know anything, so I had a lot of trouble after hearing the wrong information at a language school agent.
But after consulting Jenny for the first time, all my worries disappeared.
With my long experience and know-how, I think I was able to obtain a green card in a short time without wasting time and wasting money by presenting a realistic method that fits my situation.

From LMIA to EE, Jenny and Justin attorneys were so meticulous and fast that I had nothing to worry about. I was so quick to answer questions, and I saw you replying right away until late in the morning, so I wondered when the hell would you be resting. Thank you very much for helping me so hard

Looking back now, I really felt that there was a lot to prepare for a permanent residence application, a lot to know, and because the situation is different for each individual, the help of experienced experts is desperately needed.
And, while Jenny and Justin of the nest immigrants are also capable, I feel that they sincerely helped and worked hard for my green card.
I really want to highly recommend nest immigration to my acquaintances~
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order braveandyoung
In order to proceed with my permanent residency, I visited various agencies and consulted, but I could not find a place that offered counseling as quickly and accurately as the “Cannest”. In particular, I was able to receive a PR approval letter a while ago as a result of the kind and comfortable consultation from CEO Justin and doing my best until the moment I obtained my last permanent residence. I highly recommend Mr. Justin and Immigration Nest, who handled the work quickly and accurately, even in unexpected situations, with excellent ability derived from various experiences in numerous cases. Taking this opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity, once again, I thank you for your long efforts and I hope that you will continue to develop further and become a successful nest immigrant.
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Received PGWP in 3 weeks. Most of all, the kind counseling and sincere work were impressive. Even with the cultural system of Canada, I was impressed with the consideration of Korean emotions. In addition, I think that the part that everyone provided promotional discounts during the tough COVID 19 period was the company's meticulous attention to customers. We hope that you will not continue to lose the corporate spirit.
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Minami Miura
I highly recommend CanNest to people who are looking for a professional consultant for work permit including LMIA and for PR. All the staff is kind and polite, and they have very professional consultants, Jenny and Justin. I have had some great experiences with CanNest, and I would like to share 2 of them in here.
Jenny was my first consultant who helped me for LMIA. She is very friendly and reliable. Only I needed to do was providing her the information that she asked me for. Even though there was a problem with my process due to system error and my LMIA application was almost rejected, Jenny tried so hard to make things right, and I got LMIA at the end:)
My another consultant, Justin also made a lot of efforts for my PR. He is very confident and patient. Whenever I asked a question, he always answered me in a short time and it was always very helpful and precise. Due to COVID-19, I had to wait for long time to get my PR approval, and it made me frustrated. However, I have never been worried about my PR because I know everything is going to be alright if Justin is on my back. He always kept me updated and tried to calm me down.
Now, I finally got my PR approval:) I am so lucky to find CanNest and have experienced and reliable consultants in Vancouver. They made my life better and I really appreciate it.
Thank you so much Jenny and Justin!!
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donggi seo
Big thanks to Cannest immigration for helping me out for my PR application. Your constant support throughout out the journey was very helpful. I would highly recommend Cannest immigration as your partner to go through all the difficult but exciting process.
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