Peter Khan
Highly satisfied, trustful. They exactly know what they are doing. No more words than acclaiming 'EXCELLENT.'! Jenny, she is a proven consultant. Justin Shim, fast and accurate. Love them all — tons of thanks for their service.
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Jenny, thanks to Chae-min, I came back to Canada safely! thank you so much!! The atmosphere was so good from the first meeting. I was very thankful to Chaemin for the preparation of documents, mainly while working with jenny. It was a long time visa processing and thank you so much for answering many questions in the middle quickly! I am now receiving LMIA and starting to live in Canada. Thank you again!!
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Before coming to Canada, I checked and decided a lot! To get to Canada from Korea to get a visa, they took care of all the documents, and my consultant, Jenny, is very kind to me. She explained me everything in detail. It is a great help to me as I believe in nesting immigration and am now heading toward permanent residence. If you are thinking of immigration, I highly recommend it.
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Camille Sario
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration! Justin was my agent and I can say that he’s very knowledgable and professional. If you need help with your LMIA or Permanent Residency, you should definitely go for this agency.
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I finally landed yesterday!
As soon as it became 2019, I changed the immigration company and I got invitation on last May everything went smooth.
Whenever I had any questions, they answered me any time of the day, and contact me first.
Thank you so much so much!
I was so worried a lot and I contacted at night until the end and they reassured me.
I recommend Cannest to those around me, but I will continue to recommend it :))
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Jn Yu
I applied for a student visa and got a permit in almost a week. I am very happy to receive this soon and write a review to recommend to the visa holders.
I changed the immigration agency to a nesting immigration. The other one made me confused from the document preparation stage, and it was expensive. Even though I had a lot of questions and bothered aloth to the staff because I was worried that my visa would be rejected. But the staff, MIA of Nest Immigration always answered me quickly and accurately. Once the visa was rejected, there was a high chance that it would be rejected.
In the future, I will proceed both working visas and permanent residence with Cannest.
The cost is cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly, the professional work ability and belief of dual construction is the best. Thank you Mia!
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It's very kind and gives you the answers you need. I was thoroughly informed of the details to prepare so that I could complete the required documents when I received my visa. Thanks to CanNest Immigrants, I am very thankful that I am well prepared and able to come in and get a visa. CanNest Immigration is highly recommended for anyone preparing to get a visa !!
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farnoosh shahbazi
I worked with Justin that he is really professional and patient to achieve my goals in immigration. Also cannest consulting staff are friendly and response our email quickly and clear. Justin always help us in different situations and give us the best solution for overcome the barriers that we face in our path. So I really appreciate Justin and his staff. Also I highly recommended cannest immigration consulting for immigration issues.
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We were so impressed with the lawyer, Justin who missed his lunch and greeted us with a smile even when we visited without a reservation for the first time. The consultation was so kind and accurate. After that, I visited many times and every time I contacted him by email, I thought it was the place they answered me any time even at night. my friends say that it is hard to find a reliable immigration agency because many immigration only seek for the money. But with Justin's passion and sincere consultation, we are now working with Nest Immigration. Hope Cannest can help as many people as possible like what they do now.
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jung hee hwang
Great immigration Consulting Company !! They are amazing, professional and friendly. I was really feel comfortable during the process of getting LMIA and Residence Permit, both of all with them. They are always available for my questions And really gave me quick answers !! It helps me a lot. They also work fast and professionally so I got my Visa quickly. I Highly recommend this Cannest for anyone who needs immigration assistance .
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