Jihyung Seo
I strongly recommend Cannest, especially Mia Park! I've got help for my LMIA and work permit from Mia Park and I truly appreciate and am amazed by the service. I admit that I am kind of picky customer. Lol. However, She not only responded all of my questions and emails accurately and quickly but also updated all the processes in time. I've got the my LMIA letter super quick! I know LMIA timeline goes case by case but I also think the reason I could get my letter so fast was that all the preparation of documents was perfect. All thanks to her!! :)
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Kaho Doi
The best service ever! Their expressions are clearly and understandable. Really quick reply and polite. Highly recommended!
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Mohamad Shahbazi
This company is amazing. We specifically worked with Justin Shim who was very knowledgeable , patient and always available for our questions. I highly recommend this company and Justin if you are looking for a peaceful immigration process.
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It's worth recommending the cannest emigration, so I leave this review. It was Mia who was in charge. I'm applying for permanent residency after receiving LMIA visa letter. I was a tough case since I work in US company located in Canada, I have to communicate with both managers in the U.S. and Canada. But Mia conducted both interviews without any problem and did well in all processes.~I was very satisfied with your kind and meticulous answer to the question!!
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Ellie Song
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration Consulting!
Justin was my agent who was very professional in handling my case and very patient. They always answered my email fast and responded quickly. If you are looking to apply for your PR or work permit, this is the place to definitely come and all the staffs are really friendly. (I highly recommend Cannest!!)
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Wonji Jo
Hi! From Lmia to PR through Cannest immigration consulting!
My friend recommended to visit, so I did for the first time in October last year, and my manager Jenny worked hard to introduce me to various companies, so I got a job in a good place and I got a green card this year thanks to Justin.
He gave good guidance in advance before I had any questions when processing a visa. Especially since I was processing the PR, I was able to receive PR without any problem because the Justin Judge did the real edgy and speed. Thank you so much!
If you have acquaintances who need a visa or immigration agency, I would definitely recommend this company!
I hope you will always thrive. Thank you!
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Hayley Lee
Mia was in charge of it. Thank you for being responsible for it. And even though it was a vacation period , I got visa approved in a month, and I was able to proceed without any difficulties. When I asked my friends, I was worried that the price was cheaper than other places, but the company said that they have a lot of experience and know-how, so I chose it, but I think I did well. If you are looking for a agency, I recommend it!
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Jinseok Choi
They are very good at answering questions anytime. also so kind, especially Jenny is the best. I would strongly recommend this consultant.
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Chunghyun Kim
We did LMIA here. Thank you so much for your prompt processing and response for my questions in late nights and for helping me get a work permit! Thanks to you, I was able to receive it quickly and safely.
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Kukhwan shin
Hi. I would like to recommend this migration to others. Right now I'm waiting for the landing paper. Thank you for being so kind, Nest Immigration. They did great job without any problems. they explains based on exact facts. Jenny and Justin encourage me every time I talk. In fact, you are physically and mentally having a hard time until you get PR. They helped me emotionally. I think this will be helpful for many people who is looking for a reliable company !! I like it !! I wished I knew Cannest a little earlier. Thank you for reading the long article
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