Jay Kim
[Translated by Google] I will leave a review after obtaining permanent residency.
It was not an easy process, and it was a rough process due to the Corona crisis in the middle. At first, I contacted several migrant construction companies, and after consultation, I decided to do nest immigration consulting, and I was able to obtain permanent residency after listening to the new law teacher so far.
There were so many variables in the process of obtaining permanent residency, so I always decided to do so, but thanks to the new law teacher who delivered the latest information the fastest, I was able to obtain permanent residency relatively easily. I highly recommend it to those who are preparing for permanent residency. Also, I would like to say thank you to Jenny.
Thank you so much. Thank you for your hard work~~~
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Sabine Bae
[Translated by Google] I started the permanent residency process as if I were walking alone on an unknown path, and thank you so much for being with me as a reliable companion. Thank you, Justice Justin, for your quick response and immediate response as if you were rushing for 24 hours. -The nest was a companion.
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Irene Lee
[Translated by Google] Last July, I received a green card thanks to Justice Justin. Unlike others, my husband's case changed frequently and had a long experience living abroad, so despite the complicated preparation of all the documents, I think I got a green card without any issues due to your meticulous response to my email! Regardless of whether it's night, day, weekend, or vacation, whenever I send you an inquiry email, you replied within hours, and I even felt sorry for sending an inquiry email ^^;; You're not just talking like my family, Jin! Shim! Ugh! I felt a lot of your concern with my husband while preparing for permanent residency. Thanks to you, I would like to say thank you once again for not giving up for a long time and finally being able to settle down and live comfortably in Canada If there is anyone around me who needs the help of the relocation work, I would like to recommend the Nest Immigration Justice Justin without hesitation. I was touched that you said that the relationship is not the end but the beginning because you won the green card. I really strongly recommend it.
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seonheui Moon
[Translated by Google] Thank you, nest immigration From LMIA to employment visa and long-awaited permanent residency...If it wasn't for the nest, would I have been able to get a green card in three years since I came to Canada?I can't even imagine Justice Justin's clear answer and quick work, even in difficult or complicated situations every moment.You can say that it's the top of a relocation project in Canada The reason why it came out quickly after four months of applying for permanent residency was because you carefully reviewed the documents and worked really hard to make sure that none of them were filed in vain Thank you for the nest immigration!
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Ahreum Kim
[Transalted by Google] I consulted several questions about PGWP, but there was no place that explained it in detail as kindly as here. Other places told them unfriendly and insincerely if they didn't have money. It was a short consultation, but it was so impressive that I thought I could trust this place and proceed with permanent residency.
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[Translated by Google] I did both employment visa permanent residency here, but I think I was less anxious while waiting with quick feedback and looking into this and that.
And thank you for always being so kind to me even though I always bother you :)
Other hoobae have to get a work visa soon, so I'll recommend Justin!Haha
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Sangeun Park
[Translated by Google] When I first met Justice Justin through the opportunity recommended by my friend, I felt so good that I proceeded with permanent residency in the nest right away.
I contacted you and asked you a lot of questions due to anxiety in the process, but thank you so much for your kind and quick response without showing any signs of dislike.
You even said it would take about a year to get a consultation for the first time, but you got a green card in 5 months Of course, there will be differences from person to person, but we are so happy that we feel like things went well because Justin took good care of us and we are always grateful!!I definitely recommend this construction.My younger brother is going to do it in the nest, too.Thank you again!
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[Translated by Google] It is a relocation project that has done everything together from the first arrival in Vancouver to the receipt of permanent residency, and I am very grateful that it went well as a result, but I am very satisfied with the process. I think I got good results until the end without much anxiety in the process of answering a lot of questions and carefully checking the progress in the middle and letting me know. If there's anyone preparing to immigrate, I'd definitely recommend it.
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I received PR through AFP. Nobody has experience because this is the new pilot program. However, CanNest try to contact with immigration well and sent to email them for my asking.
I am sure that here is the best consulting ever for finding way to immigrate to Canada.
Contact also was good and replied me fast when I ask them.
Above all, they did their best until I have PR card.
Thanks a lot
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JS “Carpe diem”
[Translated by Google] Thanks to Justice Justin and Jenny of Nest Immigration, I finally got my green card approved!
I was stuck for a long time because of Covid, but you didn't get upset and responded to me without anxiety, you were always professional, and you answered my questions kindly right away Even when there was an update or a change in immigration policy, they guided me right away, so I naturally built trust.
Thank you once again for thinking and working hard with us for a long time
I'm planning to do other procedures here in the future. And I really recommend nest immigration!
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