joe lee
I do not hesitate to recommend CanNest highly for your journey in settling down Canada. With relentless effort and help from Justin Shim, I got PR I have been longing for. My impression for his team is that they work in way of professionalism and guide best way to reach our goal. Once again, I appreciate all their work and am grateful I for their wise counsel. If you are looking for a partner helping you out to reach your goal, CanNest can be best option, and they never disappoint you.
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Akari Miyai
I finally found the representative after tons of exhausting agency-hopping. Because my visa status was shaky back then, all the big name law firms popped up on the first result were reluctant to take my case. Justin was responsible throughout the process and the most reliable representative more than any reps I’ve dealt with. Thanks to him and his amazing team, I’ve got my PR in such a speedy way!
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Justin handled work permit including LMIA and the rest of application perfectly for both me and my wife. I really appreciate his efforts and fast responses. I wish him success in his career.
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Hyesoo Seong
[Translated by Google] I finally got my permanent residency!!!!!!!!!!! I was worried about the agency, but I ended up working with Nest, but they were so kind and accurate, gave me information, and were really honest in the counseling section, giving me detailed consulting that suited me, so I proceeded with a strong heart! I don't have many places to rely on after coming to Canada, but I think it would have been too difficult if I had applied for permanent residency alone while working. While working with Nest, they firmly grasped the areas I missed or found difficult, and I had many questions regarding government update news and documents. Thank you so much
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[Translated by Google] I finally got my pr card. I was introduced to Nest Immigration by an acquaintance and proceeded with Lmia, but despite being from another state, I was always meticulous and meticulous in the paperwork process, so I was approved in a month faster than expected, so I think I was able to get the permanent residency process easily and quickly. Thank you so much to Legal Attorney Justin and the Nest Immigration team who always responded kindly and quickly to many questions :)
I strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to those who are immigrating or those who have come to acquire permanent residency!!! Thank you very much for receiving many benefits and always responding kindly.
I will definitely use it next time!!!! I hope you prosper more and more ^^
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Non P
The best place for immigration consulting. Justin and his team definitely good advisor and fast response. Thank you for your hard work!
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[Translated by Google] Thank you very, very, very much to Justin Shim. You are a well-rounded specimen (well, neatly and sensibly), look at each one first, and, unlike other places, it is a thousand times different from places that make you wait and email first. Spending on this ⭐️I didn't even think it was a waste of money, but rather, I was sorry for helping you so hard. I'm so grateful that I'm in a very good mood right now❤️❤️❤️ I'm really happy. Wishing Justin-nim a splendid promotion, I would like to express my gratitude for the small review❤️❤️ I wish you a professional Cannest and a choice without regrets ❤️❤️❤️ Wow! cool! yes ! i love you !!!! ❤️⭐️❤️
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April Olarve
My LMIA/work permit and PR applications got approved and were handled by Jace and Justin and it was such a great experience! They were really nice and very patient in answering all my questions and inquiries about my applications and was always ready to answer them. What I like most about CanNest, aside from Justin and the other staffs who were also very nice and approachable, is how reasonable their fees are. I will always recommend CanNest with all my friends who are looking for a consulting office.
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Hye Young Lim
Finally, I got a ecopr today. I can't believe it. If I didn't meet Justin Shim and Cannest, I couldn't get my PR. In addition, Justin is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. He successfully finishes a task well. He is very organized and never misses a deadline. He has excellent communication skills and kind. In summary, I highly recommend Justin for your PR or visa. Good luck all.
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[Translated by Google]
What a happy day today! I finally received my green card approval letter today! I applied in January of last year and had a hard time because the file number kept not coming out, but the judicial scrivener told me to reapply first as it would be cumbersome. A real attorney! He handled the work quickly and was kind, so he always comforted me when I was anxious!! Thanks to the lawyer, I am really happy today!!! Thank you so much again!!!!!!
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