heekyoung You
(Translated by Google) I went through the Commonwealth Permanent Residence process through Nest Migration. I wish I had known about this organization earlier. I got my LMIA with ECE through another migration company, but they made a deal with my director and attached the $1,000 he owed to the government to my invoice and called it the LMIA application fee. They put on two faces in front of me and were very fake. I didn't trust them anymore. After that, I tried to solve it on my own to get out of my LMIA status, but there were problems with my documents, so I was in a lot of trouble. I contacted other migration companies, but they all refused to accept me because I didn't have enough money (modify my work permit conditions). I contacted Nest Immigration and Mr. Justin personally counseled me and listened to my sorrowful story and said, "I will solve it" even though it was really not much money. No one else said that. Other companies are only interested in big money, such as green card processing and LMIA processing, which are profitable. Honestly, you can do Common Law on your own. My boyfriend is Canadian, so we thought we could do it on our own, but we chose to go with Nest Immigration because there are a lot of surprises along the way, and the time, stress, and anxiety of dealing with them is indescribable, especially if you're doing it alone. I would recommend just trusting Justin. I also had a lot of bumps in the road and contacted him a lot of times, but he always replied politely and I was so grateful. I got my green card and got married thanks to him. Thank you so much again. ^^]
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Zahra Baghban
I got my LMIA, work-permit Visa, final approval PR through Cannest. They are so organize and professional .Their response service is awesome even on the weekend, Mr. Justin gave me quick response and keep updating me during process. His team are so professional also in dealing with different cases. I highly recommend Cannest , they are a reliable consultant. ONLY TRUST THEM.
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Saewha Min
[Translated by Google]
I applied for permanent residency through Justin Shim, and I finally received my ECOPR today. During the process of permanent residency, there were a lot of mentally and physically difficult things, so it seems that I whined and contacted Mr. Sim a lot. I highly recommend Nest Immigration Consulting! I wish Justin Shim the best of luck in the future ^^
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Shawn Jeong
[Translated by Google]
It was a lot of hard work, but thanks to that, I was able to get permanent residency. Thank you for your hard work.
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Young-su Jeon
[Translated by Google]
I first came to Canada through LMIA and used an immigration agency introduced by my company without any knowledge.
I went back to Korea because of the wrong documents and information.
This time, I wanted to try again and found NEST.
I was really encouraged by the fact that they kindly explained everything one by one to me, who had zero immigration knowledge, and gave me feedback when I contacted them at night and in the morning.
My husband and I were able to get our permanent residency with ease.

I think the most important thing about contracting with an immigration company is communication.
I have contacted and consulted with many companies, but this is the only one that really cares about the details and responds immediately.

I highly recommend Nest because you can really trust them and don't worry about anything, just stick to your job and they will find a faster and safer way.
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[Translated by Google]
I chose The Nest after a friend recommended it to me when I was looking for a friendly and trustworthy immigration agency, and it has been a constant companion to my life in Canada over the years. I can think of a few things I'm glad I did when I came to Canada, and choosing Nest is one of them.

I have been able to rely on them for my Lmia process and permanent residency process, like a guiding light on a dark night, and I am deeply grateful for the good results.

During the process, Justin provided me with updated and accurate information, as well as a wealth of experience in dealing with various cases, and always explained things in detail, so I could wait with peace of mind. I used to watch Justin's Nest YouTube channel to get the latest updates and learn more about life in Canada.

Thank you again for your sincere care and dedication to running the marathon during this long, long process over the years. Keep up the good work and thrive :)
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mary joy flores
I recommend to everyone CANNEST IMMIGRATION one of the legit immigrarion consultant.i'm so thankful this immigration consultant to processing my papers,starting day one until i got my approval visa❤❤❤
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[Translated by Google]
I was referred to you by a colleague who had gotten her green card through you in June of last year, and we had a casual consultation. I had no knowledge of immigration and assumed it would be impossible, but I had a desire to give my children the best possible upbringing, so I went into the conversation with a sense of urgency.

She listened carefully to my resources and my situation, quickly analyzed it, and came up with the most realistic options and walked me through what I needed to do to make it happen.

The best part was that while other firms tend to tell you what you want to hear and think you want to hear, Justin told you exactly what would and wouldn't work, and detailed the prerequisite preparations to make it happen, which made it even more believable.

I fulfilled the prerequisites over the course of about three months, and from there, I started the process in earnest, and yesterday I got the great news.

All the while, your constant monitoring, prompt consultation, and work ethic helped me get through the long and short of it.

My entire family is deeply grateful to Justin and Cannest, and I hope that anyone considering a move to Canada will feel the same joy I did.

I would recommend them to anyone I know who is considering moving to Canada.
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Highly recommended!!
Justin is really hardworking and always replys my messages in few minutes. He helped me on my LMIA and PR application and gave me many useful advices.
I had some problems on my previous application and Justin still can deal with the mess submitting the application without any issues. Also the service fee is reasonable!!
Once again, I highly recommend that everyone should reach out Justin if you have any question regarding immigration or permits.
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Jacob Kim
[Translated by Google]
I was approved for permanent residency just yesterday through Nest Immigration. They helped me with everything from student visa to work permit, MPNP, and federal documents for a long time. When I decided to immigrate to Canada, I was looking for a safe and reliable consultant, and I was introduced to Nest Immigration through an acquaintance and proceeded immediately. I was told by many people that it is irrelevant to proceed with permanent residency alone, but I didn't know anyone and thought that there was nothing I could do if something went wrong, so I proceeded with Nest Immigration and permanent residency without looking at anything. During the MPNP process, I encountered a problem, but Attorney Justin reassured me not to worry and solved the problem in one month. After that, it went smoothly and I am so happy that my permanent residence was finally approved. Justin is very kind, very good at solving problems, very quick to respond, and he helped me through all the issues that came up. Thank you.
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