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Soo C
I really appreciate Cannest and Justin. They suggested the best way that I can get PR. As I am in my 40s, many other immigration consultants did not consider different ways. Justin gave me the possibility and he kindly responded to any inquiries I had as well.
Ziro Lee
First of all, I'm so grateful to Mia Park. In order to proceed with the PGWP visa, I visited Nest Immigration and consulted well. I often called and emailed a lot, but every time I thanked you for taking care of me carefully, receiving a complete call request, and explaining it in detail. And if they contact me every time I get in touch with you, I'm very confident that you can get a detailed explanation and advice. And immigration consulting. Thank you so much for not only receiving a PGWP but also for how to prepare for it in the future. Thank you so much that I can trust you in the future and have confidence that you can get my future visa with confidence in the near future.
Kuljeet Cheema
Best service, affordable price, work done as soon as possible,
Hayley Lee
Mia was in charge, but I was really grateful for the sponsor matching, and I was approved for the Lmia visa in a month even after the vacation period. I have chosen because it has a lot of experience and know-how.
Thanks to Cannest immigration manager Jenny, we received a two-year LMIA work permit for PR. As soon as I had 5 months of working holiday visa, I couldn't find out how to get a work permit. Jenny Manager and the Nest Immigration Office are all professional and take great care. This is a very reliable immigration agency. I think I was able to settle well here in Canada because I was with Nest Immigration. Thank you very much. Nest Immigration is highly recommended for those who plan to immigrate to Canada, such as work permits or permanent residency!
Mike Kwak
With the introduction of an acquaintance who immigrated through Cannest, I was assigned to complete the immigration process without any mistake from the beginning to the end. The name "Cannest" came to my mind, and to suit its name, Mr. Justin and Mr. Jenny were all in charge of our work like family members. I strongly recommend!!
Gina Lee
I would recommend CanNest to anyone who needs help with any kind of visa/immigration issues. Throughout my 6 months of Express Entry PR process, Justin and his team have been always available and found the best solutions in a timely manner. I am located in Toronto, but I did not have ANY communication issues working with them regardless of the distance. If you are reading this review, I am sure you've heard of so many horror stories of people having issues with their immigrant consultants after paying thousands and thousands dollars. Justin is super responsible and reliable and he really puts his time and efforts to help his clients!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
John Cook
Best Immigration Company in Canada!!!!! Cannest always provide quick and accurate information. Without Cannest, I could not even get PR in Canada. Thank you and 100% recommend to anyone who wants to become PR in Canada."
Thank you so much for your kind counseling and your good work everytime I called you or text you whenever I had any questions. I'm just waiting for my visa. Thank you so much, Mia, for introducing me to the best job.
sinae kim
After the first consultation with Mia, I got a job offer. Thank you for your quick work, LMIA came out quickly. They answered me very quickly with any questions. Thanks to him, I got a work permit smoothly. Thank you very much :) Nest is the best
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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