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I've got work permit visa through Cannest. I would like to recommend Cannest if you have troubles receiving work permit or visa. They will provide you with a professional and responsive service from a consulting to processes required. Especially, Justin showed me the clear and perfect performance under difficult circumstances of Covid-19. I really appreciate his professionalism and kindness. Thanks to Cannest!
Ellen J
I went to various immigration projects to find out immigration, but I wasn't convinced that my close acquaintance was a reliable place. The immigration process that I started by telling me that I would only trust Jenny because I explained to me step by step and gave me confidence that I do not know anything about immigration ... Fast and accurate work process, anxiety disappeared, leaving only confidence ^^ Even now, those who came around the same time, I feel sorry for the hard work, and I think it was a very unfortunate thing for me to meet Jenny and Justin Sin. Even now, if you are worried about immigration, I recommend you go from the nest ^^ Jenny's and Justin Sin's always quick and accurate work and meticulous Q & A really make me grateful. If anyone is hesitant to immigrate, I highly recommend you go to Nest Immigration first !!! Fear will turn into conviction ^^
Hello ~ I just arrived from Korea yesterday ~ I talked to several places before coming to Canada, and nest immigration is the best! 5 stars is not enough !! Despite of the time difference between Canada and Korea, if you send me a mail or katok, I was curious and replied before I felt nervous. It helped me prepare the documents so well that it didn't take me an hour to arrive. When I was in Korea, I was able to proceed comfortably without any doubt. When I arrived, I opened my cell phone and went to the office. I welcomed you warmly sorry that you thought Those who hesitate to consult! Nest Immigration is recommended !! I consulted many places (in fact, there are a lot of things) Do not hesitate to consult. (I don't share a good place, so I like Canadian start so I want everyone to be like me ~) Jenny, I talked to Mia, but I was curious and nervous! I hope everyone goes well with Cannest!
Stella Choi
++The green card came out on June 19th :)) When the corona broke out in the middle When I always asked the same thing because I was anxious... Thank you so kindly for answering me and I'm sorry Thank you so much for staying with me safely and surely And informed us only the correct information, so we settled safely without any confusion. Thank you JUSTIN ㅠㅠ If you ask me to recommend a relocation company, I will say Cannest without hesitation! Thank you so much!
Wonji Jo
Hi! From Lmia to PR through Cannest immigration consulting! My friend recommended to visit, so I did for the first time in October last year, and my manager Jenny worked hard to introduce me to various companies, so I got a job in a good place and I got a green card this year thanks to Justin. He gave good guidance in advance before I had any questions when processing a visa. Especially since I was processing the PR, I was able to receive PR without any problem because the Justin Judge did the real edgy and speed. Thank you so much! If you have acquaintances who need a visa or immigration agency, I would definitely recommend this company! I hope you will always thrive. Thank you!
Laura Lee
Thank you SO much for helping my PR application process! I got PR approval last week! I remember that Justin called me in the morning as soon as he got the news and congratulated me! He was so helpful and supported me A-Z without any delaying. I would highly recommend this agency for immigration consulting without hesitation! Thank you again!
Zoe Yijoo Cho
Nest Immigration is the best !! Highly recommended for all those preparing for immigration! The office people are so kind and above all Jenny is so kind. I first thought about where to trust and leave various immigration projects, but when I contacted KakaoTalk, I was more kind and quick to reply. I was able to rely on the details that other immigration agencies said would be roughly done and explained the possibilities objectively. And thank you so much for explaining and helping me how best to do in my situation. At first, when I was spawned and proceeded with permanent residence, things went wrong, and later I proceeded without being spawned. Before I received the landing paper, I entered Korea early, but Justin continued to inform me of the progress by e-mail, reply to small questions right away, and let me know what to do about the areas I was worried about. In the process of immigration, I have a lot of time to wait, but I communicated well with the staff, and I was able to understand my mind by understanding the areas of concern and the trivial things that made me feel so strong and powerful. Thank you for your careful attention to all parts of the document preparation from consultation. Nest immigration is recommended !!!
Personally, I've been working with visas and permanent residences since the beginning, but I've been grateful for taking care of them. thank you
o.o J
I had lmia in the nest. I was in a hurry to get ready when my original visa was almost over and I didn't have enough information so I really bothered my manager. I really asked five hundred questions. Thank you for your reassurance and reassurance .. I was really thankful that they treated me like his sister, not like one of customers. When I consulted with another agency, they couldn't even explain it properly, but in the nest, they explained the procedure in detail, the approximate period, and any small problems that might arise. I was convinced that this is a very professional expert. In addition, I heard many people saying that most of the agents are not working properly after the settlement, so I was worried about that. But they Kindly answer the questions, and every moment, I was satisfied. It seems that I was able to get visa approval in such a short time. I chose Cannest is the best choice of my life .. I want to give 100 out of 5 stars :) Thank you so much !! :)
Yumin Lee
I would highly recommend consulting with Cannest!!! I've experienced best service ever! My agent was Mia who was very kind and thoughtful throughout the LMIA process. She was very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with my case. If you are looking for reliable immigration agency, this is the place where you can fully trust!
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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