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I spent two years in Nest Immigration, from the LMIA visa to the green card landing. As a result, the landing was well done and thank the nesting staff for their support. In the middle of the process, I was annoyed with a frustrating question, and Justin Justice always explained all the progress well and gave me a quick job. Nest immigration will make Canadian life new Thank you very much! Keep Thriving :)
diana rios
Great immigration consultants fast and efficient service, highly recommended! Got my LMIA and PR pretty fast and with any issues!
Lucy Lee
I was consulted for $ 50 in other places, but I didn't hear any cool answers. Even though I went to acquaintances, I didn't feel too negative and kind. So I checked out the other places, but I also thought that I would go to the counseling place because the acquaintance recommended me as a nest immigrant. The first consultation was free and the visa proceeding price was cheaper than other places. I was so satisfied with the consultation and work process. There is an Immigration lawyer separately which is more reliable, and I always bothered Jenny to ask for personal work besides visa proceeding with katok. !! she was so responsive quick that I felt like I was only doing visas in the nest. It's reliable, fast, cheap, friendly, and not going to go anywhere. I heard a lot about migration work that weaved and squeezed with companies around us, and unfriendly immigration work that was quick to work. The nest is perfect.
Highly recommended! I got LMIA ,2 years work permit.Justin is very professional and Knowledgeable.I asked him many questions about LMIA apply and process.He always responded really quickly and gave me the clear explanation. Thank you so much!
Through nest immigration, I finished the permanent residency safely and finished the immigration process well. I did not have any difficulties because I took care of everything I needed during the process. Thank you for the immigrant nest. People who want to immigrate around are progressing through nest immigration, but I hope it will finish well.
Joo Min Oh
I would like to thank you for your kind and detailed consultation and I will give you a good way and way to get permanent residence.
I have been living and working in Victoria. somehow I was connected to Cannest and they have served me the best service. I had absolutely no problem with any concern. I do not leave review very often but I did want to leave one once I am become a permanent resident. I leave this because I still appreciate their dedication.
Jieun Sim
Certainly Recommend! I had a great experience and my process was a success.
Chunghyun Kim
We did LMIA here. Thank you so much for your prompt processing and response for my questions in late nights and for helping me get a work permit! Thanks to you, I was able to receive it quickly and safely.
rina yamashita
I finally got my PR with support from Justin and CanNest. Justin is very professional, reliable, trustworthy and always gets work done fast. Whenever I had any questions, he answered me right away so I had no worries. I’m truly grateful for his support and happy that I finally got PR even during this pandemic.
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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