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Jaein Y
The best immigration consultant in Vancouver
Awesome Andy
[Translated by Google] My name is Andy and I am immigrating from Vancouver Island. Today I finally uploaded a PR card photo. I lacked a lot, I didn't know much, and I was even lazy, so I was slow in preparing documents and a lot of foolishness. Nevertheless, Justin waited for me from start to finish, explained step by step, and did it, so I think I did it without anxiety and with a comfortable mind. In the meantime, whenever I had a lot of questions, he explained in so much detail, kindly, and in an easy-to-understand manner. When I contacted you after completing the final stage of my permanent residency, I felt that you were so sincere in your voice as happy as your own work. Many immigrants who have received permanent residency or are in the process of going through it, There are many things to consider when deciding on immigration consulting. This is my third time trying to immigrate, and I have experienced various situations and also experienced various consulting companies. Just like those who were prepared for the nest immigration consulting, they responded professionally to all situations and questions, and they gave me a cool scratch on my questions, which made me feel at ease. Thank you so much!! I'm going to get married soon, but I'm going to ask Justin first to proceed with the permanent residency of the person who will be my wife, without having to do two quests. Personally, I don't think there is any better place than nest migration. Many immigrants will feel nervous and anxious during the visa process. Thank you once again for helping to make the process more comfortable and sincere! Prosper and stay healthy!!!
Jonghee Lee
I've got a permanent residence through nest immigration. At first, when I was desperate because I thought that the only way to immigrate was express entry, I knew that there were many other ways through consultation with the nest, and recommended a way that suited me so that I could get a green card more easily than I thought. The attorney was very kind and caring so I didn't have to worry about it, and the update was also very fast so I proceeded without any concern.
Steve Lee
[Translated by Google] Thanks to the Cannest staff and Justice Shim, I was able to obtain permanent residency approval accurately and quickly. Thank you so much for answering all the questions kindly and quickly during the procedure, and thank you so much to the staff who carefully checked the necessary documents!
Kate91 MS
[Translated by Google] Finally got my green card today. The time I spent in Canada until I was granted permanent residency was 1476 days. I feel sorry for having bothered you so much because I have a lot of fear and worries, and I am very grateful for the words of comfort that you gave me through quick replies and contact whenever that happens. I am deeply moved by how important it is to trust someone in another country and entrust an important task to them, and I am very moved by the way they try to help. I hope you will always prosper
Dong Kyo Jung
Highly recommend cannest immigration consultant team. Justin and his team members know what they need to provide clients with right services. If anyone want to live in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact them. Well educated and trained team members will be there to help you.
Through CanNest immigration, I was approved very well from Lmia to permanent residence Thank you
I moved the company and it was my 3rd immigration company and I absolutely loved them. They were accurate and fast, very kind. Ive been still working with visa without any problem. Thank you very much! ^^
Sunny Kim
I applied for a student visa with Ellie through an acquaintance. Even though there were many questions, they were always kind and quick to answer. Thank you so much!! Since then, I have to proceed with my spouse work permit, but I am already full of gratitude because I think you will do it with the same heart! I want to continue with Ellie even when proceeding with LMIA or permanent residency~! Thank you so much~~~~
Paul Chung
They are amazing team! In my experience, they are very kind, detailed and professional in regard to all the PR process and as an addendum, super responsive! I strongly recommend you who needs a well versed agent company service for your obtaining PR.
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Immigration News
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