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Justin Shin
I was exhausted by the immigration agencies that only revealed money. If you are looking for a visa or permanent residence, there is a company you want to recommend. It is a place where you can always be kind and consult with me on your day off. It is recommended because it is relatively cheap compared to other places and the processing is quick so you can trust it.
Jeon Kara
Highly recommend! I proceeded BCPNP and PR with Justin. He is a very reliable and attentive consultant. I could get the answers from him even during the weekend when I have some questions. I already recommended him to some of my friends. :) thanks for your help !!
Camille Sario
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration! Justin was my agent and I can say that he’s very knowledgable and professional. If you need help with your LMIA or Permanent Residency, you should definitely go for this agency.
Joanna Um
I hired Cannest for Lmia and PR. They always explaned details of my questions which my previous agency didn't explan enough so I kinda missed good timing to apply PR. So I changed the agency to cannest. I really appreciate all their efforts. Justin and Jenny are reliable people to go through your visa process."
Jongseob Shin
I received landing permission from Vancouver Airport on July 5th, after being granted permanent residency in Canada through Nest Immigration. At first I was thinking about immigration and my wife was looking for a number of immigration companies in Vancouver and was consulted but it was impossible or difficult. In the meantime, I went to the nest immigration and got counseling. Unlike other immigration companies, I listened to the current situation from the beginning to the end, and it was not impossible. I am preparing for immigration by preparing for the IELTS examination by counseling that I should score the score in English because there are items that do not receive the score because of age and company location. It takes a lot of time to prepare for immigration documents. In addition, the nest immigrant informed me that it took a lot of time. He prepared the documents along the way and checked the prepared documents to see if there were any problems. If you send your documents to Canada from Canada by e-mail, you have responded quickly, accurately and kindly, including not responding within a day. There is a question that some immigration corporations did not properly check the contents of documents on the internet, and there was a question that there was a problem. When you are preparing your documents, you will also be able to tell us in detail how and where to obtain each piece of individual documents. You will also be kind enough to let us know as soon as possible whether the documents have been submitted, Thank you. Most of the time, in immigration and fantasy, you simply say that if you wait, there will be an answer, but in the nest immigration you think that it is different from other places to take care of like your own work. Unlike many immigration corporations who think that you only have to pay the commission even if you do not disclose only money, you can say that it is another place where you are happy to be like yourself and to be comforted when you are late. I am so thankful for landing on July 5th and thanked me for having lunch on July 8th. If you are worried about immigration, please get a consultation from a nest immigrant. My nephew is now in the immigration process through the nest immigration. If you ask other nations to recommend nesting immigration, many immigration corporations will ask you to visit several places to get counseling. But if the acquaintance has a close relationship with me, I will tell them to go to the nest immigration, not to go anywhere else. If you are really worried about immigration, go to Nest Immigration. Chief Jenny, Justin, you've been in a lot of trouble. Thank you.
Kelly Jung
It's been over a year since I got my green card through cannest emigration. After I decided to emigrate I compared and consulted with many Canadian immigration agencies. Thank you for showing me the most appropriate amount and the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. Thanks to Cannest, I am living a stable. Other friends also thought about immigrating, so I recommended them without hesitation. He's already got a green card, too.If another friend or acquaintance is worried about immigrating, I will recommend a nest emigration without hesitation. ~~~~
Joo Min Oh
I would like to thank you for your kind and detailed consultation and I will give you a good way and way to get permanent residence.
James Oh
I went to another relocation project and it was overturned and rebuilt here. I was very impressed with the required documents and how to prepare the work.
Jn Yu
I applied for a student visa and got a permit in almost a week. I am very happy to receive this soon and write a review to recommend to the visa holders. I changed the immigration agency to a nesting immigration. The other one made me confused from the document preparation stage, and it was expensive. Even though I had a lot of questions and bothered aloth to the staff because I was worried that my visa would be rejected. But the staff, MIA of Nest Immigration always answered me quickly and accurately. Once the visa was rejected, there was a high chance that it would be rejected. In the future, I will proceed both working visas and permanent residence with Cannest. The cost is cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly, the professional work ability and belief of dual construction is the best. Thank you Mia!
Thanks to Justin's meticulous work, I received a green card today. It is not so easy to meet someone who is responsible for doing business with Koreans like a pro in Canada. Don't wander about other immigration consulting services. Talk to Justin. Highly recommend!
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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