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Review about Cannest

Hyangwon Lee (Wony)
I got my PR confirmation from IRCC. I can see Justin is so professional and dedicated, so you will get answers well from him anytime. Thank you, CanNest.
Bill Gatth
The immigration process was carried out by using other relocation agencies, but because of the rough explanation and progress, a lot of time wasted and money was wasted. I got to know the nest immigrant through the introduction of a friend and received help. Thanks to the professional service of the nest team, I got a PR card very easily. If you are looking for professional advice, quick answers, kindness, and continuous updates, I highly recommend nesting immigration.
Daniel Han
I've done my whole processing from LMIA to EE to PR, they've certainly done the best work. Responses were ASAP. Lowkey satisfied and highly recommend
Soo C
I really appreciate Cannest and Justin. They suggested the best way that I can get PR. As I am in my 40s, many other immigration consultants did not consider different ways. Justin gave me the possibility and he kindly responded to any inquiries I had as well.
Xin Chen
I got my work permit and PR through CanNest! The team works great and efficient, and they are approachable easily. I appreciate their help!
Hye Young Lim
Finally, I got a ecopr today. I can't believe it. If I didn't meet Justin Shim and Cannest, I couldn't get my PR. In addition, Justin is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. He successfully finishes a task well. He is very organized and never misses a deadline. He has excellent communication skills and kind. In summary, I highly recommend Justin for your PR or visa. Good luck all.
I finally received the PR card as of April 7th. Thank you very much Justin Shim for your kind help with the difficult BC PNP process for about two years.
Thanks to Justin, I got my PR smoothly. When I was hesitating to choose bcpnp or eebc(fsw), he recommended me that I should not waste time and grab the chance I could get at that moment. I choose bcpnp and it took only total 14months from the putting to the poll to getting the ecopr. I was very lucky to know Justin and highly recommend him as a great advisor and helper. Also, I really appreciate his immediate replies for all of my questions by emails. All the best to everyone!
Everyone in Canada who thinks of permanent residency knows that this is more important than anything else, and I also had a lot of questions to find a reliable and responsible migration agency. I was worried because I had heard a lot of good / bad stories about other relocation projects here and there from acquaintances. However, thanks to the clean and fast updates from the beginning and end of the permanent residence process, and the accurate and meticulous care of the permanent residence process, the permanent residence was well completed. I was more than just a guest, I was more than happy to take care of the latest information and decided to give a lot of good advice. In spite of my many questions, I think it was a success, thanks to Justin, who gave me a good answer. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for the last one year, keeping tension. I'm already doing well now, but I hope that the word of mouth will go further with the same heart. Permanent Residence and Visa related matters, I hope to be with such honest and responsible people ~~~!
Sujung Lee
i got LMIA and PR with cannest immigration consultant. it was mush faster than my friends who's working with other consultant. they found an easier way on my case and informed me all the details. i've never worried about my visa. the best immigration consultant in canada.
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Immigration News
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