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Review about Cannest

My friend introduced me Jenny and she gave me a lot of detailed information and cared me a lot. I was expecting to get a visa at least 4 months, but after 2 months, the approval letter came out and I was able to proceed more easily than I expected. If you need a visa or immigration consultant, I would love to recommend it
Thanks Justin, For a year, I had have hard time to wait for my PR visa but I can endure the time with your nice consultation and support! I received very professional and quick response when I sent a email with anxiety, so my concerns had gone quickly. Thank you again and I strongly recommend Cannest's service to other people who want to find a good, nice, and professional immigration service.
Byoungjun Chae
Justin; the Immigration consultant helps me through the PR/LMIA process. He is always easy to reach and promptly answers my questions even though my case was complicated. I highly recommend this firm if you are looking for an immigration company.
Yuan Zhao
This is definately the best immigration agency in town! they are very experienced and skillful. Every staff is very polite and treats customers as if their friends or families. I would happily recommend this place to anyone needs immigration consulting!"
Jenny, thanks to Chae-min, I came back to Canada safely! thank you so much!! The atmosphere was so good from the first meeting. I was very thankful to Chaemin for the preparation of documents, mainly while working with jenny. It was a long time visa processing and thank you so much for answering many questions in the middle quickly! I am now receiving LMIA and starting to live in Canada. Thank you again!!
James Oh
I went to another relocation project and it was overturned and rebuilt here. I was very impressed with the required documents and how to prepare the work.
Ritchel Kamkuime Peka
I am incredibly grateful by Justin Shim’s help. He’s always ready to answer all of my questions and very patient. My happiness is beyond 5 STARS for his great service! I highly recommend CanNest Immigration Service.
Yoon Lee
I've done my LMIA with Mia, CanNest Immigration Consulting! She replied to my email as soon as possible. She let me know at once if there is anything I need. No need to worry any more :)
Bradley Yeo
Immigration advisor of CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting 둥지이민컨설팅(캐나다), Justin Shim, is a careful and responsible person who can support your immigration process to achieve your goal in Canada! He is one of the best Immigration advisor among the Korean and Canadian communities. You can expect to have quality service with his dedicated professional work. When I was struggling with a vicious employer during the processing time, he reassured me of the company's monopolization. I sincerely appreciate his time and effort in all of the applications he is in charge of. I would definitely choose him again as my immigration advisor if I had to start this long journey again. Thank you!
Joy J
(Translated by Google) Ahead of the new year, I finally got my green card approved!!!! At first, I didn't know where to start, so I didn't know anything, so I remember the time when I looked for consultations and estimates by comparing here and there. When I was too tired, the last place I checked was nest immigration. I still remember how kindly and step-by-step he gave me advice when I was consulted. There were so many things I didn't know, so I asked a lot of questions, and they answered well. At that time, the Corona virus was so severe that it was not easy to have a face-to-face consultation. The most important thing to me while looking at many places was trust. I thought that I could trust this place and then take responsibility for it the most. In that regard, Attorney Justin was really responsible from the beginning to the end, and he was always very good at answering my questions right away. Another thing that really mattered to me was free communication. Thank you so much for answering me and asking questions first whether on weekdays or weekends. Justin was so nice to me that I was able to relieve my worries and receive my permanent residency in just 8 months. Thank you so much ^^ It feels like I got a big present for the new year haha
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Immigration News
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