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Review about Cannest

Lynn Loo
The team here work round the clock to make sure you have peace of mind no matter what question you have. Was recommended by a friend and would definitely recommend again. I cannot thank Justin and his team enough for their incredible service and dedication."
Tanaporn tanchanapradit
Wonderful, reliable and fast service. My PR application went very smoothly with the help from Justin throughout the process. He was always there to answer any questions until the end, yet I’ve never met him in person because of the pandemic.
Since I first came with my student visa last year, I came through Cannest's nest immigrant, Mia. Before coming to Korea, I was able to contact them well, so I didn't have to worry about it. If I had any necessary documents, they guided and answered me with small questions. I recently had a consultation about my next visa, but I also remembered that they told me what was the best and most convenient way for me. I hope I can continue my visa with Mia without worrying about it. I hope other people besides me are well supported.
Jayden Lee
I highly recommend Cannest ! He was so nice and responsible :) !
Miyuki Matsushima
I worked with Justin for my PGWP. He is very honest and reliable. I highly recommend for anyone to hire him if you need a good immigration agent????
HandSome Matthew Kim
Thank you so much for being so kind and sincere !!
Justin has been my Immigration Consultant since I moved to Canada and I am very pleased with his services. His proffessionalism, diligence, honesty and passion to take excellent care of his clients is exceptional. I would highly recommend to anyone needing Immigration services. I would like to thank you Justin, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family.
Received PGWP in 3 weeks. Most of all, the kind counseling and sincere work were impressive. Even with the cultural system of Canada, I was impressed with the consideration of Korean emotions. In addition, I think that the part that everyone provided promotional discounts during the tough COVID 19 period was the company's meticulous attention to customers. We hope that you will not continue to lose the corporate spirit.
From LMIA visa in 2018 to current green card Justin was very helpful. I have a green card now, and it has helped me prepare well for my current plan in Canada. In fact, visa related situations can be very sensitive Even though there were a lot, I think Justin was very concerned about that. I think the best part was the quick process. From trivial questions to answers Approached meticulously, and the areas of concern I think there was a lot of trust in what you did. Thank you so much! Nest immigration win !!!! ????????‍♀️
Jonghee Lee
I've got a permanent residence through nest immigration. At first, when I was desperate because I thought that the only way to immigrate was express entry, I knew that there were many other ways through consultation with the nest, and recommended a way that suited me so that I could get a green card more easily than I thought. The attorney was very kind and caring so I didn't have to worry about it, and the update was also very fast so I proceeded without any concern.
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Immigration News
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