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Review about Cannest

Since I first came with my student visa last year, I came through Cannest's nest immigrant, Mia. Before coming to Korea, I was able to contact them well, so I didn't have to worry about it. If I had any necessary documents, they guided and answered me with small questions. I recently had a consultation about my next visa, but I also remembered that they told me what was the best and most convenient way for me. I hope I can continue my visa with Mia without worrying about it. I hope other people besides me are well supported.
Ellen J
I went to various immigration projects to find out immigration, but I wasn't convinced that my close acquaintance was a reliable place. The immigration process that I started by telling me that I would only trust Jenny because I explained to me step by step and gave me confidence that I do not know anything about immigration ... Fast and accurate work process, anxiety disappeared, leaving only confidence ^^ Even now, those who came around the same time, I feel sorry for the hard work, and I think it was a very unfortunate thing for me to meet Jenny and Justin Sin. Even now, if you are worried about immigration, I recommend you go from the nest ^^ Jenny's and Justin Sin's always quick and accurate work and meticulous Q & A really make me grateful. If anyone is hesitant to immigrate, I highly recommend you go to Nest Immigration first !!! Fear will turn into conviction ^^
Chunghyun Kim
We did LMIA here. Thank you so much for your prompt processing and response for my questions in late nights and for helping me get a work permit! Thanks to you, I was able to receive it quickly and safely.
(Translated by Google) Thanks to Justin's quick feedback and help in many ways, we proceeded well. Thank you for looking closely at the documents and helping me proceed very smoothly, so I think I got a good result.
Junhyuk Suh
Second review! -Inside spouses invited-- As I got married this time, I worked with Cannest this time for my spouse invitation process as well. At first, when they gave us a guide that it takes about a year in total. getting a working visa takes about three months, and then we get a physical examination about six months later. It's incredibly accurate, and it's done. June 2018 - Prepare and receive documents July 2018 - Receiving reception confirmation call September 2018 - Approving/issuing a working meeting 2109. February - 1. Physical examination request/sent result 2.request addition/sent after preparation 2019. This is how it's been. Even if we didn't ask, they kept following up on our progress so we could wait comfortably. Thank you so much for helping me and my wife make a new journey in Canada. I will continue to support the people who live in the country. Thank you! first review Thank you for answering questions quickly and solving them. And I also liked the fact that you care about my work like it's not someone else's. I'm going to introduce my friends as a migrant worker who can trust them. If you are preparing to immigrate to Canada because you are worried about immigration, I strongly recommend that you get counseling. Thank you. Dongjimin!!!
[Translated by Google] I finally got my pr card. I was introduced to Nest Immigration by an acquaintance and proceeded with Lmia, but despite being from another state, I was always meticulous and meticulous in the paperwork process, so I was approved in a month faster than expected, so I think I was able to get the permanent residency process easily and quickly. Thank you so much to Legal Attorney Justin and the Nest Immigration team who always responded kindly and quickly to many questions :) I strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to those who are immigrating or those who have come to acquire permanent residency!!! Thank you very much for receiving many benefits and always responding kindly. I will definitely use it next time!!!! I hope you prosper more and more ^^
Cody Choi
(by google translate )Thank you for providing such a very satisfying service that I want to hit even 100 more stars. I was always kind, delicate, and immediately informed me of any questions I was able to settle in Vancouver. In this pandemic situation, please keep updating the information that changes frequently, let us know the progress step by step, and finally, even the words of warm encouragement when you acquired the green card, it felt like you were helping not just for customers, but for junior immigrants and younger brothers. It. I wish you more prosperity.
Hyojoo Erica Lee
From working visas to permanent residency, our lawyer has been continuously working hard, so I got my permanent resident card in less than three months. He worked hard for my documents until late, and when I asked a lot of questions, he was kind and always answered any time. If you want to immigrate, we recommend Nest Immigration. My friend and I moved to CanNest Immigration together from another agency, and I made the right choice. After a lot of hard time, I am very happy and thankful that I received my permanent residence permit quickly.
Chloe Mirin Kwon
I was looking for reliable agents who I can trust and they were referred by a friend of mine. I am glad that I was able to find them especially thanks to Cheamin and Jenny, those two have done their best work helping me go through LMIA . I will definitely continue working on PR with them.
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Immigration News
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