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Jonghee Lee
I've got a permanent residence through nest immigration. At first, when I was desperate because I thought that the only way to immigrate was express entry, I knew that there were many other ways through consultation with the nest, and recommended a way that suited me so that I could get a green card more easily than I thought. The attorney was very kind and caring so I didn't have to worry about it, and the update was also very fast so I proceeded without any concern.
Bohye Moon
I am a housewife who has been studying for a year since joining my family with a student visa thanks to a nest immigrant. When I was in Korea, many agents and migrants said that I could not get a student visa, but it was possible because of nest migration consulting. Thanks to the good preparation of the documents, my husband got an open work permit at the airport and all my children were educated free of charge. And after landing, I was able to settle down without any difficulty thanks to the information I provided and helped me out. Thank you so much. And most of the time I contacted Jenny, he was kind to me and actively helped me as a family. And anytime I ask you questions, you gave me fast, clear answers. Fast, accurate, friendly. This is a truly reliable immigration corporation, all three of which are well equipped. It is highly recommended !!!!!!
Highly recommended.I've done my LMIA with them.Mia helped me a lot during the process and always quick response which makes me feel very comfortable.They are nice and friendly.I will do with CanNest immigration consultants again when I apply for PR!!
We were so impressed with the lawyer, Justin who missed his lunch and greeted us with a smile even when we visited without a reservation for the first time. The consultation was so kind and accurate. After that, I visited many times and every time I contacted him by email, I thought it was the place they answered me any time even at night. my friends say that it is hard to find a reliable immigration agency because many immigration only seek for the money. But with Justin's passion and sincere consultation, we are now working with Nest Immigration. Hope Cannest can help as many people as possible like what they do now.
Chloe Mirin Kwon
I was looking for reliable agents who I can trust and they were referred by a friend of mine. I am glad that I was able to find them especially thanks to Cheamin and Jenny, those two have done their best work helping me go through LMIA . I will definitely continue working on PR with them.
Jenny Lee
From LMIA to permanent residency, I have received through nest immigration. JENNY manager's always friendly consultation and quick response was able to proceed without difficulty, and thanks to your careful care and let me know, I was able to trust without worry. If you are worried about relocation, do not hesitate to recommend nesting immigration!
Vancity Kim
I have been thinking a lot about selecting an LMIA company. From the beginning of the LMIA, I almost gave up LMIA due to difficulties at first but they gave a detailed explanation and guidance. Especially thanks to Mia for the quick answers and guidance during the process.
Cindy Choi
My first visit was free, so I first visited around May last year. The memories of the staff were good and the consultation was meticulous. I stayed deep. In November, I had a consultation here and there to apply for LMIA. There's no place like Cannest to give a clear consultation! So Jenny asked LMIA Work permt to proceed. In the midst of a busy time, please carefully tell me how to prepare all kinds of documents, check midway check and progress, This allowed me to get LMIA approval and work permits just ~~~ end sooner than expected. He always kindly informed me of various questions, and he was happy to work as I was informed that I had a work permit ^^ Thank you very much again Jenny!
bong nunu
"Thank you so much for the friendly reply and always quick updates. Worked elsewhere at first, but decided to change the agency to Cannest and got a two year lmia in a month I've been struggling in other places, so I bothered a lot to Cannest. Thank you for your sincere support. Flourish !!! "
We're about to make a landing. I came to Canada on working holiday. LMIA visa was provided by another company. I don't have enough information at the time, but I don't know what's going on.The feedback wasn't good, it was frustrating, and I was anxious. I was informed of the nest emigration while I was saying that I should carefully study and choose from other migrant work. As a result, I've come to trust that Justin is meticulous in managing my case, and so far, I'm taking my friend's case to heart's content. I'm worried that he is working too hard. Late hours, no matter the weekend, give us feedback. I think he understands how frustrating and struggling you are for visa and permanent residency. Of course, he did a good job of how he could cope with my case. That's why I got my green card quickly, and I got over the crisis! I can't recommend that you go to any immigration office easily because each immigration case is different and luck is followed. If you are a resident, I can recommend it. I'm thankful to meet good people. I'm also thankful to be in Cannest because the green card has If you're ever looking at a review, get a consultation first. If you go to counseling, you'll probably believe it!
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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