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Review about Cannest

aldo monsivais
I did my process with CanNest Inmigration a few months ago because my friend gave me good references, the service and attention was very good, my process was easy and fast, I felt very comfortable with them and I also want to do my next process with cannest because I believe in them.
Kuljeet Cheema
Best service, affordable price, work done as soon as possible,
donggi seo
Big thanks to Cannest immigration for helping me out for my PR application. Your constant support throughout out the journey was very helpful. I would highly recommend Cannest immigration as your partner to go through all the difficult but exciting process.
Yubeen Kim
I got my permanent residency just in 2 years after i got here in Canada! Justin was always very helpful and super kind. If you thinking to get pr, definitely go with this agency. Very reasonable price and accurate information all the times. Really awesome experience here. I can't thank you enough. Thank you again for everything!
We're about to make a landing. I came to Canada on working holiday. LMIA visa was provided by another company. I don't have enough information at the time, but I don't know what's going on.The feedback wasn't good, it was frustrating, and I was anxious. I was informed of the nest emigration while I was saying that I should carefully study and choose from other migrant work. As a result, I've come to trust that Justin is meticulous in managing my case, and so far, I'm taking my friend's case to heart's content. I'm worried that he is working too hard. Late hours, no matter the weekend, give us feedback. I think he understands how frustrating and struggling you are for visa and permanent residency. Of course, he did a good job of how he could cope with my case. That's why I got my green card quickly, and I got over the crisis! I can't recommend that you go to any immigration office easily because each immigration case is different and luck is followed. If you are a resident, I can recommend it. I'm thankful to meet good people. I'm also thankful to be in Cannest because the green card has If you're ever looking at a review, get a consultation first. If you go to counseling, you'll probably believe it!
Chunghyun Kim
We did LMIA here. Thank you so much for your prompt processing and response for my questions in late nights and for helping me get a work permit! Thanks to you, I was able to receive it quickly and safely.
Miyuki Matsushima
I worked with Justin for my PGWP. He is very honest and reliable. I highly recommend for anyone to hire him if you need a good immigration agent????
From LMIA visa in 2018 to current green card Justin was very helpful. I have a green card now, and it has helped me prepare well for my current plan in Canada. In fact, visa related situations can be very sensitive Even though there were a lot, I think Justin was very concerned about that. I think the best part was the quick process. From trivial questions to answers Approached meticulously, and the areas of concern I think there was a lot of trust in what you did. Thank you so much! Nest immigration win !!!! ????????‍♀️
m t
If you need some help for your immigration, I highly recommend CaNest! Justin was just awesome!
Highly recommended.I've done my LMIA with them.Mia helped me a lot during the process and always quick response which makes me feel very comfortable.They are nice and friendly.I will do with CanNest immigration consultants again when I apply for PR!!
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Immigration News
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