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Review about Cannest

Peter Khan
Highly satisfied, trustful. They exactly know what they are doing. No more words than acclaiming 'EXCELLENT.'! Jenny, she is a proven consultant. Justin Shim, fast and accurate. Love them all — tons of thanks for their service.
order braveandyoung
In order to proceed with my permanent residency, I visited various agencies and consulted, but I could not find a place that offered counseling as quickly and accurately as the “Cannest”. In particular, I was able to receive a PR approval letter a while ago as a result of the kind and comfortable consultation from CEO Justin and doing my best until the moment I obtained my last permanent residence. I highly recommend Mr. Justin and Immigration Nest, who handled the work quickly and accurately, even in unexpected situations, with excellent ability derived from various experiences in numerous cases. Taking this opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity, once again, I thank you for your long efforts and I hope that you will continue to develop further and become a successful nest immigrant.
Bradley Yeo
Immigration advisor of CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting 둥지이민컨설팅(캐나다), Justin Shim, is a careful and responsible person who can support your immigration process to achieve your goal in Canada! He is one of the best Immigration advisor among the Korean and Canadian communities. You can expect to have quality service with his dedicated professional work. When I was struggling with a vicious employer during the processing time, he reassured me of the company's monopolization. I sincerely appreciate his time and effort in all of the applications he is in charge of. I would definitely choose him again as my immigration advisor if I had to start this long journey again. Thank you!
Dayun Kang
The speed of the documents is very satisfactory ... The price is also very satisfactory, and Mia's ten days. Mia is love. Mia is the Best!
M. Park
Jenny Manager and Justin Justice took care of it. Even if I contact them in Korea, they reply right away! Thank you very much And they update me every progress right away It was so good! I have arrived in Canada now Thank you again!
John Shin
When I was working with the other agency with my work permit, I had to pay more money than I did twice because they did not work well. So, I changed to Cannest emigration. It's too much of a comparison. It's really fast. It's like it's going on. He's very kind and good at counseling. It took 2 1/2 to 3 months from application to online approval due to EE - sec progress. I think it'll be a long time to talk about the process. Anyway, I thought I might not have gotten it if I had been with other companies. Highly recommend Cannest!
Hyejin Kwon
As I prepared for immigration to Canada, I went to various agencies and consulted. Cannest explained me everything in detail in easy way so I chose Canest. Whenever I have questions during the preparation of immigration documents, I seemed to be able to prepare well by answering them right away, and most of all, I checked the documents carefully so that the green card approval did not come out quickly. It was nice to see you move your office to a bigger and better place, and I think it will be better in the future! Thank you to Justice Justice and Canest staff for your help:)
farnoosh shahbazi
I worked with Justin that he is really professional and patient to achieve my goals in immigration. Also cannest consulting staff are friendly and response our email quickly and clear. Justin always help us in different situations and give us the best solution for overcome the barriers that we face in our path. So I really appreciate Justin and his staff. Also I highly recommended cannest immigration consulting for immigration issues.
Hongyun Cho
We give 5 stars to nest immigration! The staff is also very kind and especially thank you to Immigration Attorney Justin Shim, who responded quickly whenever I had any questions. I have an urgent job even on weekends or at night, so whenever I ask questions, they always respond kindly, which relieved a lot of my anxiety and helped me a lot. If you are thinking about selecting a company due to visa or permanent residency, we highly recommend Nesty Immigration. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in the future. ^^
Subi Kim
Even though I wasn't their client, they always answered my questions quickly and kindly. They really cared about my case and gave me helpful advices.
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Immigration News
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