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Review about Cannest

Lucero Pocket
I had a great experience in Cannest. Justin helped me to get my work permit; the process was as fast as it could be and great price. I had a previous experience in a different office where they just took my money and waste my time; but i totally recommend Cannest service.
Natalie Oh
I've always appreciated your kind advice and your quick and detailed answers.~~ He worked until late in the evening on weekdays and worked hard without any holidays on weekends. I think my green card came out fast!! We guarantee fast and accurate service that's so different from other AGs!! If you don't want to wait, be sure to do it here
Eunji Oh
First of all the staff are very friendly! When I contacted them by katok or e-mail, they answered quickly every time. they explained me very kindly with my all questions in detail. If you are worried about LMIA or visa issues, please visit Cannest!
[Translated by Google] EE conducted Tech PNP, PR After receiving the PNP, I put in the PR documents and was approved in 6 months. Currently the portal is waiting for eCOPR after photo upload. Justin always responded kindly and quickly to every question. Work is fast and accurate highly recommend!
Jay Kim
[Translated by Google] I will leave a review after obtaining permanent residency. It was not an easy process, and it was a rough process due to the Corona crisis in the middle. At first, I contacted several migrant construction companies, and after consultation, I decided to do nest immigration consulting, and I was able to obtain permanent residency after listening to the new law teacher so far. There were so many variables in the process of obtaining permanent residency, so I always decided to do so, but thanks to the new law teacher who delivered the latest information the fastest, I was able to obtain permanent residency relatively easily. I highly recommend it to those who are preparing for permanent residency. Also, I would like to say thank you to Jenny. Thank you so much. Thank you for your hard work~~~
I was surprised by the kind and quick response and response until I got my permanent resident card. thank you
shawkatur rahman
Because of the Medical Reason, my Express entry file was extremely complicated. IRCC repeatedly inquired about follow-ups. I was worried because my work permit was also about to expire, but Justin from "CanNest Immigration" was always available to assist me. Throughout, Justin remained calm and competent. Thank you, Justin, finally got my PR. If you have any immigration needs, I would recommend Justin Shim.
Sunyoung Kim
[Translated by Google] I converted my certificate to ECE and received my green card one year after applying for it. When I first converted my certification, I had no idea what was going on, but with the guidance of a friendly staff member, I was able to proceed smoothly without any difficulties. (I won't reveal my name, but I'm so grateful =) ) Above all, I applied for permanent residency and communicated with a legal attorney. When I emailed anything I had questions or wanted to know, he responded in real time, so I came this far without a single feeling of frustration. The lawyer said to me, who was anxious and worried about purchasing the card, “I will give you a PR card in your hand within the year,” and although I didn’t believe it 100% (but it really came out?!?!?!), those words alone were very reassuring and gave me strength. Thank you so much to the caring attorney and to all the Nest staff who helped us from the initial consultation to the LMIA!!
Chieh An “JP” Lee
I got my LMIA. Best service I’ve ever had. Fast responding with professional answers. Highly recommend Justin and Jin Na.
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Immigration News
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