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Mohamad Shahbazi
This company is amazing. We specifically worked with Justin Shim who was very knowledgeable , patient and always available for our questions. I highly recommend this company and Justin if you are looking for a peaceful immigration process.
Hayley Lee
Mia was in charge, but I was really grateful for the sponsor matching, and I was approved for the Lmia visa in a month even after the vacation period. I have chosen because it has a lot of experience and know-how.
I am so grateful that you are doing well from start to finish cheaper than others and so kindly !! When I got a working visa and consulted with a permanent resident, I was scarred because of the annoying expression on the other side. I thought that I was able to make good progress on my second visit to the nest. Thank you!!
We're about to make a landing. I came to Canada on working holiday. LMIA visa was provided by another company. I don't have enough information at the time, but I don't know what's going on.The feedback wasn't good, it was frustrating, and I was anxious. I was informed of the nest emigration while I was saying that I should carefully study and choose from other migrant work. As a result, I've come to trust that Justin is meticulous in managing my case, and so far, I'm taking my friend's case to heart's content. I'm worried that he is working too hard. Late hours, no matter the weekend, give us feedback. I think he understands how frustrating and struggling you are for visa and permanent residency. Of course, he did a good job of how he could cope with my case. That's why I got my green card quickly, and I got over the crisis! I can't recommend that you go to any immigration office easily because each immigration case is different and luck is followed. If you are a resident, I can recommend it. I'm thankful to meet good people. I'm also thankful to be in Cannest because the green card has If you're ever looking at a review, get a consultation first. If you go to counseling, you'll probably believe it!
Camille Sario
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration! Justin was my agent and I can say that he’s very knowledgable and professional. If you need help with your LMIA or Permanent Residency, you should definitely go for this agency.
My friend introduced me Jenny and she gave me a lot of detailed information and cared me a lot. I was expecting to get a visa at least 4 months, but after 2 months, the approval letter came out and I was able to proceed more easily than I expected. If you need a visa or immigration consultant, I would love to recommend it
Yuan Zhao
This is definately the best immigration agency in town! they are very experienced and skillful. Every staff is very polite and treats customers as if their friends or families. I would happily recommend this place to anyone needs immigration consulting!"
Peter Khan
Highly satisfied, trustful. They exactly know what they are doing. No more words than acclaiming 'EXCELLENT.'! Jenny, she is a proven consultant. Justin Shim, fast and accurate. Love them all — tons of thanks for their service.
Dayun Kang
The speed of the documents is very satisfactory ... The price is also very satisfactory, and Mia's ten days. Mia is love. Mia is the Best!
Cannest provides the very best services in town. Justin is very professional, helpful and always brings the best out of a complicated situation, couldn’t recommend anyone else!"
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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