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Maggie LIN
Justin is a responsible and professional.If I don't understand,he will be patient and explain until I understand.Finally,I got 2 years work permit successfully.If I need to apply PR,I will choose Justin for help. Everyone wants to apply visa, I recommend it"
Sangjoon Bae
[Translated by Google] I am very satisfied with all my Canadian immigration matters with Nest Immigration, from my first consultation in 2019, to my Warhol, to my permanent residency. I tried to start with Nestle Immigration from my first arrival in Canada, but it was not easy due to the characteristics of LMIA, and I think that if I had started with Nestle Immigration at that time, I would have avoided the difficulties. I think that the growth of Nestle Immigration from a small office at that time to now is all the credit of the employees who work sincerely. In my case, I was deported from the border due to very immature and irresponsible handling of my case by K&K Immigration and a Canadian lawyer (Linda Mark), and my first green card invitation was also rejected. I am so happy that I was able to successfully obtain my green card and permanent residency after a very difficult time. I don't know all the immigration corporations and other professional lawyers, but I dare say that you are the best immigration service professional in Vancouver. I was really impressed that you always responded with quick and accurate answers, especially when it came to time-sensitive matters, and even answered outside of business hours. Thank you again to all the nests for handling the whole process so meticulously and quickly, and may you prosper!
Camille Sario
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration! Justin was my agent and I can say that he’s very knowledgable and professional. If you need help with your LMIA or Permanent Residency, you should definitely go for this agency.
Hyesoo Seong
[Translated by Google] I finally got my permanent residency!!!!!!!!!!! I was worried about the agency, but I ended up working with Nest, but they were so kind and accurate, gave me information, and were really honest in the counseling section, giving me detailed consulting that suited me, so I proceeded with a strong heart! I don't have many places to rely on after coming to Canada, but I think it would have been too difficult if I had applied for permanent residency alone while working. While working with Nest, they firmly grasped the areas I missed or found difficult, and I had many questions regarding government update news and documents. Thank you so much
We're about to make a landing. I came to Canada on working holiday. LMIA visa was provided by another company. I don't have enough information at the time, but I don't know what's going on.The feedback wasn't good, it was frustrating, and I was anxious. I was informed of the nest emigration while I was saying that I should carefully study and choose from other migrant work. As a result, I've come to trust that Justin is meticulous in managing my case, and so far, I'm taking my friend's case to heart's content. I'm worried that he is working too hard. Late hours, no matter the weekend, give us feedback. I think he understands how frustrating and struggling you are for visa and permanent residency. Of course, he did a good job of how he could cope with my case. That's why I got my green card quickly, and I got over the crisis! I can't recommend that you go to any immigration office easily because each immigration case is different and luck is followed. If you are a resident, I can recommend it. I'm thankful to meet good people. I'm also thankful to be in Cannest because the green card has If you're ever looking at a review, get a consultation first. If you go to counseling, you'll probably believe it!
[Translated by Google] Please prepare thoroughly, answer questions quickly anytime, and have a lot of know-how, so I got a lot of help Kindness is basic and I highly recommend it to those who are preparing to immigrate to Canada^^ I thought it would take a long time to approve permanent residency, but I think it was all thanks to nest immigration that got approved earlier than I thought. Thank you
Ahreum Kim
[Transalted by Google] I consulted several questions about PGWP, but there was no place that explained it in detail as kindly as here. Other places told them unfriendly and insincerely if they didn't have money. It was a short consultation, but it was so impressive that I thought I could trust this place and proceed with permanent residency.
Highly recommended.I've done my LMIA with them.Mia helped me a lot during the process and always quick response which makes me feel very comfortable.They are nice and friendly.I will do with CanNest immigration consultants again when I apply for PR!!
Yeamin Chang
I was in LMIA with a Chinese lawyer and had a trouble with him at that time. I was in a hurry and contacted Cannest late at night and made a reservation, but he was so calm and meticulous that I could get a visa without a problem! I haven't had a visa and I'm already at Working holiday visa, so I'm always anxious. :) Thank you very much Jenny and Chaemin! I will be in the nest later! Strongly recommended!
Narae Kim
Highly recommended! Justin always replied quickly and helped me. I had so many questions, but he always solved my questions right away. It's the best immigration consulting!
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Immigration News
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