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Camille Sario
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration! Justin was my agent and I can say that he’s very knowledgable and professional. If you need help with your LMIA or Permanent Residency, you should definitely go for this agency.
Dayun Kang
The speed of the documents is very satisfactory ... The price is also very satisfactory, and Mia's ten days. Mia is love. Mia is the Best!
John Shin
When I was working with the other agency with my work permit, I had to pay more money than I did twice because they did not work well. So, I changed to Cannest emigration. It's too much of a comparison. It's really fast. It's like it's going on. He's very kind and good at counseling. It took 2 1/2 to 3 months from application to online approval due to EE - sec progress. I think it'll be a long time to talk about the process. Anyway, I thought I might not have gotten it if I had been with other companies. Highly recommend Cannest!
I'd like to thank you and leave a comment. CanNest Migrant Corporation is the place where my wife received her green card two years ago. This is a case where I landed at 2019.10.11 Vancouver as a spousal sponsorship. The most important thing that I thought was the attitude of staff in agency. There are so many migrant workers who only look at people, customers as money, than you think. But you'll find out if you consult that CanNest is different. When I first consulted with the attorney general, I felt more relaxed than I thought. He made me feel at home and knew exactly how to immigrate. I mainly used e-mail rather than talking on the phone. Because I thought it would be better to leave it on record and check it again rather than call it and forget it. His email reply was very fast and accurate. If you do as you are told, I think you will get the results you want without too much trouble. Permanent residency is a tough fight that takes both money and time. There will be a big difference between what's next to what's next to a strong helper and what's not there. Please think carefully and get counseling here and there before making your decision. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the CanNest's attorney and staff for bringing me results that I am pleased with, and I hope you will continue to make good results for many people who need help without losing your first mind. Thank you.
Jenny Yoo
We did LMIA + EE~ The staff, Justin, and Jenny manager really cared about it from the beginning to the end. They kept answering questions all the questions until the weekend. I wonder if there's a place where you really care about customers If you're considering an immigrant permanent residency visa, trust it in your nest.
Jn Yu
I applied for a student visa and got a permit in almost a week. I am very happy to receive this soon and write a review to recommend to the visa holders. I changed the immigration agency to a nesting immigration. The other one made me confused from the document preparation stage, and it was expensive. Even though I had a lot of questions and bothered aloth to the staff because I was worried that my visa would be rejected. But the staff, MIA of Nest Immigration always answered me quickly and accurately. Once the visa was rejected, there was a high chance that it would be rejected. In the future, I will proceed both working visas and permanent residence with Cannest. The cost is cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly, the professional work ability and belief of dual construction is the best. Thank you Mia!
Sangwan Kim
This is a trustworthy company that always consults in detail and takes care of the necessary details.
sinae kim
After the first consultation with Mia, I got a job offer. Thank you for your quick work, LMIA came out quickly. They answered me very quickly with any questions. Thanks to him, I got a work permit smoothly. Thank you very much :) Nest is the best
They are very organized and work with passion. Always inform me every single detail through either email or face to face and are very kind and considerate. I’ve never worried or questioned their skills since they do everything perfect for me!"
My friend consulted in several places and chose a nest immigration, and he recommended it to me. Mia was in charge of the immigration. She was so nice and replied me very quickly in any questions and gave me detailed instructions. I think it was more than 100 emails we had. It would have been nicer if I knew the nest immigration just five years earlier. Nest Immigration thrive!
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