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[Translated by Google] Thank you very, very, very much to Justin Shim. You are a well-rounded specimen (well, neatly and sensibly), look at each one first, and, unlike other places, it is a thousand times different from places that make you wait and email first. Spending on this ⭐️I didn't even think it was a waste of money, but rather, I was sorry for helping you so hard. I'm so grateful that I'm in a very good mood right now❤️❤️❤️ I'm really happy. Wishing Justin-nim a splendid promotion, I would like to express my gratitude for the small review❤️❤️ I wish you a professional Cannest and a choice without regrets ❤️❤️❤️ Wow! cool! yes ! i love you !!!! ❤️⭐️❤️
Kim Hyesoo
[Translated by Google] I did everything from LMIA visa to permanent residency here. Thanks to Justice Justin's care, it took me a little more than a year, but I recently received a green card without any problems! Whenever I asked anything I was curious about, he kindly answered and continued to follow me! Thank you again!
Ministove Kim
[Translated by Google] I received mixed matching through the nest and work permit through LMIA. Thankfully, I started a new life in Canada with the pleasure of connecting you to such a good job. I was in a tight time because of my child's school, but it was great that you understood my position and proceeded quickly so that there was no problem. Above all, I was touched by your deep sympathy and effort to solve it quickly whenever I was in trouble. In my case, I still get counseling whenever I have difficulties, but I think I'm a reliable friend because you always kindly counsel me.
Before coming to Canada, I checked and decided a lot! To get to Canada from Korea to get a visa, they took care of all the documents, and my consultant, Jenny, is very kind to me. She explained me everything in detail. It is a great help to me as I believe in nesting immigration and am now heading toward permanent residence. If you are thinking of immigration, I highly recommend it.
Shelly Yang
I’m so happy to have Justin from CanNest to help me for my LMIA work permit and immigration paperwork. Justin is a very nice, patient and professional person who can help me with my paperwork and answer lots of questions. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He can find out more information and he’s very passionate about his job. I’m working with him for two years, and I really appreciate and grateful to him for his efforts to get me permanent residence. It is a very nice experience with Justin. He is the best
Mark Kevin Evangelista
I’ve worked with Justin from getting my LMIA to getting my PR! He is very responsive in all my questions and felt really secure that they really know what they’re doing!! I’m glad I chose them in my immigration journey!
While considering immigration to Canada, I consulted with nest immigration and proceeded with confidence. Unlike anywhere else, they ask reasonable fee with a definite plan. I apply for lmia in three weeks and now my family is living in Canada. Thank you very much Jenny, who cares not only about visas but also overall life, and also plans future permanent residence plans. ^^
The firm is the most reliable company in Vancouver, and the boss is a Korean, beautiful, enthusiastic, and most importantly, the most important thing is that all visa issuance jobs have responsibilities, fast and fast.
Bee Ah Kim
I received my PR lately through cannest immigration. They show me the fastest way to receive PR, so I received PR only in 1 year. You can always get answer for your questions so fast. They are very professional and always ready to help customers. I highly recommend cannest immigration if you want to get any visa related services. Thank you again for helping me.
[Translated by Google] First of all, I would like to say thank you. I have been in the process of AIPP since 2019, which is the fastest among immigration categories. After 3 years of not being contacted, I stumbled upon the Nest Immigration by chance, and that became an opportunity to change my life. Even late at night and on weekends, work was always quick and accurate with quick feedback. With clear answers and quick responses to various concerns and problems, I finally received the long-awaited news of green card approval today. Thank you very much.
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Immigration News
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