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seohui park
Five years after coming to Canada, I finally got approval for permanent residence!! I wouldn't have been able to get my green card without Jenny, the lawyer of Cannest. I would like to say thank you so much. When I first came to Canada with a working holiday visa, I didn't know anything, so I had a lot of trouble after hearing the wrong information at a language school agent. But after consulting Jenny for the first time, all my worries disappeared. With my long experience and know-how, I think I was able to obtain a green card in a short time without wasting time and wasting money by presenting a realistic method that fits my situation. From LMIA to EE, Jenny and Justin attorneys were so meticulous and fast that I had nothing to worry about. I was so quick to answer questions, and I saw you replying right away until late in the morning, so I wondered when the hell would you be resting. Thank you very much for helping me so hard Looking back now, I really felt that there was a lot to prepare for a permanent residence application, a lot to know, and because the situation is different for each individual, the help of experienced experts is desperately needed. And, while Jenny and Justin of the nest immigrants are also capable, I feel that they sincerely helped and worked hard for my green card. I really want to highly recommend nest immigration to my acquaintances~
rina yamashita
I finally got my PR with support from Justin and CanNest. Justin is very professional, reliable, trustworthy and always gets work done fast. Whenever I had any questions, he answered me right away so I had no worries. I’m truly grateful for his support and happy that I finally got PR even during this pandemic.
rie kikuoka
I was working on my PR application with Justin here CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting for over one year with huge range of his knowledge and skills. It was not only assuring us to have my application succeeded, but also making us comfort or feel relieved by his advice and accurate responses. I am sure to say that It really worth it.
I was able to get a working visa with Lmia quickly and safely in the midst of a visa situation with Cannest. Honestly, visa matters are very important, but they are full of complicated and difficult parts. I've been to a lot of counseling here and there, and I think it's one of the few honest and honest relocation works! I hope many of you know the nest migration work that I always recommend to my friends and acquaintances.
Jason Jin
Whoever hesitate to select an agency or even think about to immigrate to Canada, just go with CanNest. You will achieve whatever you think
Another immigration agency in Canada processed my permanent resident status and my application for permanent resident entered without proper check and documentation. At the time of consultation, I believed that it was a migratory construction that analyzed more professionally than any other migrant construction. When I was denied and frustrated, I was introduced to nest immigration through acquaintances and consulted once. During the consultation, I showed the possibility of reapplying immigration, and I proceeded with the details of how to proceed and the estimated time. I was cautious because I had been relocated to another country before, but still gave me enough trust to trust and reapply for permanent residence. Unlike previous migrations, Nest Immigration has updated and explained all the procedures one by one. Whenever I was in anxiety, I went to the office and consulted. I applied for permanent residence within five months of applying, and thanks to nest immigration, I was able to settle with my family in Canada. My life changed through nest immigration and I am so grateful. Nest immigration can be trusted. I really recommend it and I will tell you again. Those who have been to other relocation projects will be satisfied with nesting immigration. It is a highly recommended migration work. Thank you so much.
Daniel Y
Nest Immigration is your best choice !! I have been granted permanent residence here. Thank you everyone, Jenny Manager and J. Justin, for helping us to guide you in every situation, even if it was a complicated case due to visa and tuberculosis problems. I have been consulted by more than 10 immigration consulting firms, some of them only reveal money and even do not know the latest immigration laws, or only represent them at business locations. You set the right direction for the situation. Thank you again ^^
From LMIA visa in 2018 to current green card Justin was very helpful. I have a green card now, and it has helped me prepare well for my current plan in Canada. In fact, visa related situations can be very sensitive Even though there were a lot, I think Justin was very concerned about that. I think the best part was the quick process. From trivial questions to answers Approached meticulously, and the areas of concern I think there was a lot of trust in what you did. Thank you so much! Nest immigration win !!!! ????????‍♀️
Kaho Doi
The best service ever! Their expressions are clearly and understandable. Really quick reply and polite. Highly recommended!
Stepanka Silna
Justin and his team are amazing and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs help with any kind of visa for Canada. Justin is very professional, he knows what he's doing and always finds the solution. The communication with him is easy, immediate and clear, he's always available and ready to answer any kind of question. In addition, he's extremely nice and the office location is very convenient. I am really happy to choose Cannest to support me in my PR process!"
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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