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Koangjung Kim
Thanks to this, I was able to get a quick green card. Thank you, Judge Justin and Jenny, who have helped me a lot.
I spent two years in Nest Immigration, from the LMIA visa to the green card landing. As a result, the landing was well done and thank the nesting staff for their support. In the middle of the process, I was annoyed with a frustrating question, and Justin Justice always explained all the progress well and gave me a quick job. Nest immigration will make Canadian life new Thank you very much! Keep Thriving :)
I did both LMIA and green card at Nest Immigration. For almost two years, he worked with me as if it were my family. I refused my visa once, but I finally got it because I was responsible and finished it. At first, I found out that there are a lot of places that call exorbitantly expensive prices and I have a lot of irresponsibly proceedings. Permanent residency is a life work that involves my time, money, and physical strength. I think it's important to find a reliable place. I didn't write a review, but I've been so grateful for that, so I want to do anything. Thank you, Justin, and Jenny. Boyoung too !!! I hope you thrive.
Soo C
I really appreciate Cannest and Justin. They suggested the best way that I can get PR. As I am in my 40s, many other immigration consultants did not consider different ways. Justin gave me the possibility and he kindly responded to any inquiries I had as well.
Ha Juri
Permanent residence is in progress. I was recommended by a friend and they are kind. They give me update very fast and even on weekends and it was thankful for me who do not have on weekdays . Most of all, they encouraged me every time I went to counseling.
캐나다 알렉스
Last week, I received my green card with EEBC. It was a tricky case of preparing a green card with a co-op visa (I have no Canadian experience, and I have a short visa), but I was able to proceed with my green card as you told me at the first consultation. There was no delay as you carefully informed us of what you need to prepare for each step, including state approval, visa extension, physical examination, and criminal records. In addition, if I asked about the progress or inquiries by e-mail, I was able to respond really quickly and relieve my impatience. Looking at the mail box, the e-mails exchanged and received while preparing for a green card are tremendous. Thank you for helping me immigrate.
제제팸JJ Fam
I was asking couple of questions through e-mail overseas from Guam to CanNest. Very helpful. My family and I got through A huge thank to Mia.
Bohye Moon
I am a housewife who has been studying for a year since joining my family with a student visa thanks to a nest immigrant. When I was in Korea, many agents and migrants said that I could not get a student visa, but it was possible because of nest migration consulting. Thanks to the good preparation of the documents, my husband got an open work permit at the airport and all my children were educated free of charge. And after landing, I was able to settle down without any difficulty thanks to the information I provided and helped me out. Thank you so much. And most of the time I contacted Jenny, he was kind to me and actively helped me as a family. And anytime I ask you questions, you gave me fast, clear answers. Fast, accurate, friendly. This is a truly reliable immigration corporation, all three of which are well equipped. It is highly recommended !!!!!!
Jenny, thanks to Chae-min, I came back to Canada safely! thank you so much!! The atmosphere was so good from the first meeting. I was very thankful to Chaemin for the preparation of documents, mainly while working with jenny. It was a long time visa processing and thank you so much for answering many questions in the middle quickly! I am now receiving LMIA and starting to live in Canada. Thank you again!!
Hansol Kim
Since September last year, I have been asking Mia from my nest immigrant since my boyfriend's green card. My plan was meticulously designed so that my boyfriend also received a permanent residence invitation within two months of putting in the documents, and I asked for a student visa this time. I got my student visa at high speed in a week after entering Japan. We also visited for the first time as an acquaintance, but when we listened from the neighborhood, everyone told us that they received their permanent residence fee as soon as possible. I will go ahead with my permanent resident here.
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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