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Jisoo Hyun
When I first met another immigration worker and immigrated, I had many difficulties. First, I did not get in touch with you. Lastly, I wanted to talk about my appointment, and I was busy. I refrained from making an appointment with me and eventually refused to immigrate. There is also a small immigration corporation, and I was confident that I was a professional immigration expert and another immigration specialist who was analyzing professionally. I was so tough and frustrated that I was going to return to Korea. At that time, I went to the nest through my acquaintance and asked me to do a case consultation. At the nest, I was able to analyze my case once more through a joint meeting with the attorney general and the chief, and informed me of the possibility of applying for immigration. I had already been in a lot of other immigration corporations, so I decided to go back once again, believing in the lawyer and the chief, Unlike the existing migration company, the nest is very well received and busy, so even if you do not receive the call right away, you have received the phone email at any time of the day or night. Also, I would like to update my progress on the situation immediately. Thank you for being so kind and accurate. I am glad that I received the residence permit when I applied for it again, and I got the approval because it was really solid and solid, although there were twists and turns due to the first reason for rejection. Thank you very much. I felt once again that life has changed because of the nest and the choice of the relocation is important. Of course, there may be differences for everybody, but I would like to recommend nest migration.
Joohwan Jang
I really recommend it! I had a consultation today, and I had several consultations, but she was very kind and gave me a good direction on which direction to go! I've all relieved my worries now!
Jisu Choi
My long journey for immigration was finally done as I landed at the border a couple of days ago. I have done my work permit and PR with CanNest. Even though the whole process has not been easy, CanNest helped me to finish it successfully. If I had any questions and concerns, they gave me feedback by email and phone calls right away. I trusted them in the sense that their work were fast and accurate manner. They are quite reliable and professional.
Another immigration agency in Canada processed my permanent resident status and my application for permanent resident entered without proper check and documentation. At the time of consultation, I believed that it was a migratory construction that analyzed more professionally than any other migrant construction. When I was denied and frustrated, I was introduced to nest immigration through acquaintances and consulted once. During the consultation, I showed the possibility of reapplying immigration, and I proceeded with the details of how to proceed and the estimated time. I was cautious because I had been relocated to another country before, but still gave me enough trust to trust and reapply for permanent residence. Unlike previous migrations, Nest Immigration has updated and explained all the procedures one by one. Whenever I was in anxiety, I went to the office and consulted. I applied for permanent residence within five months of applying, and thanks to nest immigration, I was able to settle with my family in Canada. My life changed through nest immigration and I am so grateful. Nest immigration can be trusted. I really recommend it and I will tell you again. Those who have been to other relocation projects will be satisfied with nesting immigration. It is a highly recommended migration work. Thank you so much.
Kukhwan shin
Hi. I would like to recommend this migration to others. Right now I'm waiting for the landing paper. Thank you for being so kind, Nest Immigration. They did great job without any problems. they explains based on exact facts. Jenny and Justin encourage me every time I talk. In fact, you are physically and mentally having a hard time until you get PR. They helped me emotionally. I think this will be helpful for many people who is looking for a reliable company !! I like it !! I wished I knew Cannest a little earlier. Thank you for reading the long article
h an
They are more than AWESOME! Even though I contact and bother them a lot, they are always kind and try to give me clear answers that feel me better all the times. I got the PR in 6 months with all of their care. Thank you so much Justin Shim.
Chloe Kim
I did the green card proceeding to Justin. I had two weeks left on my visa, and a former immigration consultant didn't work very well (it takes two months before I even applied for it), so I was really in a hurry looking for another company that could do it the fastest, and I found cannest. He really kindly informs me of the parts that need to be revised, and he finished my documents in 3-5 days. I got a lot of stress because my visa was very short, but please process it very quickly, and visa approval is usually 1 It took a year, but I was informed that the request for approval was received in 9 months without any problem. Please keep informed of the progress by e-mail and phone calls, and I will recommend all my friends here!! Be sure to do it here. You are so good and good people!!!!
Jinseok Choi
They are very good at answering questions anytime. also so kind, especially Jenny is the best. I would strongly recommend this consultant.
marseda njehrrena
Very professional and very kind. they were very timely in resolving all the problems with the documentation. Thanks CanNest (Original) Molto professionali e gentilissimi. sono stati molto tempestivi nel risolvere tutti i problemi con la documentazione. Grazie CanNest
Dayun Kang
The speed of the documents is very satisfactory ... The price is also very satisfactory, and Mia's ten days. Mia is love. Mia is the Best!
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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