There have been a total of six Express Entry selections until April 16 since the entry into Canada on March 18. A total of six starts in about 29 days were the shortest since Express Entry was created in 2015. On April 9, there were two starts on the same day, and from April 9 to April 16, there were four starts in a week. Recently, due to such an unconventional selection, EE's starting score dropped from 470 to 455.

If you take a closer look at these selections, there is a difference from the ones previously announced. Only CEC was selected for the selection on March 23, April 9, and April 16, and only EE was selected through PNP for the selection on March 18, April 9, and April 15. In other words, if you look at the existing selections, the selection of CEC (experience immigration), FSW (technical migration), and PNP (state immigration) were always made at the same time, but since March 18, CEC and PNP selection have been held separately, and there has been no FSW selection for a month.

We can see why we're suddenly so focused on the selection and the CEC selection, but the biggest impact is COVID-19 (Chorona virus. The CEC was implemented in 2008 to encourage foreign students and foreign workers to have permanent residency, and the number of international students and workers has increased exponentially since then. As a result, I received more permanent residency and contributed greatly to the economic growth of Canada.

CEC basically requires a year of experience in Canada, and most CEC applicants already live and work in Canada while applying. Therefore, CEC selection is focused on CEC selection rather than FSW selection because CEC applicants are considered to be less exposed to the risk of COVID-19 than FSW applicants who are relatively overseas or who have a short time to enter Canada. As such, Canada has already settled in Canada and is encouraging the immigration of applicants who are less exposed to COVID-19. It aims to attract more permanent residents and revive the sluggish economy with COVID-19.

The expected economic growth in Canada due to CEC is highly regarded. Basically, in order to obtain permanent residency, we need young age, high education, high language skills, Canadian experience, and overseas experience, because by providing permanent residency to these applicants, we can make economic progress through skilled, young workers who already work in Canada.

But in Canada, CEC is not the only program, so when the overall immigration score is falling, you have to consider how to obtain the right permanent residency through other immigration methods such as PNP. There are not only EE immigration methods, but there are many immigration methods such as PNP, AINP, and RNIP, so I hope you find out more about them and proceed.