On April 16, he was selected as Express Entry with 455 points, the lowest score of 2020. Express Entry, which had maintained 470 points since November 2019, was finally selected as 467 points when the 470-point wall collapsed on March 23, 2020. Since then, the score has been lowered for each selection, resulting in 464 points for the April 9 start and 455 points for the April 16 start. In about three weeks, the Express Entry score was down by 15 points, giving many Express Entry waiters hope and unexpected selection.

There are three main reasons for this sudden drop in Express Entry scores.

The first main reason is periodic selection. Looking at the three recent starts, there were starts on March 23, April 9, and April 16, and there were just two weeks, and just another in a week. Decreased points by advancing the time frame for Express Entry, which is selected at an average interval of two weeks and three weeks at the longest.

The second reason is a subdivided selection of Express Entry. The commonly known Express Entry selection is for EE programs except EE-CEC, EE-FSW, and EE-PNP's EE-FST, but only EE-CEC and EE-PNP have been selected since March 23rd. While the selection type was reduced from three to two, the EE score was lowered because the number of starters remained at 3,900. Of course, it's not good news for EE-FSW applicants because there hasn't been a selection of EE-FSW for a month. CEC is an immigration law that requires a one-year career in Canada, and FSW is an immigration program that can be applied overseas without a one-year career in Canada. Therefore, FSW applicants who are not currently in Canada due to the recent COVID-19 or who can apply without Canadian experience may not be selected for the time being due to this COVID-19.

Finally, it is affected by corona. The public expected that Corona would make immigration more difficult, but it would actually benefit applicants who have already registered for EE Pool. Additional EE competitors have noticeably decreased. Academic certification and English test are required for EE registration, but academic certification and English test have been suspended due to Corona. Therefore, applicants who have already prepared for academic certification and English test can wait for their scores to be lowered after registering EE, but applicants who have not prepared yet have to wait until Corona is calm. Therefore, EE, which is a relative evaluation, is getting lower scores as the competition decreases.

We have already selected 30,400 people in 2020, compared to the expected decrease in immigration due to Corona. Compared to a total of 85,300 people selected in 2019, if selected at this rate, it is expected to issue more than 90,000 selection rights in 2020. The government believes attracting new immigrants is a must to revive the economy affected by the COVID-19. The government's previous goal of reviving the Canadian economy by attracting more immigrants is expected to focus on attracting more and more immigrants.

You're going through a tough time with COVID-19, but I hope you don't miss the immigration score that's going down this time, as we say crisis is an opportunity.