Recently, the CORONA virus (COVID-19) has caused Canada's Immigration Bureau to announce new policies day after day, delay progress, or temporarily suspend some progress. The implementation of Agri-Food Imigration, which was expected to come out earlier this year, has been delayed, and many permits applications have been delayed due to the closure of most Biometrical Centre. On top of that, on March 30th, BCPNP announced that it would temporarily not provide the Invitation to some occupations.

A total of 14 jobs were temporarily excluded from the selection, including food, retail, tourism, and lodging.
as you can see from the excluded occupations

Retail and Wholesale trade manager,
restaurant and food service managers,
agreement service managers,
Managers in customer and personal services,
n.e.c., administrative officer,
an administrative objective,
mass terapists,
return sales supervisors,
food service supervisor,
accommodation, travel,
tourism and related services services, etc.
Chefs, cooks, hair stylists and barbers

It is feared that most of the jobs will be directly damaged because many Koreans are engaged in them.

The reason for this BCPNP action is that many businesses across Canada have reduced service, laid off employees, and, in some cases, closed down, but among them, the above industries have been more affected than other industries, and the nature of this industry has made employment unstable.

Applicants who have already been selected for BCPNP or who are preparing documents or waiting for federal results as Nominees will not be eligible, but who have already applied for BCPNP documents or received an Invitation will not have to worry about this announcement.

The excluded jobs were applied from the selection on March 30th, and it is uncertain how much longer they will continue. At the end of COVID-19, the above jobs are expected to be selected again, but if the Canadian economy continues to be affected by COVID-19, it is also important to be concerned that not only the above jobs but also other affected jobs may be added.

Applicants who are included in the above jobs and who are about to apply for BCPNP can wait until this COVID-19 ends, but also consider Express Entry or other immigration methods for quick progress or LMIA to maintain their status in Canada. Not only Canada, but also the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus (COVID-19), but the Canadian Immigration Service is continuing to proceed, so I hope you don't give up and apply for a definite immigration.