Since last week, Canada has announced a new course of action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID19). As a result, I understand that there are many concerns that applicants who apply for permanent residency, employment permit, academic permit, and visit visa will be affected. So today, I will tell you about not only permanent residency but also employment permits, academic permits, and visitor visas.

The Canadian federal and state governments have said they will continue to proceed with permanent residency and other permits regardless of the coronavirus. Express Entry was selected on March 18 to show that progress is ongoing, and recently, applications for permanent residency and other permits have been updated. We also announced that if this incident does not negatively affect the application form, it will be carried out in the same way as before.

However, for Biometrics, which cannot be carried out as it was before, we have announced special policies and periodically have additional update policies.

It is common to submit related documents within 60 days when applying for permanent residency with Express Entry, but the submission period has been postponed to 90 days for applicants who received the right to select on March 18. In the case of applicants who have already received the right to select, if they cannot submit documents within 60 days, they also announced that they will extend the period by submitting a statement of reasons. The Canadian government also has a plan book in place during the Corona response period because applicants know it takes time or is impossible to get all the documents.
Applicants who need to apply for a job permit, academic permit, and visiting visa will continue to apply and will be able to live on an embedded status until the application results are released.

We've also adjusted the timeframe so that Biometric can proceed within 90 days instead of 30 days if needed. However, applicants who have applied overseas and tried to obtain approval on arrival will have to delay their entry at a time when the entry ban has been imposed by the end of June and watch when the entry ban will be lifted again.

Some language test centers are not operating for the time being, so they cannot take the test. However, applicants who are waiting for the exam should take advantage of this opportunity to spend more time and effort preparing for the language test so that they can get higher language test scores.

In view of the above government's policy, Canada has confirmed many policies and ongoing progress to have minimal impact on applicants, despite many adjustments to the Corona response period. Of course, the existing application may be delayed during this Corona response period, but it does not seem to be enough to worry much because the process has not stopped.

With new policies coming out day by day, we'll all have to listen to Canada's Corona response and see what direction it goes.