Remaining in Canada while waiting for the result of post-graduation work permit (PGWP) after application submitted is one of the requirements of post-graduation work permit application. International students no longer need to stay in Canada while their post-graduation work permit is in process.

As of February 21, 2020, once post-graduation work permit application has submitted, the applicants are allowed to travel outside Canada then re-enter to Canada and work.

However, not all Canadian students can apply for post-graduation work permit and work, but only if they meet the conditions below, they can get a post-graduation work permit to work legally in Canada.

• Post-graduation work permit must be applied before the Study Permit expires.

• After completing a Canadian academic program, you must receive a degree, diploma or certificate.

• You must graduate from a college, university, or professional training school for at least 8 months.

• Do not work longer than the hours permitted to be employed during your study with the Study Permit.

• Graduates from schools where post-graduation work permit applications are available.

• Full-time classes must be registered during the study period.

If post-graduation work permit is approved after the above conditions are met, you will be able to obtain work permit, which allows you to work in Canada for at least eight months to up to three years. If your ultimate goal is to settle in Canada, you can have a career in Canada with this acquired post-graduation work permit and make it easier to prepare for permanent residency. The biggest advantage is that post-graduation work permit gives you the opportunity when you look for a job, and you can get enough work experience up to three years. In addition, there are additional points in the permanent residency system that can be applied for Canadian school graduates.

In addition to this change in post-graduation work permit, the Canadian government remains to offer benefits to international students in Canada. Extended period of post-graduation work permit application, brief application conditions, and permanent residency are shown to maintain highly educated talents who have finished studying in Canada through bonus points. The Canadian government further encourages international students to come to Canada and to immigrate after their study.