The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program for Vernon, British Columbia, one of two regions in BC and one of the eleven regions participating in the RNIP in Canada, have been announced. In order to apply for RNIP - Vernon region, there are several eligibility requirements by the federal government, but there are additional eligibility requirements for each program required by the region. Those requirements must be met depending on the city in which you want to apply for the RNIP. The Vernon region in BC, which was the most questionable of the two to be implemented in BC, is drawing keen attention from applicants as announcements finally emerged. There are two main requirements for applying for permanent residency in the VERNON area, each of which must be met by the applicant’s and the employer's.

The terms of the applicant must meet both federal and Vernon community eligibility requirements:
Federal eligibility requirements are the same for all 11 RNIP-able local cities.
• Have at least one year of experience in the last three years. At least 12 months of experience in Canada or abroad are recognized and paid for work is recognized. Or, if you graduate from a local school, you can apply without experience.
• Job Offer must be received from within 11 Canadian employers, and Job Offer must meet full-time and job and local minimum wage. In addition, the Job Offer must be less than one level or the same NOC Level in the past history. For example, if you receive Job Offer as NOC B, your past experience must be NOC A, B, or C.
• CLB 6, NOC B, CLB 5, NOC C/D, and CLB 4 or later must exist.
• A minimum of high school graduation is mandatory.
• Settlement funds are required for each family member.
If the above federal government requirements have been met, the requirements in the Vernon area below must now be met by the applicant.
• Show willingness to reside in the Vernon area. This can be shown through experience in family residences, past residences, and current Vernon.
• You must have at least a minimum CLB 5 language score. As a result, the language score above CLB 5 is mandatory because federal immigration requirements said that CLB 4 or higher must be met by Bernon City.
If the above applicant requirements have been met, then employers in the Vernon region supporting the RNIP must also meet the requirements of the employer. These requirements must be met by an applicant other than an employer in Vernon, and an employer who can support RNIP sovereignty in Vernon must also meet the terms of the employer.
• Employers must show willingness to hire Canadian citizens or permanent residents first
• You must have at least three full-time Canadian citizens or permanent residents
• It had to be a business with at least five years of operation, two of which had to be run by Vernon or at least $200,000 in business investment
• Offer salaries must be at least $25 and must comply with the base pay for each job, region, specified by the Job Bank in Canada. If you have been living in the Vernon area for the last 12 months, you must meet a salary of $25.00 or $20.00-24.99 and a Vernon Comprehensive Ranking System (VCRS) score of 65 or more.
(VCRS is a scoring system for Bernon to review the qualification of RNIP applicants. Scores are calculated based on age, experience, language score, family residence, past residence, home ownership in the Vernon area, salary and driver's license.)
• It must be a legitimate business that can run on Vernon.

As you can see from the above requirements, the applicant’s requirements are not very different from those of the federal ones, but meeting the two requirements, particularly the period of business operations and the offer hourly requirements, may be a bit tricky. You can also see that the requirements themselves are similar to LMIA and PNP.

Considering the announced immigration to the RNIP Vernon area, these are not requirements that would not be met. If you try and prepare, you can fulfill it and proceed with your permanent residency. If you are considering a different method of immigration or local move due to a significant increase in Express Entry and BC PNP scores starting in 2019, consider acquiring permanent residency with the RNIP Vernon immigration method.