Brandon City, Manitoba, is working with Sault Ste. To implement the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. It was the third time to join Marie (Ontario) and Altona / Rhineland (Manitoba). Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba and has announced that it will implement RNIP for the next five years.

First, a brief description of RNIP is a program that allows foreign workers to apply for immigration through employers facing labor shortages in 11 communities selected for size, location, job opportunities and ability to support newcomers.
Eligibility requirements for the RNIP Federal Register are the same in all 11 cities, but there may be slight differences in the conditions for applying for permanent residence, depending on the community recommendation that you must receive in the city where you are applying.

Federal eligibility requires one year of experience in the last three years or graduation from a school in eleven cities. In addition, you must receive job offers from employers in 11 cities and meet the minimum language proficiency scores for your job. Finally, you need to verify sufficient settlement funds and prove that you are willing to live in 11 cities.

Each year 2,750 permanent residents can be granted permanent residency through the RNIP, and the Brandon region has a goal of granting permanent residency to 100 permanent residents in the first year.

There are a few different ways to apply for RNIP in different regions. In the case of Brandon, applicants interested in RNIP must first create a Permanent Resident Application Profile and then find and apply for a career in the city of Brandon. The list currently includes several occupations related to drafting technicians, dental technicians, and the meat processing industry. If you do so, Brando's Economic Development Corporation department will review your application and forward it to your employer if it meets the minimum requirements for technical, educational and work experience. The applicant will then be screened by the employer, and those who pass the process will receive a permanent permanent employment offer. Subsequent applicants can then apply for Brandon's community recommendation.

Top-ranked applications for community recommendations are reviewed monthly and approved, suspended, or rejected. Only RNIP candidates approved for Community Recommendation can apply for permanent residence through the Canadian government. Withholding applicants will continue to be reviewed for up to six months, and rejected applicants may be able to reapply, depending on the reasons for the refusal.

So far, only three cities out of a total of 11 cities have implemented the RNIP, and some cities, such as Vernon and BC, who have decided to implement the RNIP since January 2020, have announced in advance that the implementation will not proceed immediately and will be postponed. There is. Although RNIP is receiving a lot of attention due to its simpler requirements than other immigration methods, it is not yet published in detail, so it is expected that it will be easier to obtain permanent residence as well as other immigration methods.