Canada has many images for family and children, such as natural environment, leisure time, and education environment. In other words, many of the reasons for immigrating to Canada are to decide to immigrate for the sake of their children's education, for their future, for spending more time with their children, and of course, they should be able to understand exactly whether they can get permanent residency when their parents immigrate.

Sometimes applicants who are preparing to immigrate to Canada for their children are not sure what conditions or variables they should meet to immigrate to Canada with their children, and sometimes they are unable to immigrate with their children because they miss the right time. Even if you can't immigrate together, you should also be aware of how your children can immigrate in advance.

There are only two things that parents need to check if they want to immigrate with their children.

First, you must meet your child's age requirement. Conditions change depending on whether your child is 19 or 22.
If your child is under 19, you can move with your parents without any other conditions.

If your child is 19 years old and under 22, you can immigrate with your parents if your child is single. If your child is in a non-married marriage or a "common-law" marriage, you cannot immigrate with him, even if he is 19 or under 22. Also, although you are single when you start immigration, you must remember that if you change into a marriage or marriage while you are in progress, you will lose your co-child's immigration terms.
If your child is 22 years old or older, you can move with your parents if you have relied on them for financial support from before the age of 22 and cannot financially support yourself due to your mental or physical condition.

The second condition is to prove the relationship between parents and children.

It is essential that we present as a document that the relationship between parents and children is legally Parents and their children have a real blood relationship, but if they can't prove their legal relationship as a document, they won't be able to apply together in the application form.

If children are forced to move with their parents because they do not meet the above conditions, they must prepare themselves for immigration to Canada. Usually, in this case, the method that you use a lot is to have a career after graduating from school in Canada, and to prepare for immigration. Preparing for immigration on your own may take more time and effort, but it may still benefit from the fact that your parents are in Canada. That's why parents must state that they have children when applying for permanent residency, even though they may not be able to immigrate with their parents at first. Even if your child is not able to immigrate with you, if you don't specify that they have children, you may face disadvantages in future if your child immigrates on their own.

Since the most reason for immigrating to Canada is to live a happy life with my family, I hope that when I prepare for immigration, I can check how long I have to prepare for my children and get good results.