From now on, if you receive your Canadian green card through experience immigration, invitation immigration, business immigration, or any other means of immigration, you should prepare for permanent residency in Canada through permanent residency. If you already have a work permit or study permit with you in Canada and you get a permanent residency, you can easily pass it by because there is no big change in sight. There are four main areas: SIN reissuance, permanent residency, permanent residency benefits, and child education.

The first and most important thing is to let the government know that we have finally received a green card. The first thing to do is to update your original Social Insurance Number (SIN) to a permanent resident. You will visit your nearest Service Canada and update your existing SIN with your new SIN number, which is now permanently used in Canada. After receiving such a new SIN, you should inform the bank and various agencies that the SIN has changed and update it. Also, when you do a tax report, you have to report it with a new SIN, so if you have an accountant, you must deliver a new SIN.

The second thing to do is to prepare in advance for the extension of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, which should be applied later. To acquire Canadian citizenship, you must live in Canada for three years in the last five years and two years in the last five years to extend Canada's green card. Therefore, if you go abroad, you must record when and when you went to the country to make it easier for you to apply for an extension of your citizenship or permanent residency and to calculate your minimum residence date. For your information, if you travel abroad, you must have a PR card to enter Canada, so you must carry a PR card on your overseas trip, and you must check the expiration date of this PR card and extend it on time.

The third thing you need to find out is the benefit that Canadian permanent residents receive for free. There are institutions that introduce free English classes and employment for new permanent residents when they acquire permanent residency in Canada. Most non-profit organizations are introducing SINs, health insurance, driver's license applications, and school registration methods. A representative group is the SUCCESS, MOSAIC, and OPTION. Also, children benefits, bank interest rates for new permanent residents, and mortgage loans are available for additional benefits, so anyone planning to buy a house is recommended to consult a bank.

Fourth, if you have children, you must tell them that you have acquired permanent residency at their school. Since children may be different from going to school on Study Permit and going to school with a permanent residency, they should be able to talk to the school in advance at the same time.

It is important to remember that receiving a green card does not end and that in order to maintain it, as mentioned above, you must periodically extend your green card by obtaining Canadian citizenship or filling your residence in Canada. Since I received this green card through hard work, I hope to create a new life in Canada through the acquisition of citizenship or periodic extension of permanent residency.