Recently, a growing number of immigrant applicants are preparing to immigrate to Canada through the job of nursery school teachers. The reason is that if you immigrate as a child care teacher, you can obtain extra points for moving to the state, and it is advantageous for you to continue working even after acquiring permanent residency. If you are preparing to immigrate through this type of child care teacher job, you must have a Canadian child care teacher's license. To have a child care teacher's license, there are two ways to graduate from a school in Canada or obtain a certificate from abroad.

The first way is to graduate from the Department of Nursing Teachers at Public or Private Schools in Canada. There are many advantages if you get a certificate when you graduate from school in Canada. The biggest advantage is that it is easier to get a job through the lab period. If you get a certificate from abroad and you don't have a Work Permit, it may not be easy to get a job for the first time. However, it is easier to get a job because you can legally work in Canada during the practical period, which is part of the school class in Canada. Another advantage is that if you graduate from a public school with a major in infant education, you can acquire an Open Work Permit called Post Graduation Work Permit. With this work period, you can start working legally without company support. There are also scholarship benefits, job information sharing in schools, and improvement in English ability. To point out the shortcomings of this method, of course I have to go to school in Canada, so it is a high tuition and program period. Usually, the program is completed for 1-2 years.

Another way to get a Canadian nursery teacher's license is to convert a certificate that we have already received overseas into Canada. The advantage of this process is that you can save time by preparing for the transition after obtaining a license from Korea and also save money. However, if you enter Canada first, you may have to enter Canada first as a tour rather than as a job candidate. After that, it may not be easy to get a job because you have to convert to work permit with the support of your company. Most employers prefer child care teachers with status to work right now, so it's hard to wait until they get company support and get a Work Permit.

Both of the above methods are used according to personal preferences. In addition, through the above two methods, you can apply for permanent residency by building your career in Canada after obtaining your license. Having a child care teacher's license makes it easier to continue working even after obtaining a permanent residency and can earn a higher salary than an unlicensed job, so if you are still looking for a job or an academic career for immigration, it is also a way to obtain a child care teacher's license and then proceed with a permanent residency.