With the sudden selection of the Express Entry- Federal Skilled Trade Program (FST) on
October 16, it was a week when many candidates were waiting to apply for permanent
residency. On this average, we re-issued the first half of May 15, 2019, a little faster than the
six-month selection. As a result, many applicants have yet to register their EE applications
(Pools) due to their lack of preparation for the Express Entry - Federal Skilled Trade Program

Comparing this selection with past records, we scored 25 points higher despite selecting the
same number of people as we did in the first half of the year. This was the highest possible
score among the last six FST draws and was 158 points different from the first half of 2017.
Since then, except for the first half of 2018, the FST draw scores have been on the rise.

Oct. 16, 2019: Number of starts: 500 starting points: 357 points
May 15, 2019: Number of starts: 500 starting points: 332 points
September 24, 2018: Number of starts: 400 starting points: 284 points
May 30, 2018: Number of starts: 500 starts: 288 points
November 1, 2017: Starting personnel: 505 pages. Starting points: 241 points.
May 26, 2017: Number of starts: 400 starting points: 199 points

Based on the overall immigration score, the basic selection scores of the PNP state immigration
method as well as the federal immigration Express Entry are on the upward Express Entry -
CEC and FSW are also above 460 points this year, compared to last year's 440 points. The
biggest reason for this trend is that in order to be selected, we apply with higher English scores,
higher academic scores, and higher career scores than other applicants. In addition, the number
of starts has been reduced since March 2019, which is seen as a reason why the starting score
is still high.

With no new updates or changes to the FST so far, it will continue into the coming year and the
score will continue to hover above the 300 mark. However, since the starting score may vary
depending on the applicants' scores, it seems that the shortcut to immigration is to keep
improving after applying (registering in the pool) rather than giving up just because your score is
lower than this one. The applicants who have the invitation must make sure to have all the
documents ready within 60 days.