The sudden selection of the Express Entry- Federal Skilled Trade Program (FST) on October 16 was a week of mixed emotions for many candidates waiting to apply for permanent residency. On May 15, 2019, on average, he was re-elected five months after the announcement. As a result, many applicants have not yet been able to register their EE application (Pool) due to their failure to prepare the Express Entry – Federal Skilled Trade Program (FST).

Compared to the past records, 25 points higher than the first half of 1919, even though we selected the same number of people. This was a possible high score among the last six FST scores, a 158 point difference from the first half of 2017. Since then, FST starting scores have continued to rise except for the first half of 2018.

Oct. 16, 2019: Starting person: 500 starting points: 357 points
15 May 2019: Starting person: 500 starting points: 332 points
September 24, 2018: Starting person: 400 starting points: 284 points
May 30, 2018: Starting person: 500 starting points: 288 points
November 1, 2017: Starting person: 505 starting points: 241 points
May 26, 2017: Starting person: 400 starting points: 199 points

The overall immigration score shows that the basic selection scores of PNP state immigration methods as well as federal immigration Express Entry are up. Express Entry – CEC and FSW are also above the 460 mark this year, compared to last year's 440 mark.

The biggest reason for this trend is that I apply with higher English scores, higher academic scores, and higher career scores to achieve higher scores than other applicants. Also, since we have temporarily reduced the number of starters starting in March 2019, we are still seeing a high starting score

With no new updates or changes to the FST announced yet, we expect to continue into the next year and the score will continue above the 300 mark. However, because the starting score can vary depending on the applicants' scores, it is seen as a shortcut to immigration to continue to improve the score after the application, rather than giving up on the fact that your score is lower than this one.

Applicants selected for this selection will be sure to prepare all documents within 60 days and complete the application without fail.