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Among the many people who are thinking of immigrating to Canada, I will first look at how to immigrate with a work visa through LMIA. A lot of people are having trouble applying for LMIA without knowing the proper procedures or methods. Today, I'll explain what LMIA is and how we can get it.
Firstly, in order to hire foreigners, an employer named LMIA must obtain permission from Service Canada (Labor Administration) and the approval process of the Labor Office is easily called LMIA. In principle, all jobs in any country will be prioritized by their citizens, Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and only foreign workers will be allowed to work in jobs that their citizens do not want or cannot fill with their own people. And the lMIA is being hosted by two agencies: the employer and the labor office, not the foreign applicant.
The screening criteria are the severity of the labor shortage and the approval rate depends on how the application or interview appeals to it.

Phase 1
to support LMIA of foreign workers.
Find an employer
When looking for an employer or position at this stage, the applicant should look for an employer or position that is closely related to the field of experience or major he or she has worked in the past. In short, if the above employer's position in the field and the applicant's career or major are not relevant, the job applicant's position will ask why he or she should be brought abroad. At least one required requirement must be matched according to the position of the appropriate career or academic background or certificate acquisition.

Phase 2
with a position where foreign workers will work.
a four-week run of advertising
The reason why we need to run the ads for four weeks is that before we hire a foreign worker, employers must try to hire their own citizens first. Advertisements should be increased by at least four weeks in order to prove how much effort was made to recruit Canadians during the LMIA audit.
LMIA recruitment ads must meet very challenging conditions, unlike regular job openings.
▲Using a government website called Job Bank
Use a timestamp called ▲Job Match
▲Underreleased Group, i.e. advertising at least two websites targeting aboriginal, new immigrants, youth, and disabled people
If you cannot find your own Cannedians who are fit for your job despite more than four weeks of advertising, if you have reviewed other applicants' resumes and found a candidate you like, apply to the Labor Office, the first step of legalizing a foreigner's visa.

Phase 3
When applying for LMIA, various company documents and
Receive $1,000 for LMIA Government
The $1,000 receipt fee must be paid by the employer because the employer is seeking LMIA approval from the Labor Office to hire an employee.

Step 4
Service Canada (Labor Office)
Conducting the president's telephone interview.
If you are randomly two to three weeks slow after applying, the Labor Office will call your employer to request an interview within six months. This interview will determine if LMIA is approved.

Step 5
within a week of the interview
LMIA Acknowledgement Results Notification
If LMIA has been approved through the above procedure, a foreign applicant will now apply for CIC and Work Permit with the Positive LMIA.

Basic Qualification Criteria for LMIA Applications
In order to apply for LMIA, there are basic conditions for the company and the positions it supports, such as large employment positions, working hours, and minimum wages.
∘ Employment positions ▲NOC 0, A, B, C and D: NOC Code is short for National Occupational Classification and is easy to understand. NOC Cordon Szm is classified as either skilled or unskilled and is divided into five occupational groups by Skill Level.
□Skill Type 0 (Zero): Manager-level job: Management career required (Mine manager, Restaurant manager, etc.)
∘ Skill Type A: Professional occupations: usually requiring a four-year or higher education (doctors, dentists, architects, etc.)
∘ Skill Type B: Proficiency/technical occupation: usually requiring 2-3 years of college or career (cookers, infant teachers, nursing assistants, office assistants, etc.)
□Skill Type C/D: Unskilled Jobs: Possible without Training & Career (Cleaners, Server, Barista, Housework, etc.)
□It is very important to check the NOC code of your job precisely because different levels of experience, academic background, credentials, and English scores are applied differently. Usually, the process of permanent residency is Skill Level B or higher, so you must check the level of your job code.
□Full-time full-time:The employment contract must state that you will work at least 30 to 40 hours a week. Canadian Labor Law requires at least 30 hours of work a week to be full-time full-time and is not subject to LMIA applications unless full-time.
□Median Wage:Median Wage is an hourly median salary based on the position offered by the company in accordance with the company's location, Province and City. If the offer does not meet the salary of Median Wage or higher, the application cannot satisfy the basic conditions of the LMIA application.
Employers preparing for LMIA and those receiving LMIA support through job openings will be encouraged to understand exactly what is going on with LMIA and to check the time required and the documents required to be provided and to proceed with LMIA preparation.

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