Since the second half of 2022, Alberta has been actively campaigning to attract Alberta residents. The name of the campaign is...
With "Alberta is Calling", I'll fill up my work as soon as possible, which is lacking a lot compared to the current overflowing jobs.
Immigrants from abroad, as well as other heavily populated states like Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.
The city is also strongly implementing the promotion. That's how much Alberta currently has more work to do.
Residents are needed.
Alberta's campaign materials reveal several favorable living conditions in Alberta. Campaign
Based on what is written on the website containing information, above all, the economic advantage is the most important thing for other part-time workers.
With its great appeal, it highlights the following situations in particular: the highest average wage and the lowest in the country
They boast tax levels and low barriers to home ownership. relatively few states compared to other states
Being able to own a house at the expense is the most noticeable advantage. It's a new song.
As an emerging industrial area, there are many competitive companies, and thanks to that, there are many jobs.
It's one.
All of these advantages can eventually be understood as economic advantages, which means that the level of industrial development is different.
It gives us a sense of Alberta's situation, which is experiencing conflicting labor shortages. an oil-producing region
It's a place that has economic stability than the state, and unlike the rapidly developing related industries, it's a place that will fill jobs.
The lack of people is Alberta's biggest dilemma. Alberta currently has about 100,000 job openings.
That's it, 78 percent of companies are suffering from labor shortages. But the unemployment rate is getting lower and lower.
It's a difficult situation to solve if there's no more manpower.
Under these circumstances, Alberta workers are among the highest earners in all states, in 2022.
Ontario's benchmark weekly average income is $1,245 compared to second at $1,186.
It is the highest level in the country. Calgary, Alberta's largest city, on the other hand, has the highest housing cost.
Because it represents a reasonable housing price that makes it one of the top 10 affordable markets, the quality of life is...
It's also a natural place to improve. For this reason, Alberta is emerging as a good place to live, and how much.
According to a survey conducted by the former Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is the third most livable city in the world.
It was also chosen as a city.
Alberta's campaign, whose biggest goal is to attract manpower, is slowly showing its effectiveness, actually.
There are many cases of wanting to move or moving from Toronto or Vancouver. Alberta's Economy Above All
Considering the situation and the living environment, we can get out of various problems such as high prices, housing shortages, and low wages and live a comfortable life.
It is a reasonable choice to move to a place where there is a strength to enjoy. Also, young couples or
Considering that young people who have just started their social lives dominate the migrant population, Alberta's residence in the long run is a long-term.
You can see that the state has great advantages in living in Canada.
In addition to implementing such an aggressive campaign, Alberta invited state immigration programs in 2023.
The number of people was set at more than 10,000. Through the announcement of the Immigration Level Plan from 2023 to 2025, Canada has already been
The Immigration Department has expressed its willingness to implement state immigration most actively. Therefore
Beyond Express Entry, which used to accept the largest number of immigrants as a representative immigration program, now state immigration.
The number of immigrants through the program PNP has increased. As of 2023, Express Entry had 82,880 people.
Compared to the target, the number of PNPs has increased significantly with the goal of 105,500 people.

More than 10,000 of the increased PNP capacity are expected to flow through Alberta.
It allows us to understand how much Alberta's immigration accounts for. Alberta.
The number of PNPs allocated has increased from 6,500 in 2022 to 9,750 now, 10,140 in 2024, and in 2025
Considering that the number of immigrants in Alberta is gradually increasing to 10,849, the immigration program for the state of Alberta is Canadian immigration.
It is clear that it will become more and more important during the program. In line with this, the immigration conditions of Alberta's state government.
There's a lot of easing, and it's going to be the core of Canadian immigration that's going to happen in Alberta.
It is expected to be injured.