Most foreigners, except in very special cases, are required to work in Canada.
It's necessary. There are two main types of work commitments: constraints wherever you want.
As opposed to an open work permit that allows you to work without, it allows you to work only for designated companies.
It's a closed work permit. To receive a closed work permit, the first thing you need to do is to hire an employer to do is to get a Labour Market (LMIA).
A foreign employment permit called Impact Assessment) needs to be approved, and the permit is due to the pre-COVID-19 policy.
It was impossible to get it issued immediately as a visitor in Canada. Applicants must be bound by the Canadian border.
I was able to get a work permit when I went outside and entered the country. But it's a lot of things that we can relax.
Temporary measures have been implemented to allow temporary visitors to acquire work permit in Canada, and the
The expiration date of the proposal was February 28, 2023. By the way, the announcement of the re-extension of the measure is the expiration date.
On February 28, it was in Ottawa. To understand the implications and implications of extending temporary measures in this regard,
I am doing.
In the aftermath of the unexpected coronavirus pandemic, Canada experienced difficulties in hiring its workforce at an appropriate time.
Canada, which was already suffering from a shortage of workers, was in desperate need of an influx of foreign workers, but it was a cross-border situation.
As it became difficult to move, the issuance of work permit was also disrupted. It's not only about the local economy, it's about the situation in each industry.
It made it worse, causing economic problems, and the government is beginning to seek measures to tackle them. In the end, Canada...
A special temporary policy will be implemented so that visitors to Canada can apply for and acquire a work permit in 2020.
The policy will expire on March 31, 2021, during which time visitors to Canada will not be able to participate.
I was able to apply for a work permit and receive it.
However, the aftermath of COVID-19 did not subside easily, so measures were implemented to extend it in 2021, and visa-visiting again.
The expiration date is February 28, 2023, so that people can apply for Work Permit in Canada.
It extended the number of jobs that foreigners in Canada would have more opportunities to work with.
It is expected to help solve the labor shortage problem by allowing it to have it. Put the action in place
The reason for the extension of the turn is to eliminate the hassle of issuing a work permit and reduce the shortage of workers.
I think it's because he contributed. Therefore, it can be estimated that the policy effectiveness also produced significant results.
I have it.
It's a different move from the current policy direction of returning to daily life after most of the COVID-19-related measures have been lifted recently.
I can do it. For example, a restart of the Biometrics delivery service can be described.
Originally, it was mandatory to provide biometric information such as fingerprints and photos in order to obtain a Canadian visa.
It was mainly done through the Canadian Service Center. However, the reality is that the Canadian service center's seamless experience has been achieved.
For a while, measures to exempt them have been taken in consideration of operational difficulties and difficulties in handling business face-to-face.
It's been implemented. Currently, bio-information exemption measures are applied to suit the situation of returning to daily life.
It has been lifted and re-mandated to visa applicants. Similarly, several temporary measures are lifted, one by one.
It's getting back to normal.
In this context, the reason for extending temporary measures that make it easier to issue a work permit is because of this.
This can be attributed to the significant benefits. Temporary visitors in Canada to fill jobs
It is interpreted as contributing. On the other hand, for some time now, we've been working on policies related to revitalizing Canada's economy.
As for that, I carefully expect that the government's stance of implementing or maintaining it will be maintained.
In addition, immigration to Canada is centered on those who directly benefit Canada's economy and society.
This is because the increase in Canada's economic workforce will ultimately also help broaden the reach of potential immigrants.
You can analyze it. It will also have a positive impact on those who are looking at immigration to Canada.
Not only is it cumbersome to issue a work permit, but after visiting Canada to see, hear, and understand it in person,
It's clear that finding a job that suits you will have an advantage in finding a much better place for you.
Because it's a policy that can affect employment as well as immigration, and on the other hand, Canada.

I think it's also a measure that gives a glimpse of the minds of the immigration office and the government.