Every year, the Canadian Immigration Service collects information about Express Entry, a key program for immigration to Canada.
Analyze and publish the report. This time, Express Entry was selected from January to December 2021.
A report has been released that analyzes which people have acquired permanent residency through the results. This is...
It contains key information such as the country of the major users of the immigration program, occupational groups, and score points.
Yes, so you can look at the report to understand which classes are more likely to approve Express Entry immigration.
Find the meaning of the Express Entry analysis report in terms of the presence and the direction of immigration
I have it.
Launched in 2015, Express Entry is a product of experience immigration CEC, skilled immigration FSWP, and technical immigration FSTP.
It consists of immigration routes linked to state candidate recommendation immigration PNPs. Canada in 2021 according to records
The total number of invitations (ITAs) issued for permanent residency is 114,431. And through all the invitations (ITAs), you can get permanent residency.
The number of recipients was 155,810, and the reason for the larger number than the invitation was that the number of recipients, including the principal applicant and accompanying family, was 155,810.
Because it's a shame. That figure is quite surprising, which was published by Express Entry on September 20, 2021.
Because most route CEC, FSWP and FSTP selection were suspended temporarily suspended. Express Entry 중단
Despite the period, selection was conducted every other week for state-recommended PNP applicants.
Therefore, it can be confirmed that the approval of permanent residency was actively carried out despite these unfavorable conditions.
There are some notable points in the report. First of all, if you look at the pool of applicants, there are more than 440,000 applicants.
The Express Entry profile has been submitted, an increase of 23% over 2020. submitted
Among the profiles, 74 percent of the application documents met the screening criteria, while about 26 percent were found to be inappropriate. also
77% of applicants, 71% of women and 71% of men, are eligible for one or more of the Express Entry programs.
has been reported as The CRS according to their overall ranking system is between 351 and 400 points.
It was the majority. 31% of candidates who met the eligibility criteria scored 351 to 400 points, and 27%
401 to 450 points, 21% scored 451 to 500 points, and 301 to 350 scored 16%.
In addition, more than half of the profiles that meet the eligibility criteria, or 58% of the profiles, are eligible for additional points at the time of filing.
Failed to meet criteria. More than half of them, or 54 percent, are men. 21% of the rest of the profiles...
I got extra points through my education in Canada, and 13% of them got extra points through siblings in Canada.
And 12 percent earned extra points by preparing for a job or demonstrating their ability to speak French.
Express Entry did not draw for all routes in 2021, linking CEC to PNP
Selection was made around the program. CEC invites 87% of the total and PNPs 13%.
The majority of these occupational groups were in food service, management and retail, of which NOCs.
Code 62020, Food Service Supervisor, Food Service Manager, had the largest share. in one's profession
13,097 people received invitations, 60.4% of whom were women. Next, administrative assistant.
Administrative Assistants (NOC 13110), 소매 판매 감독관 Retail Sales Supervisors (NOC 62010),
Software Engineers and Designers (NOC 21231), Chef Cooks
(NOC 63200) was followed by 5,930, 5,020, 4,916 and 4,624 invitations, respectively.
By country, invitations were issued the most to those inside Canada, and outside of Canada.
The countries that received the most invitations were India and Nigeria, with 3,826 people in India, and Nigeria.
It was 1,432, and the U.S. ranked third. The U.S. ranked 3rd in both 2019 and 2020.
I also climbed it. It was followed by invitations from China, the United Arab Emirates, the Commonwealth, Pakistan, Morocco, and Lebanon in order.

The receipt has been made. However, most of them were citizens of India, China, and South Korea in order. India is past.
For three years, a large number of people have received invitations after applying for immigration, followed by China.
Next was Nigeria in 2020 and Korea in 2021.
The report shows that the most popular route to Express Entry is CEC. applicant's
This is evidenced by the fact that about four-fifths applied through the CEC. Meanwhile, among Express Entry applicants through CEC,
You can see that 80% of the documents are processed within 9 months, and the processing period for other programs is 21 months for PNP.
Compared to 23 months of FSTP and 26 months of FSWP, it is very fast, attracting more applicants to CEC.
You can guess it's caused a phenomenon. However, the entire program draw for Express Entry in 2022
It's resumed, and the immigration department is trying to diversify its immigration programs, so this is a trend.
It seems to be resolved in the long run. On February 1st, a lottery for applicants for the PNP-linked program will be held, and on February 2nd,
For the first time in Express Entry's history, we will draw only for FSWP applicants and select the required personnel for each field.
This is because the Canadian government's move to effectively flow in has already begun. And now I'm going to go one step further.
Furthermore, we will introduce selection based on specific conditions or categories, so vocational, linguistic skills, and education.
Based on the same specific factors, the selection of candidates is expected to lead to new ways soon, so Canada
We will be able to present a new performance sheet for 2023.