Canada's Immigration Department aims to speed up the screening of work efficiency and immigration applicants' paperwork.
We have implemented an active policy to modernize and online the method of applying for permanent residency and citizenship. accordingly
Various systems were introduced, and visible effects began to emerge gradually. This time, it's a new permanent residency.
The announcement that the online inquiry system will be expanded so that you can easily check the application status online.
There was, but I'd like to talk about what it contains in detail.
The enquiry system, which allows you to check the process of permanent residency screening online, has already selected citizenship applicants in May 2021.
The target was first implemented. After that, from February 2022 onwards, the applicants for the spouse and guest immigration program will be able to participants.
It was gradually expanded and used smoothly. The system will allow applicants to use their current
You can check the status of the examination of citizenship or permanent residence, and check the requested documents from the immigration office in time to respond.
It received a great response because it has the advantage of being able to do so, and satisfaction in terms of relieving anxiety among applicants.
It was high. The Immigration Department is determined to extend this to most immigration programs.
The expanded policy implementation also allowed Express Entry and PNP candidates to check the status of document screening.
There are a total of four immigration programs that have newly applied the inquiry system, which is the representative immigration program of the federal government.
Express Entry의 하위 경로 FSWP(Federal Skilled Workers Program), CEC(Canadian Experience
Class), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and Provincial Nominee (PNP), a state-recommended program.
Programs) are applicable. Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) are designed to select immigrants.
It's the most representative program, and according to the Canadian government's announcement, there are about 190,000 people.
It is said that it will accept new immigrants through two channels. And the target population for immigrants is increasing.
Two major immigration as the trend is expected to increase to more than 230,000 in 2025.
It is a very meaningful step to expand the system into a program. the greatest
As a program to accommodate immigrants, the number of immigration applicants who can benefit from the simplified system is rapidly increasing.
That's because it's increasing. According to the announcement, as of January 31, those who applied for the Express Entry program
As 47,868 people and PNP reach 66,214 people, the effect of introducing the inquiry system is expected to appear significantly and
I can see it.
The online inquiry system for permanent residency application status is frustrating because the applicant does not know his or her current document screening status.
Due to circumstances, questions or contacts the Immigration Department through multiple windows.
It saves you trouble. It also helps reduce the waste of manpower and time in immigration.
It will play a role in improving the efficiency of Canadian immigration in the long run.
Looking forward to this positive effect, check more Canadian immigration programs in the future.
The Immigration Department says it wants to apply the system.
The efforts of the Immigration Department to speed up immigration screening by electronically and onlineizing the work of the Immigration Department.
It led in many ways. First of all, in September last year, most applications for permanent residency programs were 100% online.
You have made the switch possible. State immigration programs that are not linked to Express Entry, as well as spouses and
Computerized systems applied to various immigration programs, including family-invited immigration, rural and northern immigration pilots, are increasingly
Expanding to more diverse programs, online applications are now the main means of applying for permanent residency and citizenship.
But if you're still under 18 years old, you have to apply for citizenship through paper.
Likewise, families with children under the age of 18 must submit paper applications. Of course, the program is also...
It is expected that online applications will be available in the future.

Immigration to Canada takes a long time to be screened, and after submitting the application, it is a dark screening process that is unknown.
There was a preconceived notion. During the period when the permanent residency examination was conducted only on paper, five years or more of the documentation examination was conducted.
It's not wrong because there were not a few cases that took place. However, the review of permanent residency documents has been overlooked.
After a difficult period of procrastination, the Canadian Immigration Service made various efforts to improve it, and eventually
We have actively implemented computerization. Because of that, most of the reviews are similar to or more than before.
It's going at a faster. In the same vein, the expansion of the online inquiry service is a permanent residence or
This is the best news for applicants applying for citizenship. Without any information,
It's not just waiting, but it's easy to check when the announcement will be made and what documents are needed. Only,
It cannot be verified with the existing account, so if you receive a notification that the document review has been conducted, you will be newly online.
You must create an account. If the system is actively used, the applicants will no longer be screened for permanent residency and citizenship.
It won't be just a long and boring time. Because I can know, predict, and prepare.