Explore Canada's flagship immigration program in 2023.

2023 is Canada's most aggressive year of policy implementation since the immigration program was introduced and implemented.
And it's expected that Canada, which has seen a dramatic growth in the immigration market despite the pandemic, will be able to take the necessary manpower this year.
It shows a stronger willingness to accept. So we run various immigration programs in Canada.
We also expect those who need it to apply according to various conditions. Therefore, you should learn about immigration programs.
In addition to known Express Entry and state immigration PNPs, multiple routes are available. This column is...
Representative immigration to Canada in 2023 to help you find the right one among various immigration programs
I'd like to summarize the route.
Programs operated by the Immigration Bureau include economic immigration routes, business routes, family classes, and temporary
It can be divided into resident and refugee categories. There's also a subroutine in the program.
You can separate and explain it. Except for two routes in the refugee sector, Koreans apply to most programs.
It is possible, but the field that the most people are interested in and want to support is definitely the economic immigration route.
I have it.
The economic route is the most common permanent residency program. The largest number of people.
This is because it is a condition that is selected and available to many people. A typical program is federal immigration Express.
Entry, state-recommended immigration route PNP, plus independent immigration in Quebec.
There is a method and an employer-led program running on a trial basis. Express Entry has the largest number of immigrants.
It has long been a representative immigration program that has been accepted, but since this year, state immigration PNPs have surpassed it.
I expect it will play a role in determining many people's travel to Canada. This is an area that occurs on a state-level basis.
It is a strategy to quickly overcome imbalances and employment difficulties in the field, and in the same vein, employers
Various pilot programs are also being tried. a marked shortage of labor in a particular area or area
AIP, agri-food pilots, rural and northern immigration pilots, etc. are conducted mainly in the Atlantic region to solve the phenomenon.
And the new provincial self-recommendation program, MNP, could finally be launched this year.
I expect it.
Business programs can't be left out, which can be largely divided into start-up visas and regional business programs.
In 2023, Canada will recruit 3,500 new immigrants to its business program.
By 2025, we will increase the number of people to 6,000. Currently, many of them will be filled with start-up visas.
I think that's why the route is attractive to those who think about immigration to Canada and start a business at the same time.
It's a program. Designated angel investor group or venture capital if there is a suitable business or business idea
Securing funds or business incubator support, providing settlement funds and language skills, and conducting businesses
You can successfully work and proceed with immigration. It also includes local business programs operated by state governments.
Self-employed immigration programs are also included in the business immigration route.
Family classes are also one of the main pillars of the Canadian immigration program. There's no permanent residency or citizenship in Canada.
Any applicant may invite his spouse or children to Canada. In 2023, Canada has 78,000 people.
We're going to recruit immigrants to that route, which is more than half of the total 106,000 people allocated to the family class.
That's a huge proportion. In addition, applicants can't leave out immigration by inviting parents and grandparents.
The immigration program was designed to support parents and grandparents by first registering them in a pool of applicants.
It's going to be a random draw, like a lottery, where you send out invitations, and those who receive them will immigrate again.
If you apply for the program, an immigration review will take place. This year, we plan to welcome 28,500 new immigrants.
Many people are waiting because the new support pool has not been opened since 2020. Beyond the pandemic,
It is expected that the PGP support pool will be held again this year, drawing more attention.
A temporary resident is an area closely related to immigration that may be seen as a potential permanent resident in Canada.
It's one of them. Temporary residents are divided into those who study abroad through a student visa or who have been employed through a work permit.
You can see it. Among them, international students are the preferred class, especially in the Canadian job market and the immigration market.
It also supports active inflow and employment after graduation. By 2023, 750,000 people will be studying in Canada.
It is expected that they will be able to get a job after graduation through the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Express.
It is easy to apply for and approve immigration with Entry. Not only that, but through a number of temporary measures, they're studying.
It allows you to work more freely, and gives you the opportunity to gain experience while reducing the financial burden during your studies.
That's why I'm offering it. As a result, more people are expected to go to Canada. Meanwhile, the owner of the Work Permit
It is a class that is rapidly filling the labor needs of Canada now, and settling in Canada in the long run.
It's an easy group. Canada, which is currently suffering from low unemployment, has more workers in a short time.

We want to fill the Canadian labor market, short-term work permit, long-term permanent residency.
The influx of skilled working classes that can be converted and settled is a desperate position.
The 2023 Canadian immigration program can be divided into four main categories, excluding refugee areas.
And you can choose to go to Canada by applying for immigration or temporary residence through the bottom 11 channels. all parts of the country
Depending on the applicant's conditions and circumstances, there are various types of programs that you can choose, and they are suitable for you.
Whether or not the program is used well is also the key to the success or failure of the results. 2023 Immigration Programme in Canada
Which program do you think is suitable for? Based on this article, let's look at the contents of each program.
First of all, please find what suits you. Most importantly, choosing the right immigration program
It will be the starting point for successful immigration outcomes.