The Canadian Federal Government Express Entry Program is a Score System (CRS). The score is that the Canadian Immigration Department
Age, education level, language in a way that assesses 'core human resource factors' to accommodate required immigrants
Depending on ability and experience, immigrants will be invited in the order of total scores. According to this, the age score is
It's most advantageous when you're in your 20s, from 20 to 29, you get 100 points, you get 95 points for 30 years old, and you get 90 points for 31 years old
The score range is reduced, and those aged 45 and over will be given zero points. So the age score is... Those who are preparing to immigrate
It's a part that I think is sensitive and at the same time, I think it's a problem that I can't solve. The other area is the effort
You can change the score accordingly, but you can't change the age.
In addition, although there is a slight stabilization trend, the Express Entry selection score is still high, and this anxiety is also a concern
It plays a role of weighting. I expect it to come back to the same level as before, but in the meantime, time goes by
The score you can get for your age may also be lower. So, what should we do with these people? I'll change
If you're worried about the score you can't get, maybe you can focus more on areas you can change and raise your score
That would be the answer. So, this article is about how people who are disadvantaged by their age immigrate
I'd like to talk about whether I can improve my score.
First, through the State Nomination Program (PNP), you become a candidate for state government and receive additional points.
Through the Provincial Nominee Program, which is linked to Express Entry, the candidates are
If possible, the additional score reaches 600. Then, all the scores that were disadvantaged by their age,
They can offset it and rather be ranked in the top ranks with a high possibility of selection. To take advantage of this approach, Express
After registering your profile in Entry, you will be nominated by the state again, and you will receive a certificate in your profile
You can update it. All programs that are connected to Express Entry and PNP, except Quebec and Nunavut, are available
Because it's in the state, it's the most effective thing that most applicants can try to do to raise their scores
That's the way it is.
Second, get a job offer. Express Entry for salaries, employment types, and conditions that applicants receive
It affects the calculation of scores. Depending on your position, you can get 50 to 200 points
If you use your experience or experience to find and work for the right position, you can improve your score. for this purpose
We recommend evaluating your work experience so that you can develop it further. a more advanced form of experience
This is because if you have job experience, you can get high scores.
Third, it develops language skills. Language ability is important among 'core human resource factors' in immigration to Canada
It's considered an element. Languages enable natural harmony within society and culture in Canada
It is used as a measure of adaptability. Therefore, fluent language skills have a high immigration score (CRS)
Next, you can get 128 to 136 points depending on the applicant's language skills. Especially language is writing, reading,
Each of the listening and speaking areas will be given a score, so it's more likely to be in 4 areas depending on the situation
It is one of the most realistic ways to focus on areas and practice them in a short time. Not only that.
The spouse's language ability is also subject to evaluation, so if you are married, your family will work together to improve your score
It can also produce results.
Fourth, use the training program. After completing the training program, I received a certificate or certificate of completion
The score may vary depending on where the country is. Official degree if you have a degree outside of Canada
You get certified and you get a point, and if you get another degree and you get two degrees, you get an extra point
You can obtain it. Furthermore, a degree in Canada is rated higher than a foreign degree, so Express

It's a good way to try to increase your chances of starting an entry.
Fifth, consider a spouse or partner as the primary applicant. Depending on the situation, you may be able to apply for Express Entry
Alternatively, the solution may be to change to a spouse or de facto marriage partner. If you're married, or if you're actually married,
It is recommended that you select a spouse or yourself as the primary applicant before applying.
In addition, as mentioned earlier, in order to improve your score, you can improve your spouse's language skills and educational experience
We recommend that you try to expand. I think it'll be a good chance to score higher than the score I lost in my age
it is.
If you're over 30 years old, your strengths in the Express Entry rating system (CRS) begin to disappear
That's right, because you're getting lower and lower and lower and lower at the highest 100 points you can get with age. And the score
The drop is bigger than you think, so it will be a concern. But even if you're in your 30s or older, you'll still be able to learn more about
It's not that there's no hope. This is because there are many ways to get a higher score than that. If
If you lose money due to unchangeable conditions and age, you can get a higher score than that
Try the same different methods. Rather, through this, you can get a higher score and get selected faster
You might end up entering.