The Canadian Immigration Service says it plans to improve online citizenship applications in a simpler way.
In the future, we will update the system to allow all applicants to apply for Canadian citizenship online
It's planned. The simplification of citizenship applications has already begun in the second half of 2021 last year
Due to COVID-19, we aimed for non-face-to-face and non-contact work and proceeded actively. However, the applicants are not eligible for the program
For minors under the age of 18 or family members who are limited to adult individuals, the relevant documents are sent by mail
I had to submit it.
Starting in the fall of 2022, all family applicants, including minors under the age of 18, will have citizenship online
Applications will be made and agents will also be added. Currently, we're using a proxy form
Only the preparation process can be used to assist the agent, but the number of applicants for citizenship application for minors and families will be increased
It seems that the agent function will be developed according to the implementation of the function. Let's start with preparing to apply for citizenship
It seems that the entire process will be possible through the agent until the application.
With the electronicization of citizenship applications in earnest, applications have been delayed due to complicated procedures
It would be a great opportunity for you to expect the wall to be much lower.
Except for the inconvenience, the application for citizenship itself is not as difficult as you think, and the conditions are clear.
The first step in obtaining Canadian citizenship is five years prior to the date of signing the citizenship application
Permanent residency status and residence in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days (3 years) and 5 years of tax
The declaration record must be verified. Another condition is that you have to pass the citizenship test and the official language, English, or
A grade of CLB 4 or higher on the French accredited test is required for applicants between the ages of 18 and 54.
If you are eligible, you will complete the application and acquisition of citizenship through the following three steps. First, prepare your application
and submissions must be completed. Documents to be prepared include an application for citizenship, a certificate of residence in Canada, a copy of your permanent residence,
Here are a copy of your passport, language test results, Canadian identification, two photos for applying for citizenship, and a receipt for your application for citizenship. Everything
Online applications are available after autumn, when computerization is scheduled for applicants, so it is easy to register, but currently,
Those who cannot apply online must complete the preparation with a paper application form. complete the processing of the application
It takes 27 months on average, and I recommend you to prepare for the citizenship test during this period.
Second, you have to take the citizenship test. Once the application has been processed, the immigration department will consider the age and circumstances
Guides you through exams and interviews. The exam is organized around questions about Canadian history and culture
There are 20 questions in total, and you can pass if you answer more than 15 of them correctly. If you pass the first time,
Even if you can't, you can take the test by giving you a second chance in six to eight weeks. If I fail this one, I'll do it again
Within six to eight weeks, you will take the third opportunity to answer the interview questions. The pressure on the exam
There may be people who feel it, but the test itself is not difficult, including expected questions and learning
It also provides a guide, so it's not as hard as you think. Usually, after finishing an exam,
We have interviews day after day, and you can think of it as seeing if language skills and daily conversations are possible.
Third, you will take an oath, including the receipt of Canadian citizenship. Pass all the tests and get citizenship approval
If possible, an event to take an Oath of Citizenship, obtain a certificate of citizenship, and sign a form
There are no restrictions on clothes, so you can wear it freely and sing the national anthem with the participants
That's it. It will complete the process of applying for and receiving Canadian citizenship.

Acquisition of citizenship is possible through these steps. In addition, online access will be expanded starting this fall
We expect that the application will be more convenient than before as it will be possible to apply through an agent. Canada
For those who want to acquire citizenship, it can be seen that changes are underway to make the way to acquire citizenship close
There will be. With these positive changes, I hope everyone who wants to get a successful result in citizenship
I'm looking forward to it.