The Canadian Immigration Service has announced a new amendment to Super Visa. Super Visa, Canadian Permanent Resident
or whenever a citizen enters Canada on a visa to invite his or her parents or grandparents, for a maximum of two years
It is a multiple-entry visa that allows you to stay and enter Canada freely for 10 years. With my parents
People living in Canada apart from each other often host PGP, which is an immigrant invited by their parents
Since the selection of invitees will be made through a random lottery, when will the immigration approval be made even after the application is made?
There is a limitation that it is difficult to predict.
In particular, parents invited immigration (PGP) is increasingly popular, but compared to applicants, the number of people selected is
It's very few. For example, in one year, the number of applicants was 20,000 while the number of applicants was 10,000
I even recorded it. Also, the selection ranking doesn't change depending on the applicant's conditions, but on the application conditions,
It is a random draw among those who are eligible and listed in the application pool, so they will be approved for a long time
You can't, or you can't eventually get your green card approved. Therefore, the Super Visa is designed to help parents' invited immigration (PGP)
It's in the spotlight as an alternative. Permanent residency in Canada with parents after applying for an invited immigration
To wait for approval, or even if your parents don't choose to immigrate together, your family actually lives together
I sometimes get the visa to take time.
Super visas are very useful for families to spend time together, and the issuance itself is relatively
It is a highly preferred visa because it is made on conditions that are not strict. The Immigration Department is also aware of this fact
Recognize the changes to the length of residence in order to give greater benefit to those who receive visas
It was implemented. According to the revision, which is scheduled to take effect on July 4, the super visa holders are
After entering the country, you will be able to stay in Canada for up to five years. If five years
You can apply for extension of residence if you wish to stay in the future. In this case, the super visa conditions before the revision
You can stay for up to two more years, so you can stay for up to seven consecutive years after entering Canada
I can see it. And if you go beyond the designated period of stay, you can move back to Canada by leaving the country
It can last up to 10 years, the visa expiration date.
In addition, at the time of the announcement of the immigration plan from 2021 to 2023, the Canadian Immigration Service invited parents in 2022
It said it will welcome 23,500 immigrants through PGP. But I still invite my parents
As the Immigration Department says no specific plans have been made for immigration, it is a supermarket at this point
Getting a visa is a more meaningful option.
There are several prerequisites for applying for a super visa, one for a health check-up and the other for an individual
You have health insurance. There is no change in the two prerequisites, but there will be a change in the insurance selection
The Immigration Department also suggested the possibility. Canada operates a free health care system and Canada
The health care system is being maintained by taxpayers. Therefore, those who are not liable for tax payment are free of charge
You can't enjoy the benefits, and so can super visa holders. So urgently need medical prescription
In the event of a light, the cost of medical care must be covered by individual insurance, so visa applicants can apply for personal health insurance
You must complete your subscription.
Regarding insurance coverage, the Canadian Immigration Department said that the existing super visa applicants are required to sign up for an insurance company in Canada
There is a restriction on the condition that it should be an authorized insurance company. With the new amendment, despite the wide selection of insurance companies,
I'm expecting a change, but the constraints of existing Canadian insurance companies, which even designate international insurers, are not limited
I think it's going to be more flexible by changing it to something. Specifically, the Immigration Department has informed us that

Since there is no such announcement, we will have to wait and see.
Canada has a culture that values family values and is active in accepting immigrants
We are improving various systems to make it easier for more people to choose to go to Canada. that
One of them is the direction of super visa issuance and the new revision, which separates families by choosing to emigrate
It can be seen as an effort to improve the situation in which you get along. He chose the life of a Canadian immigrant
I hope you will be able to spend more time with your family through improved super visa benefits.