The Canadian immigration program is really diverse. An economic-grade immigration program that allows you to apply for permanent residency requires effort and time to understand the appropriate immigration program because it has more than 100 numbers and has various conditions. Of course, the most popular support method is Express Entry. This is because the period is relatively short until immigration approval is decided after application, and you can determine the approval by grasping the score before applying for immigration.
The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is the primary immigration route for applying for Express Entry along with the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST). The program was first implemented in Canada in 1967 and has been proven to be beneficial by an immigration program that introduces an objective assessment of applicants, and currently operates programs borrowed in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. It can be seen as a reasonable immigration method for both countries that want immigration and applicants who want to immigrate.
Qualification criteria are based on language ability, academic background, career, financial proof, and scores based on six FSWP scoring criteria, and let's take a closer look at each condition. First, language skills are important. Since Canada uses English and French as its official language, one of the two languages needs to score at least 7 points in the Canadian Language Accredited Language Assessment (CLB). Language evaluation includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening, for English, IELTS and CELPIP grades are utilized, and French sees TEF Canada and TCF Canada.
Second, you must complete at least secondary school education. If you have been educated in Canada, your academic background will be verified only by your Canadian school diploma, but if you have completed your education abroad, you must obtain an Education Qualification Assessment (ECA) to prove that you have received the same education as your Canadian background. Academic certification must be certified by commissioning World Education Services (WES) approved by the Canadian Immigration Service and the Comparative Education Service of the University of Toronto.
Third, one of the biggest advantages of immigration support through FSWP is that it is also possible to support outside of Canada. External Canada experience must be at least one year and corresponds to the Occupational Classification Code (NOC) classified in Canada. The Canadian Immigration Review's National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2016 list categorizes occupations based on skill levels, including NOC 0, a job group that typically requires a college degree, and B jobs that require competence in a skilled field. In addition, the NOC 2021 standard, which has been changed since November this year, will be applied, and TEER 0 to 3, not NOC 0, A, and B, will be eligible to apply for the program.
Financial ability is also subject to evaluation. It is a factor that is judged to consider whether it is possible to settle in Canada, and a certificate must be issued and submitted by a bank or financial institution. The certificate should show outstanding debt, account number, loan history, and average balance in the last six months. The amount of proof depends on the number of dependents, for example, you need at least CAD $13,310 for one person and CAD $16,570 for two people. That's why you need $3,300 to $4,370 more CAD funding for each additional family member. As an exception, you do not need to provide financial support if you are already working in Canada or have a valid Job Offer.
Finally, the six FSWP scoring criteria are also important. Grading criteria are based on education, language, experience, age, job offer, and adaptability, and each gives a score of at least 10 to a maximum of 28 points. Of course, the higher the level of education and language grades, the lower the age, and the more experienced you are, the higher your grades are. Based on this baseline, you must get at least 67 points out of 100 to apply as FSWP.
Along with the news of resuming the selection of Express Entry, many people are considering various routes of immigration applications, and FSWP is an immigration program that can be applied without a career in Canada. As mentioned in the last column, if you are looking to select Express Entry, the sooner you register in the support pool, the more advantageous you will be.
Due to COVID-19, FSWP selection was temporarily suspended in 2021, but the immigration office said it will resume invitations to Express Entry, including FSWP, from July this year. Canada, in particular, has vowed to accommodate more than 110,000 new immigrants through Express Entry by 2024. So now, FSWP seems to be the fastest way for professional immigrants to immigrate to Canada.