Canada issues a Super Visa for permanent residents or citizens to take their parents and grandparents to Canada. This is a visa valid for 10 years after issuance, and it is free to enter Canada or leave the country several times during this period without any hindrance. In addition, it allows the recipients to live in Canada for two consecutive years, making it a very useful visa for applicants to stay with their parents or grandparents.
I recommend that you get this visa because it's convenient and there are many advantages that can be achieved. In particular, it is recommended to get this visa unconditionally for now if you proceed with PGP inviting your parents.
As of 2020 and 2021, this field has become a popular immigration field, with about 200,000 parent-invited immigration documents filed with the Canadian Immigration Bureau. But this method of selecting immigration applicants is literally a lottery, like a lottery. If you apply, you can gather applicants on the waiting list and select immigrants through a lottery, but conditions such as applying first or good documents do not affect the selection. Depending on your luck, you may be selected first, or even if you wait for a long time, there is no answer. There are many complaints about the selection process, but the current immigration minister Sean Fraser, Canada, says he has no intention of revising it. It is said that the selection method according to the existing application order caused inequality, but as soon as the application for parents' invitation in 2019 began, online applications were closed in 11 minutes. Depending on the country or region, there may or may not be an infrastructure to quickly apply online, so this method was also clearly limited. Therefore, the Canadian Immigration Service now believes that the method of drawing is the best way to maintain overall "equality."
Therefore, a super visa can be an alternative. If you want to be with your parents as soon as possible, if you apply for a parent-invited immigration and get a super visa, you can live in Canada and wait for immigration approval. If you don't know when the results of the draw will be announced, a super visa will make this wait less boring. Parent-invited immigration may take years, and even approximately 32 months, according to the Canadian Immigration Department's announcement, to process the currently overdue documents. On the other hand, a super visa takes about 100 days to be issued, so it must be the fastest and most comfortable visa to serve your parents.
Also, depending on your parents' tendency, life in Canada can be satisfactory or uncomfortable. You can have time to experience Canada in advance and learn before receiving permanent residency, and you can have time to organize your life in your home country. Or, sometimes, parents can choose not to move to Canada, so it seems wise to take advantage of the period until immigration approval through a super visa. Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate to apply for a super visa. Through this, it will be a good choice to spend time with your parents in Canada as soon as possible.