On March 10, 2020, the BC State Government announced several major updates to the BC PNP program.
I have announced it.
The first key point is the High Demand job, which received an additional 10 points in a particular occupation group.
The list was excluded and changed from 200 points to 190 points. BC PNP, therefore.
Applicants in occupational groups who were eligible for additional points upon application will not be able to receive additional points.
That's enough, but this is expected to lower the overall starting score a little.
The second main content is that healthcare workers and ECE early childhood teachers are CARE ECONOMY.
It is divided into priority occupations, such as BC TECH, by category. BC TECH occupational group
It has already been classified into priority jobs and is currently being selected separately in BC PNP selection, quickly.
Immigration processing is possible. And finally, on March 14th, with BC PNP TECH, ECE,
Health care and health care assistant were selected separately. selection
In terms of scores, TECH selected 123 people with 85 points, and ECE (NOC 4214) selected 27 people with 85 points.
The selection was made with 85 points for Healthcare, 21 people for Healthcare, and 63 points for Healthcare Assistant for the last time, less than 5 people.
I have invited you. In this way, immigration to the state of BC for the four occupational groups has become more advantageous.
The following major changes were made in career conditions. be related to one's current job for at least two years before
BC PNP support was possible only with experience, but now BC PNP support is minimum regardless of current job.
With two years of experience in the NOC 0, A and B Skilled professional groups, we are now able to apply. For example, if...
Applicants have 2 years of experience as restaurant supervisors and are eligible to apply as early childhood teachers.
If you have, you can apply with your previous supervisor experience. This is an Express Entry CEC experience.
I think it's the same as the conditions.
In addition, NOC 0 jobs are no longer available in the International Graduate category.
You can only apply under the Skilled Worker category. Also, there are some new information about the employer's conditions
Added or updated.
The update is a measure to accommodate the essential human resources mentioned by Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser.
It appears to be an update that has been implemented. In order to proceed with permanent residency in early childhood teachers, healthcare, and tech,
Those who do so should check the latest updates and proceed with permanent residency.