Alberta's immigration conditions do not require age scores or age limits, require only elementary-intermediate English skills, and have no minimum income regulations. Therefore, it is the most popular state immigration program for students in their early 20s or couples in their 30s and 50s with children. As of February 16, 2022, Alberta immigrants were renamed Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) to Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), and two new streams were added: Rural Renewal Stream and Rural Entrepreneur Stream.

AAIP has a program called Streams for Workers for foreign workers who live and work in Alberta, which includes Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry Stream, and a total of three new Rural Renewal Stream. In addition, there is a Stream for Entrepreneurs program for those who live in Alberta and plan to start their business in the region, including the Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, Farm Stream, Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, and the newly added Natural Entrepreneur Stream. The most common of these seven programs, Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) and Alberta Express Entry System (AEES), are as follows:
First, Alberta Opportunity System, AOS, is an immigration program for temporary foreign workers who are offered jobs (job offers) by Alberta employers. To look at the terms of application, the applicant must first be a valid Work Permit holder or a PGWP holder who graduated from a school in Alberta. At this time, the required career requirement is that the Work Permit holder must have at least 12 full-time months in Alberta within the last 18 months or 24 months in Canada or abroad within the last 30 months. PGWP holders must have at least 6 months of full-time experience in Alberta within the last 18 months, and their experience must be related to the graduation department. The following are the educational background conditions: All applicants except PGWP must graduate from at least high school, and overseas educational background must be certified by the ECA. And PGWP holders must be graduates of universities and colleges in Alberta to apply. All occupational groups eligible for the immigration program are eligible for NOC 0, A, B, C, and D except for certain jobs. Language grade conditions include NOC 0, A, and B jobs must be CLB 5 or higher or NCLC 5 or higher, and NOC C, D jobs must be CLB 4 or higher or NCLC 4 or higher. For NOC 3413 (Nurse Helper, Patient Service Helper) occupations, CLB 7 or higher or NCLC 7 or higher. The validity period of the language grades is 2 years from the date of issuance, and it is recommended to prepare in consideration of the period of permanent resident application application.
The following Alberta Express Entry Stream (AEES) is a combination of the federal immigration program Express Entry and Alberta Immigration AAIP, and applicants who register for Express Entry Profile can apply for permanent residency with Nominee from the Alberta government. In addition, applicants who are already working or who have received job offers can quickly qualify for the job as part of the Accelerated Tech Pathway job list in Alberta, similar to BC TECH. The program allows applicants to receive Nominee documents after receiving a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the Alberta government to qualified applicants, not directly.
Applicants eligible for AEES must first register their profile with Express Entry and wait for Notification of Interest from the Alberta government. Upon receipt of the NOI, you will receive Nominee from the Alberta government after receiving the application, adding the Nominee to your Express Entry Profile and receiving an additional 600 points to apply for permanent residency. For your information, NOI selection is usually once every 1-2 weeks.
The most important requirements for application are to qualify for one of the three Express Entry programs, CEC, FSW or FST, to be an applicant who wishes to live in Alberta, and to have an Express Entry score of 300 or higher. Applicants are more likely to receive NOI if they have job offers and careers in Alberta, or if they graduate from school in Alberta, and if their parents, family, or siblings are permanent residents or citizens and live in Alberta, their last French native language. However, if your Express Entry Profile is valid for less than five months, you are less likely to receive NOI if you work in a job group that is excluded from Alberta, or apply for a job group with too many applicants.
Recently, as BCPNP and Express Entry have become difficult to proceed, many applicants are considering moving to other regions, and the Alberta State Immigration Program called AAIP is also a way to obtain permanent residency. I hope that the increased selection score and English score these days will help those who are worried about preparing for immigration.