It's now easier to get a Bridging Open Work Permit called BOWP in Canada.
The Canadian Immigration Service recently announced changes to increase access to the BOWP program.
BOWP said that applicants in Canada whose Permit expires after applying for permanent residency from the Immigration Department
Permit is issued so that you can continue to work or live while waiting for the results of your permanent residence application.
Previously, applications could only be made within four months of Permit's expiration date, but according to the changes announced in September,
The limit on the period for applying for BOWP has disappeared. Also, in the past, if Permit expires, you can apply.
If your status has expired in Canada and you are "Maintained Status" or (formerly) Imported Status, then BOWP
You are eligible to apply.
The basic condition for applying for BOWP is that you must first live in Canada except Quebec. The second one is...
You must be an applicant for permanent residency, and thirdly, you have completed the permanent residency application and must have AOR.
I do. Finally, a valid work permit or work permit has expired, but I've been working on it.
You must be able to apply for a work permit again. If you meet all the conditions, prepare the documents,
You can register. Currently, BOWP is accepting applications online and by mail, and before you apply, your passport.
Please check the expiration date as well.
In addition to Express Entry, BOWP also includes the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Agri-Food Pilot Program, and Quebec.
Applicants for skilled immigration programs will also be not restricted on the timing of BOWP application. And during the BOWP period,
It has been changed, and the approval deadline was previously given to 12 months, but recently, the validity period of 24 months, Work Permit, was given.
It's being issued.
If the spouse or common-law partner of a BOWP applicant living in Canada wants to work in Canada, the government.
You need to prepare and prove the documents listed on the site. You should be aware that the expiration date of BOWP is an immigration.
Regardless of the application for the program, you must have at least 6 months left.
In addition, when a spouse applies, the BOWP holder must live in Canada, and even if the spouse lives abroad,
It's okay. If you both live in Canada, you can submit BOWP and spouse documents together. However, my spouse...
If you are living abroad, you must apply after the applicant's BOWP issues it.