If a Canadian permanent resident wants to enter Canada again after visiting a country outside of Canada, he or she must have a PR card.
You must have it. PR cards can be seen as similar to a kind of eTA. Canadian citizenship...
Visitors who are not permanent residents must have an eTA to enter Canada via air from abroad.
As you do, a Canadian permanent resident must have a valid PR card to enter Canada via air.
I need it.
The misunderstanding here is that when the PR card expires, the PR status expires.
Yes, but as I explained above, PR cards are only needed to enter Canada by air.
Even if you don't have a card, you can maintain your Canadian permanent residency if you meet the PR status conditions. Permanent residency in Canada.
The maintenance conditions require you to live in Canada for more than two years within the last five years. For example, permanent residency in Canada.
He/she has lived in Canada for more than two years after possession, but even if he/she does not have a PR card, he/she will maintain his/her permanent residency as
It's possible and you can get all the benefits of permanent residents. But when you go abroad and come back to Korea, PR...
Since you don't have a card, you may have difficulty entering the card.
For your information, PR cards can only be extended while living in Canada. While living abroad, PR.
You can't extend your card and you can definitely extend your PR card after entering Canada again. So
If you plan to leave the country, you must check the expiration date of the PR card in advance and make a plan to make it easier to re-enter the country.
You can do it.
If you visit overseas and your PR card expires or loses it, of course, how to re-enter the country...
There is. You can enter the country with the approval of a PRTD document called the Permanent Resident Travel Document.
After that, you can extend the PR card within Canada. Only permanent residents living abroad apply for PRTD.
You can apply at VAC, the Visa Application Center. At this time, the application fee is 50 dollars.
It occurs and the procedure period may vary depending on the situation of each VAC. It'll be approved in 1-2 weeks at the earliest.
It can take months if it's long, so if you need to get approval for PRTD, you have to prepare and register in advance.
We do. Once approved, PRTD is valid for 6 months and can enter Canada within that period.
When receiving a PR card for the first time, it is usually valid for 5 years, but depending on the expiration period of the applicant's passport, it is sometimes 5 years.
In some cases, approval may be made below. If you do this, you can extend your PR card in advance. In the past,
If the PR card was extended, it was approved within an average of 3-6 months, but recently, due to COVID-19, the procedure was checked.
It's hard to predict the exact duration, so if you plan to go abroad soon, you have to extend your PR card in advance.
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