If you are interested in permanent residency, you may have heard of TR to PR pathway, a temporary permanent residency program announced on May 6 this year. TR to PR pathway is a total of six programs that have been announced in six streams: English-speaking graduates living in Canada, English-speaking compulsory workers, English-speaking healthcare workers, French-speaking compulsory workers, and French-speaking healthcare workers.
Among them, the most popular stream was for English-speaking graduates, which immediately reached its capacity limit of 40,000 and closed early in just 25 hours. Because of the sudden rush of applicants at this time, 47,307 applications were actually received much more than planned due to system. In other words, 7,307 additional applications were received, 18% more than the immigration office's target.
The reason for this computer error was that all applications were received online and when the first application was received, the government website checked whether there were applications received hourly and aggregated the total applications. However, some applications received at the same time were aggregated into only one. In other words, if two applicants were submitted at the same time, the system recognized the application as a single application and received this additional amount.
After finding this error, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino decided to proceed with all 7,307 additional temporary applications for equity. He also sent an e-mail to applicants for additional applications, saying he made the decision because he was concerned that the cancellation would have adverse consequences for applicants who had trusted and waited.
However, this decision is not supported by everyone. Most applicants are very favorable to the Immigration Service, which has agreed to grant these additional permanent residency opportunities, but some say it is unfair to elect additional applications, with more than 40,000 initially announced in the policy.
And when we first planned and proceeded with the TR to PR Pathway, we were hired based on 40,000 people for the first time, so we expect additional people to be assigned or the existing application to be delayed a little.
There was a rumor that we would receive additional 7,307 applications due to misunderstanding of this news, but there should be no misunderstanding as it means that we will proceed with additional applications due to immigration errors.