With the recent lifting of restrictions on entry to Canada, more and more visitors are looking to travel, study, employment or visit Canada for permanent residency purposes. In order to come to Canada like this, you need to know exactly what eTA you need to enter Canada and prepare for entry.
Canada is not a country where anyone can travel just by having a passport. Depending on your nationality, you must obtain an electronic travel permit called Visa or eTA to enter or transfer by air through a Canadian airport.
The eTA is an abbreviation for Electronic Travel Authorization, which allows you to apply separately and enter Canada by plane. Once you apply for an eTA, you will be approved for up to 5 years. However, if you get a new passport or change your passport number, you will be able to enter Canada by air after you get your eTA approved again.
If you enter Canada by air with an eTA, you will generally be able to stay in Canada for 6 months from the date of entry, and you will be able to live in Canada additionally through a visa permit extension application before the expiration of 6 months.
As I said above, eTA is necessary when entering Canada by air. In other words, if you enter Canada by land from the United States, you don't need an eTA, or if you're already living in Canada, you don't need an eTA if you're traveling in Canada by domestic flight.
However, just because there is an eTA, it does not necessarily mean that you can enter Canada. The eTA is literally a permit to fly to Canada, allowing entry to Canada after final entry to Canada is confirmed with the officer at the Canadian International Airport.
For your information, not all Canadian travelers can apply for eTA. Only travelers with citizenship in countries subject to visa waiver can enter via eTA and other citizenship holders must register visa separately for entry into Canada. In general, eTA applications are simpler than Visa applications, and eTAs can be approved as soon as minutes after they are received. Of course, depending on the case, it may take hours or months, and the cost is lower than Visa in Canadian dollars, which can be accepted immediately at $7:
If the application is made online, the application will include basic personal information such as name, passport information, employment information, purpose of entry, scheduled date, etc. The important thing at this time is that if the passport information is incorrect or the name is incorrect when receiving the eTA, it can be a problem when entering the country even if the eTA is approved. After approval, it automatically links to your passport, so you can take your passport with you right away without an approval letter.
Because this simple and fast approved eTA is not necessarily approved quickly, if you have changed your passport, plan to enter Canada, or plan to live in Canada, we recommend that you register in advance for approval if you plan to go abroad.