Many permanent resident applicants are again focusing on PNP state immigration after the most recent EE-CEC selection saw a sharp increase in the selection score to receive invitation.
EE-CEC's starting score went down to 300 points from May this year to 357 points on June 24 and July 22, but it recently reduced the number of starting players from August 5 to 404. As a result, many applicants who were looking forward to EE-CEC selection are looking for other immigration methods. Other immigration methods include AIPP, RNIP, Agri-food pilot program, and family-invited immigration, but among them, permanent residency methods, which have attracted the most attention, are BCPNP, which has also seen a slight drop in starting scores.
BCPNP's basic goal is to give workers in high demand jobs in BC state an opportunity to acquire permanent residency in Canada more easily than applicants in other jobs. This allows BC states to fill the scarce workforce of high-demand jobs, which also makes it easier for applicants to obtain permanent residency.
BCPNP has two major immigration streams, Skills Immigration and Express Entry, but as a result, they are registered with BCP using the same score calculation method. After registration, if you are registered with a higher score than the starting score in the selection, you will receive invitation, and then you will receive the same documents as Express Entry. What's different from Express Entry is that you have to submit documents within 30 days of receiving the invitation, and you have to prepare and submit documents from some companies as well as your personal documents.
Recently, approximately three months after receipt of the BCPNP document, Nominee, or state review, will be approved, and then the document will be prepared and received back to the federal government. The method of calculating scores is divided according to experience, educational background, occupation, region, salary, and English score.
Since February this year, BCPNP's selection has been conducted twice a month, dividing positions. One selection is made by collecting restaurant managers and wholesale and retail managers, while the other is selected separately by collecting restaurant managers and wholesale and retail managers. The reason why only restaurant managers and wholesale and retail managers are selected separately is that there are many applicants registered in these two jobs among the jobs registered in BCPNP. According to the state's announcement, these additional selections will balance the employment needed in BC's local labor market.
According to the latest number of starters and scores, 361 were selected on August 3, the most recent selection, 89 to 91 for Skilled Worker, and 77 to 79 for International Graduate.
Before that, we consistently select 350 people, 323 on July 20, 342 on July 6, and 341 on June 22, and the score for Skilled Worker has been lowered to about 101 points compared to earlier this year, and the International Grade has been lowered to 100.
Of course, the number of permanent residency applicants dropped sharply in the first half of 2021 through Express Entry, as many permanent residency applicants proceeded to EE, not BCPNP, and the number of applicants increased from 190 earlier this year to 350 now.
As the score of EE's last selection goes up, we will have to watch all immigration trends again, but EE is not the only way to immigrate, so please understand your conditions and prepare for permanent residency.