If you apply for permanent residency in Canada, you will be exempted from the mandatory physical examination. Through this special temporary policy of exemption from physical examinations, the Canadian Immigration Department will simplify the process of permanent residency and expedite the process of permanent residency.
This will help support the government's goal of accepting 401,000 new immigrants this year. Currently, the Canadian Immigration Department is unable to keep up with the previous target speed due to a sudden influx of permanent residency applicants and a lack of examiners from the Canadian Immigration Department. To make matters worse, we expect more and more applications to continue to flock, so we have introduced a special policy called exemption from physical examinations to overcome this situation.
However, this special provisional policy does not apply to everyone, but only to applicants who meet all three conditions as below.
The first condition is that you have not yet completed a physical examination if you have or plan to apply for permanent residency.
The second condition corresponds to a situation in which a physical examination required by the Immigration Department has been taken in the last five years and does not pose a risk to public health examinations or safety.
The last third condition is to continue living in Canada for the last six months.
The above three conditions apply not only to the main applicant, but also to the family members who apply together, if they meet the above conditions, they will be exempted from physical examinations.
If permanent residency is carried out without further physical examination in accordance with these physical examination exemptions, you must submit a physical examination confirmation or a physical examination unique number submitted during the previous physical examination called Unique Identifier number.
However, even if all the above conditions are met and the previous physical examination confirmation is submitted, additional physical examination may be requested at the discretion of the examiner. This may be requested if the previous physical examination results are insufficient or if a re-examination is available.
This temporary policy will be implemented from June 30, 2021 to December 28, 2021.
Applicants who apply for permanent residency and are exempt from physical examinations can save $300-400 in physical examination costs and reduce the hassle of having to retake physical examinations. Additionally, after receiving permanent residency documents, I stopped waiting nervously for passing the physical examination. Furthermore, the entire process has become easier for applicants who had previously been re-examined for tuberculosis or other reasons to pass without being re-examined this time.
As such, the Canadian Immigration Service continues to lead the way in attracting permanent residents during the Pandemic period and is providing support in various ways. As the Immigration Department continues to say, Canadian immigration is expected to be bright for the next two to three years, so I hope you can get permanent residency without missing the right time.