There was an additional selection of EE-CEC on Thursday, March 18, five weeks after the major selection of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), one of the Express Entry, on February 13th. In this selection, 5,000 Express Entry invitations were issued, so the number of people selected was significantly reduced compared to the previous CEC selection of 27,332 people, and as a result, the invitation score increased to 449 points.
In order to receive this invitation, you must have been registered as a CEC in Express Entry, and you have to meet CEC requirements, Canadian experience and English scores.

To be more specific, Canadian experience should have worked full-time for at least one year in the last three years, that is, worked 30 hours or more per week to meet 1,560 hours, and Canadian occupation level NOC 0, A, or B Only the careers of the above occupations will be recognized. Here, NOC B occupations include, for example, chefs, bakers, technicians, supervisors, and NOC 0 and A include managers, graphic designers, accountants, and other managerial and professional positions.

In addition, the language score must be at least CLB 5 for technical NOC B experience and CLB 7 or higher for NOC 0 or A. For CLB 5, IELTS standards should maintain Reading 4.0 or higher, and the rest of Writing, Listening and Speaking should maintain 5.0 or higher, and CELPIP standards require that all parts maintain a score of 5 or higher for each part. The baseline score for CLB 7 should be 6.0 or higher for each part in IELTS and 7 or higher for each part in CELPIP.

Anyone applying for a permanent resident card who met the above conditions could pre-register in the Express Entry-CEC Pool and receive an invitation if the score was higher than the selection score.

Many applicants saw the unprecedented selection score of 75 points announced on February 13 and suddenly crowded them, and the CEC selection score was selected again with 449 points. In addition, the selection score, which was announced every two weeks on average, was announced after 5 weeks, and the number of people selected was lowered to 5,000 again, returning the starting score back to the default starting score.

Looking at the previous history, the overall score is slightly lower than the 461 points selected on January 7th and 454 points selected on January 21st. You can realize that you are planning to accommodate.

Given this trend, Immigration Canada is planning to continue accepting immigrants in the future, and gradually, but the starting score is also decreasing, so it is strongly recommended to enroll in the Express Entry Pool as soon as conditions are met. In addition, there may be sudden and unconventional announcements such as the announcement on February 13th, so you must meet the conditions for applying for a green card in advance.

This time, as the starting score increased somewhat, a lot of troubles were mixed, but if you look at the immigration service's plan to accept immigrants, good news may be announced, so you will be able to receive good news if you wait for the selection while accumulating additional Canadian careers or raising your English score. Is expected.