With the Canadian government's promise to distribute all of the COVID-19 vaccine by September this year, all higher education institutions, including universities, expect to be able to return to face-to-face classes in the fall semester. Of course, it is up to the public health authorities and the administration of each agency to return to formal in-person classes, but the university, which has already officially announced the fall return, says it will monitor the threat of COVID-19 and keep students and staff safe accordingly.

Currently, due to Canada travel restrictions, international students who wish to enter and take classes in Canada are only allowed to attend classes after entry to schools with plans to prepare for COVID-19. This limit will be maintained until April of this year and will be updated according to the situation at that time. While each state currently has a slightly different position, most state and public universities have already submitted COVID-19 preparedness plans to allow international students to receive and conduct classes.

As for the state's approved schools, British Columbia's state health minister has already advised British Columbian college students to prepare for a full return to campus. After this announcement, many British Columbia universities also announced plans to return to Daemyung classes. UBC, a state university in British Columbia, is preparing for face-to-face classes this September and plans to accommodate quarantine measures and on-site precautions for international students if necessary. In addition to UBC, Victoria University, Vancouver Island University, Thompson River University, Simon Fraser University, University of Northern British Columbia, Capilano University and Trinity Western University have also announced that they will prepare the same face-to-face classes as UBC.

In the next Alberta state, the University of Alberta plans to offer both face-to-face and distance classes at the same time, with plans to gradually change to face-to-face classes. Through this, we plan to welcome more students and staff. However, the University of Calgary has yet to make a decision on in-person classes after further checking internally with the student.

As such, universities in most states have announced positive plans that they will be able to teach face-to-face from this fall semester, and soon the school is expected to return to normal classes in 18 months.

The other good news that helped normalize schools like this is that in February 2021, Canada's economy recovered almost all of its jobs lost in the previous two months, and the unemployment rate was at its lowest since March 2020. News like this shows that Canada's economy is returning to normal after the COVID-19 vaccine. This time, school normalization was focused on, but sooner or later, it can be said that the day when employment permits, permanent residency and visits will be normalized again.