The Canadian Immigration Bureau has officially announced the expansion of the Sydney Case Processing Centre in Nova Scotia. As we are focusing on reviewing and hosting the case processing center family immigration cases in Sydney, this office expansion means that the processing period of family-invited immigration could be accelerated.

After the COVID-19 incident, only 30% of immigration officers actually work at Sydney Case Processing Centre, and 70% of them work from home. Therefore, the overall family-invited immigration process was inevitable for a long time, but due to this expansion, most immigration officers working at home will be brought back to the office to accelerate the process. This office expansion is not permanent yet, and we plan to sign an office contract for at least one year and proceed with the same method as above. Next, we will decide whether to extend the year again or return to all existing offices in line with the COVID-19 situation.

The biggest benefit of this office expansion is the benefits of family-invited immigration cases outside Canada rather than family-invited immigration in Canada, which can be proceeded quickly. Given the decision of the Immigration Bureau, it can be seen as a plan to promote family harmony as much as possible through family-invited immigration rather than other immigrants.

Of course, many immigration programs such as experience immigration and family-invited immigration are normalized or expanded as the massive selection of Express Entry on February 13 has already given much power to experience immigration. These immigrants, as well as other state immigration and temporary immigration programs, will continue to be extended, creating a new wind for immigration, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19.

However, visitors who want to visit Canada temporarily through a pre-entry letter rather than an invited immigrant are still given a difficulty in approving visits unless they are required to visit Canada. Previously, if the family was in Canada as a work permit or study permit, it would be more difficult to obtain prior entry approval even in the same case this year, and strict sanctions are imposed on travelers who want to enter Canada for non-immigration purposes.

As such, the immigration office has opened a lot of doors on immigration, but it is difficult for travelers to visit unless they are required to travel, so if they are not visiting Canada for essential purposes, they should check their conditions and plan to visit. Instead, if you plan to invite your family abroad to support permanent residency, it would be a good time to prepare from now on and proceed with the family-invited immigration plan.