The immigration office gave me a really dreamy present on Saturday, February 13th! We issued invitation to 27,332 EE-CEC registrants, the largest number ever. Due to the large number of invitations for the sudden selection of Saturday, not only applicants but also those who were preparing for permanent residency are surprised.

EE applicants registered as FSW, FST, and PNP did not participate in this selection, but most applicants registered as CEC were able to receive invitation. According to the CEC's registration criteria, anyone with a minimum language score of CLB 5 or more and a year of Canadian experience within the last three years can register. Therefore, even if the score is insufficient this time, it is good news for many applicants who have only registered.

The selection was the largest-ever Express Entry selection, six times more than the previous selection, and was selected with 75 points, the lowest selection score in history. If the tie-break rule was applied again this time and EE was registered with 75 points, only those who registered with the same 75 points could receive invitation before September 12, 2020. In other words, if you were registered above 76 points, you can receive invitation without applying to the tie-break rule.

Even if it was selected as a condition, so many invitations were issued, so there were cases where I waited 2-3 days just to receive invitations, and the CIC website went down during the weekend.

The selection showed the Canadian Immigration Service's efforts to achieve 401,000 new immigrants in 2021, and this unusual announcement is likely to happen again as it targets about 110,000 new immigrants every year through the Express Entry program in 2022 and 2023 as well as 2021

Canada's immigration minister Marco Mendicino is showing his willingness to cover the shortage of labor by converting more temporary residents, or work permit and study permit holders, into permanent residents during the Pandemic period.
We hope that this unusual announcement will allow many applicants to take a step closer to obtaining permanent residency, and if they have not registered Express Entry Pool yet, we strongly recommend that they be registered as soon as possible.