Every year, many travelers enter Canada as a Visitor Permit, or as a visitor. Even after Corona Pandemic last year, a large number of visitors have visited Canada, and each of them has achieved their own purpose and returned home while living in Canada. However, in some cases, there are cases where you receive additional status of staying in Canada by extending the visitor permit because you did not achieve your goal within the authorized visit period, and special measures have been implemented for entry and extension due to COVID-19.

In general, if the purpose of visiting Canada is to visit Canada, I visit Canada for family visits, English studies, travel, or business, but this COVID-19 has made it difficult to visit. If you are a Korean national, you can enter the country at any time and live for up to 6 months if you get approval from ETA. However, due to the recent restriction on entry of COVID-19, you can apply for a pre-entry permit and enter the country. At this time, you can enter Canada by stating the reason for the required visit. Usually, you can enter the country only if you have to enter the country for the purpose of family defect, business, or family. Or you can enter the country even when your immediate family is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, but it is difficult to obtain prior approval for other reasons such as studying English and traveling.

Such regulations have made it difficult to enter Canada, but on the contrary, extending the visitor permit is becoming a little easier if you are already in Canada. If you are currently living in Canada and your perm expires soon, you can extend your visitor permit in Canada, which makes it easier to approve if you explain why you can't return home. In particular, if there is no flight due to COVID-19 or it is difficult to leave the country, the examiner will refer to it and give the results. If you apply for a new permit before the current permit expiration, you can legally reside in Canada with the imported status, and this residence period is valid until you receive the results of the new permit.

Alternatively, even if the current Permit has expired, restoration within 90 days of expiration, i.e. if you apply for an extension again, you can legally reside in Canada, the duration of your stay will be valid until the result of a new Permit. If you accept a new permt after the current permt expiration, you will incur an additional $200 for the restoration.

If you have already entered Canada and it is difficult to return home, you can live there enough if you submit the application for extension of the visitor permit, and even if it is not approved, you can live legally while waiting, so you can return home after your visit.

Due to the recent COVID-19, entry restrictions have become very strict and new temporary policies have been announced continuously, so if you plan to enter or extend your entry, you must identify and prepare the conditions in advance.