The fourth selection of Express Entry was made exclusively by the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) on January 21. From the first Express Entry selection in 2021 to now, the selection score is expected to be lowered.

The first selection in 2021 was for PNP alone on January 6, with 250 selected for 813 points, the second for CEC alone on January 7, with 4,750 selected for 461 points and the third for PNP alone on January 20, 72 points lower than the previous 813 points, with 374 selected. And the fourth CEC selection, which was the latest, was 454, seven points lower than the January 7 selection, and 4,626 were selected. Considering that the last selection in 2020 is 468, it continues to decline from the first selection in 2021, and this trend is similar to the Express Entry trend in 2020.

In 2020, CEC and PNP were selected alone from March 18th, and the starting score, which had been slightly downward, broke the record of CEC 431 points on June 25th. About 22 selections continued to fall as solo starters as they are now, and since January 7, they have been selected as solo starters again, delivering hopeful news to all applicants preparing for permanent residency. In addition, about 5,000 CEC and PNPs are selected every other week, and if this continues, it is expected to issue the most Express Entry Invitation ever this year.

The immigration office has not officially announced that there will be exactly a few solo selections, but it has already been announced by the immigration office that there will be more selections this year than last year, and given that the current progress is similar to last year, the score of EE selections can be lowered. This prospect is not limited to Express Entry, but also applies to other permanent residency programs, giving them more opportunities.

Therefore, it is time for applicants who have been waiting for EE Invitation to look back on their case and find ways to improve their scores or see if they can proceed with other permanent residency methods.