Express Entry is a representative permanent residency program in Canada that anyone who prepares for permanent residency in Canada has heard of at least once, and it has the advantage of being faster to proceed and update than other immigration programs because everything from Pool registration to filing.

Based on the applicant's age, educational background, experience, language score, spouse score, LMIA or PNP possession, the system automatically translates scores into Pool and automatically selects EE every two weeks from the time they are registered in Pool. Once registered, I will continue to participate in the selection for a year, and when my score was higher than the starting score, I will be issued an invitation card called Invitation and wait for permanent residency approval after receiving the document.

However, if you enter your conditions as mentioned before, your score will be automatically calculated and registered in the pool, but if you lack the score, it may be difficult to issue invitations or invitations for permanent residency. For example, on January 7, 2021, the starting score was 461 points, and all applicants who maintained higher scores received invitation, but applicants who scored lower than 461 had no choice but to commit to the next selection. From last year to this year, the starting score is usually fluctuating from 430 to 470.

In order to be selected every other week, it would be possible to proceed only if you satisfied enough points, but there are many applicants who wonder if it would be meaningful to register for Express Entry even if they do not have enough points. To answer first, of course, I recommend registering with Express Entry first.

The first reason is that once you register Express Entry, you can continue to change to a new English score and update additional career and academic scores. Because of this, the first registration doesn't stop there, but you can keep updating and increasing your score. Through this, you can see at a glance what areas you are currently lacking in and how much you need to raise.

Secondly, there was a situation last year, and the starting score, which exceeded the average of 470 points last year, dropped sharply in the summer and fell to the 430s. As a result, applicants who registered first and waited were able to proceed with permanent residency immediately after receiving a sudden invitation. Like this, Express Entry selection scores are not fixed, but can change rapidly at any time, so we strongly recommend that you register in advance. In addition, one program of expression, Federal Skilled Trade (FST), is selected only once or twice a year, and if you are preparing for FST, you must register it in advance and prepare it for a sudden selection.

Finally, the tie breaking rule, that is, the same score as the starting score. For example, if I was registered as 461 points on January 7th, I would not give invitation to all 461 points, but give a chance to the person who registered first among 461 points. For example, there are a total of 100 applicants registered with 461 points, and if only 60 of them are selected, 40 people who later registered cannot receive invitation even if they have 461 points. That's why you need to register in advance to prepare for this kind of situation.

For this reason, even if I don't have a score to register EE, it's important to register and update it regularly once you meet the conditions to register and look at future immigration trends. Recently, with good news, it has announced that it will accept more immigrants from 2021 to 2023, so it is predicted that the selection score of Express Entry could be lowered in the future. It seems that there will be very favorable ways for applicants over the next three years, so don't miss this opportunity and get permanent residency well.