In order to get a job while living in Canada, you must first obtain LMIA approval from your employer, then apply for work permit or apply for another type of work permit.

That's why it's important to get a Work Permit, and it's the first step in permanent residency or employment, and there are three main ways to get this Work Permit approval. The first is to apply online, the second is to get it at the U.S.-Canadian border called Flagpole, and the last is to get it at the airport on arrival in Canada. However, if COVID-19 does not meet the requirements of Canadian citizens or permanent residents or those who are required to enter the country, they cannot receive it on the border with the U.S. or at the airport when entering Canada, but must first obtain approval online and enter the country.

Due to these changes, we were able to receive work permit right away, but now we have to wait for at least 2 weeks or more for 10 months after applying online. Additionally, it is not easy to communicate with the examiner when applying online, so there are cases where there is a misunderstanding about the documents and you may get the wrong decision. For example, applicants in the same position may receive different results even though they have applied for the same condition, or they may receive shorter or longer work permit for two years.

In the case of poor results, the majority of the respondents said that they could not approve the offer because they could not prove their ability to complete the job they had been offered. Demonstrations of ability are usually proven by related career certificates or diplomas of related schools, but even though documents are submitted, it is not easy to proceed due to the same reason. Or there are often reasons for lack of language skills. If you have an interview in English right at the border and get a permit as before, you can prove your language ability through conversation on the spot, but since it is going online, you may have to submit an English report card separately.

Of course, in this case, the result may be reversed through a request for reconsideration, but we are re-applying for work permit when it is not reversed or waiting for a few weeks to reverse. There is also an official notice that the way to get work permits while entering Flagpole or Canada is not allowed, but it is often the case that you visit the U.S. border without any hope or fly through the U.S., and in this case, the examiner will examine you right away and get your approval. Of course, there are times when the examiner sends back that they cannot be judged, so if you proceed in this way, you should consider it carefully.

The Canadian Immigration Service is experiencing this situation for the first time, so the policy is constantly changing, and this situation is expected to continue for a while, so if you are planning to study or work permit, we recommend that you always prepare and proceed.