The Canadian government announced Friday, November 27, that the Service Canada Reservation System for Biometric reservations will resume online Monday, November 30, 2020. This is good news for applicants who have recently been waiting for a call from Service Canada to proceed with Biometric.
Biometric has been temporarily suspended since March, but only opened to some permanent residency applicants in September. However, at the time of its opening in September, we were worried that too many applicants would flock at once, so instead of first making a Biometric reservation, we contacted the applicants who needed Biometric in Service Canada and proceeded with the booking sequentially. However, there were times when I couldn't get a call while this method was in progress, or when I applied first, I got a call late call.

However, without any inconvenience, applicants who need Biometric will now be able to make reservations directly through the online booking tool, as stated in the Biometric attachment, starting Monday, November 30. You can then visit the Service Canada office at the time and place of your appointment. Biometric is not allowed to walk-in, so you must make a reservation before visiting.
If Biometric and current Biometric have changed at first, all permanent residency applicants and study permit and work permit applicants were required to receive Biometric, but the Biometric exception has changed since September. Permanent residency applicants with a record of biometric registration within the last 10 years will remain in progress without receiving biometric again. Also, work permit applicants, study permit applicants, and visitor permit applicants are currently classified as non-biometric applicants, so related permits can be approved without Biometric.

Previously, anyone had to receive Biometric without the above distinction, but now COVID-19 temporarily allows only those who need it. But even if you didn't get it now, you might have to get it later when it ends again.

There are still some federal, state, or permanent residency restrictions for certain occupations, but seeing the re-implementation of Biometric online booking tools despite Canada's COVID-19 proliferation, I'm looking forward to seeing the Canadian Immigration Service return to normal work in the near future. If you are a biometric person, please make a reservation and visit through the Biometric reservation system, which will be effective November 30.