Since the Fendemics crisis caused by COVID-19 in March, many temporary policies have been announced on immigration to Canada, and there have been many changes in the duration of formalities, methods of progress, and approval of work permit applications. Some of these were officially announced by the CIC Immigration Bureau, but there were many unofficial changes that caused a lot of concern and curiosity for work permit applicants.

The three most frequently asked questions for Work Permit applicants were how they could get work permit after COVID-19, how long it would take, and whether work permit approval continued.

First of all, to explain how you can get a work permit, you need to check which country you currently live in. The reason is that the application methods vary depending on whether you are currently in Korea or what status you are in Canada. If you previously lived in Canada regardless of your status in Canada, you could visit the U.S. border, most of which is adjacent to Canada called Flagpole, by land, and be screened for work permit and receive work permit documents or apply online in Canada. But now that the Canadian-US border is closed, you can't go straight to the same Flagpole as before, and you can apply online.

Or, if you were living in Korea, you can enter Canada right after receiving the Canada Entry Permit called ETA, and you can get work permit examination and approval documents at the airport at the same time, or you can enter Canada after applying online, but now you must get approval online.

As the work permit was not available directly at the Flagpole or airport, and screening was only available online, so it took a long time to process. It takes about 150 days to apply for work permit in Canada, and about 100 days to apply in Korea. However, because the Canadian Immigration Service lists the average length of time, approval can be made as early as two to three weeks, or longer than ten months. Similar cases may have different time spans, which may be caused by slight differences in each case, or by different examiners to review documents from different perspectives.

The work permit approval rate is also changing due to this kind of situation. Previously, when I received work permit directly from Flagpole or the airport, I was able to prove that I could submit related documents, career certificates, academic certificates, or certificates, and interviewed the examiner to do what I had been offered, and if not enough, I could explain it on the spot, so the approval rate was very high. However, as online applications have cut off communication and have been reviewed only with documents, some applications have been rejected even though they have applied with sufficient documents, and others have received different results despite having the same company, position, and experience as well. Of course, if you receive such an unreasonable result, you can ask the Immigration Bureau for a second trial, but if you do not apply for a second trial and wait for the result to come out again, or if the examiner does not reverse the result, you will have to reapply.

If you look around these days, you can feel that the work permit approval rate itself is lower than before COVID-19 and you can often see errors when documents are approved. There may be many reasons like this, but it seems that there are internal difficulties because COVID-19 is a trend to reduce the number of people entering foreign countries or the Immigration Bureau has not experienced such a pendemic situation.

It would be best if you could apply for and get an approval quickly, but after applying for a work permit, it might be different from the existing method of application, and it may take a long time to wait. In this case, you should check the situation periodically to see if there are additional document requests or updates, and if you receive results that are different from the ones you want, there may be other ways, such as applying for a retrial or re-application, so don't be frustrated and find a way to solve them. Not only Canada but also the whole world is experiencing a difficult time and it is the first time for everyone to experience it, so we have to wait for this to be resolved as soon as possible, but we hope that you don't give up and bear with it to achieve your desired goal.