Canada has a culture that places great importance on family unity, which is also seen in various government policies. Among them, the most obvious example is the immigration of spouses or de facto partners through immigration methods of immigration. If Canadian citizens or permanent residents are unable to live with their spouse or partner due to differences in their Canadian status, they may be eligible to live with them as invited immigrants if they meet the requirements requested by the Immigration Bureau.

There are two main ways to apply if you are legally married to your spouse or have lived in the same place for more than a year. Unlike other experienced immigration methods, this method does not proceed through career, English, or academic scores, but submits various documents to prove that the relationship between the two is not false and that they are in love. Also, the approval rate is very high if only the documents submitted by the Canadian Immigration Bureau are properly prepared and applied.

The Canadian Immigration Service has decided to proceed with immigration for a total of three months from October to December, inviting spouses or de facto marriage partners. In order to expedite the process, we increased the number of document reviewers by 66% compared to the existing examiners and decided to deliver 6,000 cases of document review every month. Through this, the government aims to determine about 50,000 applications for emigration this year for spouses and de facto marriage partners.

In order to increase the efficiency of the work, the documents received will be digitized so that reviewers can handle cases quickly even when working from home. In addition, we had to finish the landing by visiting the place where the examiner booked us, but we have recently conducted a brief interview over the phone without reservation to announce the quick results.

As mentioned above, the reason why the Immigration Bureau is proceeding with the application for spouses/participants as soon as possible is because it can't wait to see how many families are affected by COVID-19 and the covid-19s.

Prior to COVID-19, the government had decided to complete the results of about 70,000 spouse/part-law partner applications every year from 2020 to 2022, with the total immigration completing about 341,000 applications. However, it seems that this year will be too much to reach the target that has already been set up, so we should pay attention to the future direction of the immigration bureau whether it will carry forward the target that it failed to fill again after the end of this covid-19 to another year. Still, the Canadian Immigration Service is gradually easing regulations due to covid-19 and the immigration office is proceeding with cases quickly, so it is likely that they will be discharged soon.